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Wizards of Waverly Place

Official Name
Wizards of Waverly Place
Team Aliases
The Russos, The Magical Three


Team Identity


Base Of Operations
Wizard Lair

Team Leader(s)
Justin/Top Wiz

Current Members
Alex/Magical Girl, Max/Maximan, TJ the Tough(sometimes)

Avengers, Teen Avengers

Paranormal Wizards, Anti Alex and the Vortex Crew, The Witches, Geeks, Power Squad, Zombies, Vampires (not Juliet), Crossovers

Place of Formation
Waverly Place, New York, NY

Dan Brown

First appearance

Wizardy: A Powerful Thing


Alex, Max, and Justin are wizards. (Also disney to buy out Marvel.) From Waverly Place, evil seeks. Villains like the Paranormal Wizards, the Mall Magicians, Vampires, and Zombies. The Magical Three formed at Wizard Lair. Alex's old aliases are not seen around a lot. TJ the tough, the other wizard was more of a neutral person than a hero or villain. Later, Alex and Peter Parker teamed up. Alex's enemies Gigi became mixed in with the Paranormal Wizards after a blast of magic over New York.


Alex became evil when a team fight occurred on voting for the next team leader. She teamed up with the Paranormal Wizards and later became the leader, but her evil ego, got her grounded for 2 months. After that she came back to the Magical Three. Juliet replaced Alex though which made Alex made. So Juliet and Alex went head to head. Juliet broke up with Justin.


Justin, Alex, and Max are siblings. They have a dad and mom which didn't let them use their magic unless the would use it for a good cause. So they created the Magical Three. Later, Justin made up what Alex called a stupid oath. It says we will protect the world, but never use magic for bad uses. Alex thought it was too long, she came up with "magic all day, superheroes all night". Which didn't make sense anyways.


Equipment: Wands, speed shirts, smarty pants are needed most of the time. These artifacts keep them super. Max wears shirt, most of the times, but Alex wears the pants. Justin operates everything else. Like power wands, magical books that should never be used and everything else.
Transportation: Teleportation is useful, only useful with spells, and also they also can use magic carpets.
Weapons: Wand zaps, and sometimes uses mortal guns. They also can be seen using the reflecting shirts. Shirts that magic or anything can be used on.


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