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Tech is a Mutant, former Acolyte and member of the Offbeats.

Early history

Originally called Hideki Eguchi he was the descendant of a ninja and was fascinated by his family history. He also however had an incredibly I.Q. and used it to excel in his school. At 14 his powers began to develop when he accidentally shut off the power in his school. He had the ability to create Electromagnetic blasts that could shut down technology if he focused on it. Knowing he would be an outcast if he revealed his powers he hid it from the world. However when he witnessed a group of mutants being harassed by the public he revealed himself by shutting down an office buildings power, and in the ensuing confusion escorted the mutants out of the city. They thanked him and told him about Magneto and his organization. Intrigued he decided to join.

Becoming an Acolyte

During his time as an Acolyte he began to develop an amour made from adamantium. It had lasers built into the knuckles, two heat seeking rockets in the back, a cloaking device, a jetpack, and to make himself more like a ninja Hideki, know known as Tech added a pack of Adamantium shuriken, a fuma shuriken that had an in built tracking device so that it would always return to the thrower, a pack of Kunai, smoke bombs, a Katanna and he modeled his mask after that of an Oni demons. However he realized that he didn't actually hate Humans, although he was disgusted by their xenophobic behavior. Tech discovered a small group of Acolytes that agreed that not all of Magneto's beliefs were correct and told him that they were going to split off from him and create their own team.

Becoming an Offbeat

When the group, known as the Offbeats split away from Magneto's acolytes Tech was given the honor of designing the base. After some suggestions from the other team members he made it a few meters underground, added a cinema, bar, supermarket and an a gym which he (Bonzai Bill ran back to the future and stole some blueprints "From that freak (Tom) Cruise." needles to say, none of the Offbeats members know who that is). After designing the base the leader of the Offbeats, Dragonfly decided that they needed some credibility, prompting Tech to suggest that they take out a superhero group. However the attack turned into disaster when they were quickly defeated by the Avengers, with Tech quickly having his amour destroyed by iron Man and then being beaten up by Thor. They were sent to the vault shortly after, but later broke out. After getting back to their H.Q. they were startled to see an alien robot inspecting their base. the robot was a Caerrian assault bot or C.A.B. after managing to disable it using his EMP blast tech studied it and discovered it was made from a substance stronger than Adamantium and was sentient. After studying it some more he re-programmed it and re-activated it to be the newest member of the team. Tech began using the metal from the C.A.B.'s ship to make a second set of amour for himself that was heavily based on the original, although this time he added radar. He also despises Thor because he claims that the Norse were primitive barbarians and thinks the same of their god, not to mention because of the beating he received from him. When the Rabble-rousers attempted to join the team they managed to use Muscle to beat the information out of Tech, convincing him to disable the security systems of the base he designed. After this he developed a fear of Muscle, somewhat ironic because she's nomally very sweet.

Secret Invasion

During the Secret Invasion Tech was at some point kidnapped and replaced by a Skrull, along with fellow teammate Gauntlet. However both were discovered by Sparky and Demona and were captured and later killed by the Skrull Kill Krew. The Offbeats were forced to assume that Tech and Gauntlet had been killed.

Powers and Abilities


Electromagnetic pulse blasts: Tech can fire EMP blasts that can instantly disable any and all technology that he comes into contact with and focuses on


  • Superhuman intelligence: Tech posses IQ of 242
  • Skilled in the ancient art of Ninjutsu

Strength level

Posses strength of person who engages in intense regular excerise


In order to disable technology Tech must come into contact with it, possessing danger if machine is heavily armed, also sentient machines are only temporarily disabled



  • Smoke bombs
  • Bulletproof armour
  • Cloaking device
  • Radar



  • Pack of Shuriken
  • Pack of Kunai
  • Fuma shuriken
  • Katanna


Tech is the Offbeats' smartest member


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