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The General's Elite

Official Name
The General's Elite
Team Aliases
The reapers, Death's hand, The Grave Makers, Heaven’s retribution



Base Of Operations

Team Leader(s)
General James Wilhelm/Vailore (Tidal Wave)

Current Members
Lieutenant Rosa Pelton

Lieutenant Zano Scar

Lieutenant Zamel Zazron

The Maximums, The Pact, The Angelo Family

The Angelo Family (former enemies) The Tragic Zealots

Place of Formation
their home planet, Xarator

James Waters

First appearance



A group of mystical spirits from the planet Xarator, in another galaxy. They came to the Milky Way galaxy after The Tragic Zealots summoned a meteor storm that wiped out Xarator. Each one of the General’s Elite were considered the greatest martial artists and sword masters on their planet. Their prowess at close range combat has gained them all incredible abilities. They were considered unbeatable, until they were killed inside a radioactive mist. This incident gave their spirits incredible powers.

Shared Abilities

Because of their intense combat training they gained the ability to accurately read their opponent's movements in an instant, allowing them to doge any attack (regardless of the speed of the attack) except for dome or pillar shaped wide area attacks. They are able to adjust their sight to allow them to see any thing regardless of its speed. Their faster and stronger than most normal people, but their speed and strength can not be considered superhuman.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: Katanas


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