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This isn't just for me, this is for the whole Marvel Fanon community. To see what would've happen to your characters if they did something different. Like if "What If... The Shield Avengers were Villians?" or "What If... The Zoologist never got his Powers?", you know stuff like that. So please enjoy. And when you are putting up what ifs, please make your own section so that you could tell which comic is yours. Thanks.



Volume 1

  • What If... The Shield Avengers were Villians?
  • What If... Oldstrong was an original Shield Avenger?
  • What If... There was no Armageddon?
  • What If... Nathan was never found on Skaar?
  • What If... There was a new Fantastic Five?
  • What If... The Shield Avengers never met the Avengers Next?
  • What If... The Clones have Won?
  • What If... Howl had never Styker' group?
  • What If... Sabretooth was Howl's father?
  • What If... The Power Pack group stayed disbanded?
  • What If... Longshot and Slingshot was still together?
  • What If... Captain America was against Captain Avenger?
  • What If... It has been a different Shield Avengers?


  • What If... All of Wolverine's kids came came Together?


  • What If Spider-Man married Black Cat instead of Mary Jane?
  • What If Earth-409 continued existing instead of Earth-616? (go to the Earth-409 page and read the Story section for more info.)
  • What If The Red Skull became the Spirit of Vengeance instead of Johnny Blaze?!
  • What If Howard the Duck lead America in World War 3?
  • What If Carnage killed Sentry instead of vice versa?
  • What If Mister Negative became Anti-Venom instead of Eddie Brock?

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