Professor Charles Xavier has formed a team of mutant teenagers to defend New York City from the evil Brotherhood of Mutants.


Scott Summers/ Cyclops- The "new guy" at Xavier Institute, a natural leader, but socially awkward.

Jean Grey/ Marvel Girl- The heart-throb of the X-Men, Scott and Warren both have a crush on her.

Hank McCoy/ Beast- The genius of the X-Men, he often clashes with Bobby.

Bobby Drake/ Iceman- The cocky class clown of Xavier Institute, he is often in disagreements with Hank.

Warren Worthington III/ Angel- Coming from a family of politicians, Warren isn't to thrilled to be among commoners, but for Jean, he'll make an exception.

Professor Xavier- It's alot of work taking care of five teenagers, but they're the only hope for humanity.


Class is in Session- Scott Summers, a teenage mutant, is enrolled into the mysterious Xavier Institute, and soon finds out it's not an ordinary school, espiecially after an attack by Magneto.

Brotherly Love- Professor Xavier's bully of a brother, Juggernaut, kidnaps him. Can the X-men, along with the Human Torch stop him.

The Rise of The Brotherhood- Magneto forms a band of mutants to oppose the X-Men, and the X-Men, may not survive.

Robot Rampage- Mutant stopping robots called Sentinels, have gone out of control.

Blob Moves In- The X-Men recruit a new mutant named Fred Dukes, but his obnoctious behavior isn't appreciated.

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