• The Botanist: Ahhhhh.... what a glorious day for a stroll! The sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky! The flowers smell heavenly. And the humans are falling like flies! I tell ya, life doesn't get any better than this!! HA HA HA HA HAH HAAAAA!
  • The Botanist (referring to the Zoologist): There’s a weed in my garden…
  • The Botanist: I shall plant the seeds of destruction and transformation, and re-grow the world in my image!!
  • The Botanist: Boys, let's TRIM SOME HEDGES!!!
  • The Botanist (to the Zoologist): Join me, Alan. Join me, and together, we can up-root the foundation of the civilized world and make it a more... natural place to live.
  • The Botanist: SON OF A BIRCH TREE!!!!
  • The Botanist (to the Zoologist): Awww, what's the matter, Zoologist? Do you have more BARK than BITE!?!?!
  • The Zoologist: Phineas, I have done NOTHING to you. I never did ANYTHING to you. You were my best friend and you betrayed both Alison's and my trust. And it cost both of our lives. Why did you do it, Phineas. Why did you destroy our lives?
  • The Botanist: Do you realize how much hatred I've been storing inside me all of these years because of you?! Because of your storybook life?!?!? You had EVERYTHING!!! FAME! FORTUNE! WEALTH! A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! I HAD NOTHING!!!!!!!! I worked my fingers to the BONE to get where I was, only to be chopped down into timber like a tree by people. PEOPLE, ALAN! PEOPLE! People who failed to recognize my greatness. FAILED to recognize my BRILLIANCE!!! All my life, people have stepped on me like I was just another blade of grass in the lawn of society. That I was nothing. Insignificant. Inconsequential. They tried to bury me as deep into society's soil as possible. As deep as they could. Well now I've grown. I've grown into the mightiest sequoia. And they won't be able to topple me now. Or ever again.
  • Civilian: Please..... have mercy!
  • The Botanist: Mercy? MERCY!?!? Did you say "MERCY" when you and your fellow fleshbags were STRIPPING THE LAND BARE!?!? When they dipped their chainsaws into the tender flesh of my PEOPLE?!?! Did you say "HAVE MERCY" then?!? There will be no mercy (kills civilian).... for any of your kind.

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