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The Outsiders

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The Outsiders

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Any superhero team

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New York City

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The early history of the Outsiders is not very clear but what we do know is that Leech decided to gather rejects of society "outsiders" to live in the sewers and commit petty crimes and such. He gathered Green Goblin, Spring, Giver, and Morningstar. They set up a base in the sewers where the police couldn't find them. Later Shriek and Rhino joined while escaping from the law. Hush later joined after she discovered her powers because everyone rejected her. When looking for new recruits to strengthen the Outsiders they broke Bane, Multiple Man, Killer Croc, and Clayface out of jail. Mr.Freeze joined because of his hatred of society. Firefly and Bulldozer were hired as mercenaries and Blood Ray later joined them to escape the Initiative. They became a major villain team clashing without about every single superhero team. They later participated in the Chitauri war against the aliens with Leech stating "No more Earth is bad for business". In their first battle with the Chitauri Clayface and Firefly were killed.


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