Thor (movie) is a fan fiction live action movie.Kurse will be the main villain of the film.Its starts off with doctor Donald Blake who discovers he is really the mighty Thor.Loki and Balder appear in the film.Warriors three meet Thor in the film.

In one part of the film when Thor and warriors three are going on a ship that will lead them to fight Kurse Thor says Volstagg do you think you're ready asked Thor.Then Volstagg says yes but I'm hungry and I want a chicken leg.Then Thor says well heres my chicken leg.Thanks said Volstagg.Volstagg gobbles up the chicken leg fast.Then Thor says Don't it that fast Volstagg!Then Volstagg says well I cannot help it Odinson I like food.Then Thor and warriors three arrive on the island that they will fight Kurse on.Kurse leaps to the ground.Then Kurse says well if it isn't you demented Asgardian fools.Then Thor says to warriors three prepare yourselves Kurse is going to attack!Then warriors three say yes sir!Then Thor pulls out his hammer.

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