Wesley Devine is a mutant currently working for the X-Men on Earth 8816.


Wesley Devine
Wesley has always been unique, since the day he was born he could make a tower of wooden blocks. His parents always treated him like he was older than he was, which always annoyed him.

At the age of 4, Wesley started school. He would always get the highest grades in the class, which lead to him being the main target for bullies. Wesley would cry himself to sleep every night because of the constant bullying. When his parents asked why he was crying, he'd reply with "I'm scared of dying!" Because he thought the bullies would beat him up if he told his parents and they found out. So Wesley lived his life in fear he was going to be beaten up or grow up to be a failure.

One day when Wesley was 12, he waited outside his class for an hour for his parents to pick him up. So when they didn't, he walked home and went to the kitchen to see his parents on the floor with several bullet holes in their head and chest. Wesley ran over and started crying, the murderer was still in the house and shot at Wesley. The murderer closed his eyes when he shot so he didn't see the 12 year old die. But when he didn't hear anything, he opened his eyes to see Wesley charging at him, except Wesley was made of metal. The murderer ran off after Wesley had punched him several times in the head. He made it to the front gate of the house before he fell unconscious. The police soon showed up to arrest him.

Wesley was found by former Alpha Flight member Northstar's clone who raised him until Wesley was 17. The Northstar clone was killed by a collapsing building and once again, Wesley was absent of a father figure. Wesley ran away out of New York with nothing but his clothes and his once again sunken heart. Wesley found a run down shed on top of a hill where he slept for several days.

Scott Summers and Jean Grey were talking on a cliff when they heard telepathic voices coming from a nearby shed. They went inside to find no one there. Then someone started asking them questions. They answered them all including "What are your powers?" Then the 17 year old jumped down from his hiding place in the roof. Scott and Jean took him to the mansion. Sabretooth then attacked them at the gates. Wesley got mad and turned to metal and beat up Sabretooth, he then threw him over the forest opposite the mansion.

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