The untouchables were a team that existed in Earth-2149 who, as the name suggested were untouchable to the Zombies due to their powers.


During the Zombie invasion, Aku rounded up all the other superheroes and supervillians who possesed powers that could make them immune to the zombies infectious bites. The group mainly consisted of shapeshifters such as Sandman and Hydro-Man who could easily defend themselves without threat of infection. Following the destruction of Galactus and the leaving of the zombies they revealed themselves to Magneto's acolytes who allowed them to live in their society.


  • Leader:Aku(Earth-2149)
  • Second-in-command:Adversary(Earth-2149)
  • Sandman
  • Hydro-Man(Earth-2149)
  • Flex(Earth-2149)
  • Amber(Earth-2149)
  • Big Mother(Earth-2149)
  • Cell(Earth-2149)
  • Mercury(Earth-2149)
  • Rakkus(Earth-2149)
  • Bogeyman (Earth-2149)
  • Moral man (Earth-2149)
  • Gorgeous George (Earth-2149)
  • Ginniyeh (Earth-2149)
  • Hannibal King (Earth-2149)
  • Lifeguard (Earth-2149)
  • Smoke (Earth-2149)
  • U-Go-Girl (Earth-2149)
  • Wendigo (Severely restrained when not in battle due to violent nature, used only as a last resort.Earth-2149)
  • Ultimo(Earth-2149)
  • Ultron (Earth-2149)
  • Vision

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