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The Tragic Zealots

Official Name
The Tragic Zealots
Team Aliases
The walkers of life's circle



Base Of Operations
Xarator space

Team Leader(s)


Place of Formation

James Waters

First appearance



Alphagate, Scarlet and Indiga Vailore,and Oardez and Darya Angelo, where there before the beginning of time, remnants of the realities' end, cought in an never ending cycle.

Shared Abilities

All of The Tragic Zealots have the ability to teleport over great distances. They are immune to great temperatures. They are immune to the effects of gravity and time. They can live without food, water and air. They can travel though space and underwater without protection. The five main group members (Alphagate, Scarlet and Indiga Vailore, Oardez and Darya Angelo) are different from the others in that their entire lives are big cycles with no beginning and no end.


The Hellgates have complete control over everything dark and evil. They are able to summon darkenings, which are small black creatures with crimson red eyes. Made out of pure darkness, darkenings are able to feed off of the sins and malice of one’s heart. There are many minor Hellgates under the command of Scarlet Vailore and Oardez Angelo.


The Wingates have complete control over everything light and good. They are able to summon nebulas, which are small white creatures with sky blue eyes. Made out of pure light, nebulas are able to feed off of the purity and nobility of one’s heart. There are many minor Wingates under the command of Indiga Vailore and Darya Angelo.


Alphagate's will in spiritual form. They have power over death and are often called reapers.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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