The Maximums

The Sinister Society

  • Doctor Devastation/
  • Mastermime/
  • Khaos/
  • Obsidia/
  • Reverse/
  • Travesty/

The Super Squad (flashbacks)

  • Maximum Man
  • Savior
  • Red Raptor
  • The Eagle
  • The Flurry
  • Tsunami
  • Jack of Spades (he joined the Maximums later on)

Plot Summary

During the Golden Age of heroes, a team of the greatest, most legendary saviors protected the world and beyond, led by, perhaps, the greatest and most powerful superhero of all.... Maximum Man. For decades, they protected the world, no one knew who these mysterious heroes were or where they came from. Only that they brought hope and peace to the world when evil lurked from the shadows. And then, one day, when the world called on these saviors..... none of them answered the call. And the whole world began to crumble beneath the might of the Sinister Society, the Super Squad's greatest archenemies. Now, in the Modern Age, one man, one hero, by the name of Stryker, sets out to form a team of new heroes to bring back hope into the bleak and corrupted world that they belove so dearly. When they decide to call themselves the Maximums after Maximum Man himself, they will show Doctor Devastation, leader of the Sinister Society, the light.