Tech Whoa BB, what's with all the drinking?

Bonzai Bill: It's the anniversary of the death of Speedster.

Tech: Who was Speedster?

Bonzai Bill: He was the worlds fastest superhero.

Tech: And what happened to him?

Bonzai Bill: He ran at the speed of light and got converted into energy, some say that if you suddenly see a bright flash of light it's Speedster's energy ghost.

  • Tech: Wha-who decorated the hideout? I was only gone fifteen miutes.

Bonzai Bill: It was me, decorating this place was a breeze with my superspeed.

Tech: But the place is a wreck! There's junk everwhere and it's all cluttered about!

Bonzai Bill: Hey I'd like to see you do a good job at decoratin' when you're going at fifty five miles per second!

  • Tech: You want a what in the hideout?!

Bonzai Bill: A supermarket, I saw an undeground hideout with one in a movie once!

  • Bonzai Bill: Well I don't think that went too badly.

Sparky: T-too badly?! What the he Hell is wrong with you?! You just crashed into a control tower you idiot!

Bonzai Bill: Yes well, maybe there are survivors...maybe. Oh look I can see someone's hand poking out through the rubble.

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