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Real Name
Edward Brock, Jr.
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High-school College

An photographer is taken as an host by an alien life form know as the Venom Symbionte, converting him into an bizarre and stronger version of Spider-Man


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Quote1 You know what's better? I and the suit have similarities! We both hate you! Quote2
-- Venom (to Peter Parker)

Venom (originally know as Edward Brock, Jr.) is a recurring character and major antagonist on the television series The Amazing Spider-Man. He serves as the main antagonist for the penultimate and last season, and after Green Goblin's death, can be considered for all intents and purposes, the main antagonist of the series as a whole, as he becomes the most recurring enemy Spider-Man faces, as well as his archenemy. 

Before his transformation into Venom, Eddie Brock was an photographer at Daily Bugle working for J. Jonah. Jameson , and was frequently sent to take photos of Spider-Man. He frequently work alongside of Peter Parker, an close friend and rival of his. Following the crash of the Daily Bugle, Eddie worked with the Bugle's new boss Joseph Robertson, who assumed the control of information in the city of New York after Jameson was fired from the Bugle, due to denounces of hoax into Spider-Man. Later on, during New York gang war, he developed an second identity as a masked photographer, taking photos of crime evidence from all who can pay him, as he knew he suffered from cancer, he formed an alliance with Dr. Octopus in hope of a way he could cure him. As Peter Parker begin to use the 'black suit', and became aggressive, he get knowing about Eddie sending photos to others, and in an attempt to stop Eddie to become manager, he denounced him to Robertson who fired him, as Peter became the new manager. Knowing this, Dr. Octavius was compromised, and broke his deal with Eddie. With no job, and knowing that his cancer was in terminal state, Eddie goes to an church to pray that Peter Parker dies. However, Peter was in the same church, ripping the Symbiote from him. Accidentally the symbiote falls into Eddie, causing his whole skin to become an black suit, now taking the identity of Venom, turning him to be the homicidal psychopath he is today.  

He was portrayed by Elijah Wood.


Before The Amazing Spider-Man

Very little is know about Eddie's life before he arrived into New York. It is know that his father, Edward Brock, Sr. seemed to be very abusive with him, and his mother probably was an drug addict, wich made him leave his old house and state. He first met the child Peter Parker as a teenager, in his house, being an friend of his uncle, Ben Parker. The two, from there, became good friends. As Eddie considered Peter his young brother.

Eddie still has contact with Peter even before his return to New York, and Peter's transformation into Spider-Man.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Eddie Brock, Jr.

Eddie Brock before his transformation into Venom

Season Five

During Season Five, Peter gets knowledge that Eddie has returned to New York, he, along with Aunt May, goes to the airport to find Eddie, who greets them. For continuity episodes, Peter discovers that Eddie is working in the Daily Bugle taking photos about Spider-Man.

Season Six

In the sixth season, Eddie continues taking photos of Spider-Man, but gets more involved into New York's underworld, along with Peter, who with the help of Eddie, gets more clues about who is The Kingpin.

Season Seven

In Season Seven, Peter and Eddie get knowledge of who is the true Kingpin and his plot to control the underworld of New York. Then, Jameson is planning to publish it. A mole of an rival bugle, as a mole, gets the information and spreads the news, saying that Jameson is publishing fake news on the Bugle. He is soon fired by the information corps, and is replaced by Joseph Robertson, an even more rude boss, who begins to fire many employees for no reasons.

Season Eight

Peter, as the Black Spider-Man in an mission by investigative reporter Whitney Chang, discovers that Martin Li is allied with Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin. And sends this information to Eddie, however, changed by the suit, he say he'll just deliver them if Eddie pays him. Eddie, don't understand Peter's attitude and confronts him. Soon he reveals to Robertson that Eddie is selling his photos to other people, and Joseph fires him. Later Peter discovers that Eddie is suffering from Cancer, and as many situations occur, Peter lost his friends Harry and girlfriend Mary Jane. Trying to destroy the black suit, he goes to an church, and with the help of the sound, get rid of her, but the symbiote didn't die, but, gets Eddie as a host.

Season Nine

In Season Nine, Eddie is now Venom, an during all the season makes failed attempts to kill Peter, and invites him for an final fight, saying that he's going to reveal Spider-Man identity in the fight. However, in the last battle in the top of Daily Bugle, Peter gets the upper hand and defeat Venom. He forgets Spider-Man identity in the fight, and gets busted, but the symbiote disappears.

Season Ten

In the final season, Eddie in jail, is visited by the Symbiote. He tells Eddie via his mind that Peter is the Spider-Man, and say they going to need help. Meanwhile, an sociopath named Cletus Kasady, who divides his cell with Eddie, finds an fragment of Symbiote in the prison (remaining of the Venom itself) and becomes a newly and more powerful Venom called Carnage. The two, with their many differences join each other, in an attempt to kill Spider-Man, that makes Peter ask for Harry's help, that he declines. In the fight, Peter almost dies, but is help. by Harry, now being the New Goblin. At the end, Carnage and Venom are destroyed, with Eddie dying, and Cletus getting busted. But in the fight, Harry dies, making Peter wonders if protect the people would be the right thing. But as he looks to all of his friends and familiars, he realize this is what has to be done.

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  • Wood performance as Venom was the first live-action to feature the Multi-muscled Venom from the comics.
  • His Origin is a mix between the Original, the Sam Raimi origin and the Spectacular origin.
  • Early drafts of several The Amazing Spider-Man had Eddie Brock destined to become the Anti-Venom, and MacDonald MacGargan was destined to become Venom.

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