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Official Name
Team Aliases
Junior X-Men


Team Identity



Base Of Operations
X-Teens Mansion/X-Men Mansion

Team Leader(s)

Current Members
Howl, Blaster, Cloud, Icegirl, Creature, Archangel

Brotherhood II, Shadow Prince, Red Phoenix, Mr. Sin, Apocalypse, Hammer X-Teens

Place of Formation
X-Men Mansion


First appearance



X-Teens Origin

Howl comes back to the mansion ready to start off a team, like the professor suggested. Unfortunately he found that the mansion was trashed, and the professor was found dead. He decided to go out and find the killer of Charles Xavier, but so if someone else would find it he engraved X-Teens into the destroyed Cerebro. Months went by before Philip Xavier entered Cerebro and found the engraving. Seeing the meaning of the engraving h went out and gather the children of all the X-Men he could find. The team ask him why they weren't doing anything, and he could only say that they need to find the right mutant and he won't stop until they do. He later senses the presents of him in town where he finds a man named James. The two talk for a while and Tele-Mutant starts to mention the X-Teens, and then James tells him about his dog tag. James goes with him only because he felt he had a connection to his past.


Equipment: Danger Room .2, Cerebro .2 - The danger room .2 is a step up from the original danger room. And Cerebro .2 is a next gen mutant finder.
Transportation: X-Teens Blackbird .2 - A faster and more powerful blackbird then the original.
Weapons: None known.


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