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Vocivus Plane

[[Image:|200px|center|Vocivus Plane]]
Official Name
Vocivus Plane
The Vocivus Plane

Vocivus Plane

Incalculable; outside the realms of time and space

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The Vocivus Plane is a metaphorical level of existence with ties to the physical world which only extraordinarily powerful spacetime entities can visit. Although never accomplished, it is theoretically possible for beings without spacetime powers to enter the vocivus plane, the most notable means, being through powerful magic. Others, such as Andre Kane and other powerful spacetime manipulating mutants have access to the vocivus plane.

Some believe it is a universe outside the bounds of other universes, existing outside the realms of space, time, and matter. On the vocivus plane, the physical energies and consciousnesses of other beings are discernible to adepts. Adepts can reach the vocivus plane by vast dimensional means. The vocivus plane is also sometimes called the vocivus dimension, vocivus realm, or universal world.


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