Starvesum a.k.a Charlotte Rowan Stark is a famous criminal who is wanted all around the universe. Later she joins the Avangers in 2012.


Charlotte is very upcoming and hot-headed, who can't sit in a place for long! She's an egocentric, arrogant more of a solo player person. She can't be maturing in any situation most of the time just making fun of everybody, and everything. She's very stubborn, and sassy, also a big fighter, so it's hard to hold her if needed. That's why she always get chained, to not to hurt anyone while she escapes. But to be honest, in the inside she feel fear all the time. Being a wanted criminal means that she can't trust anybody and always has to be very careful because she don't know when will she captured or trapped.



Charlotte, but as she's mostly called "Chars", was born in 1980, being the second child of Maria and Howard Stark. She looked up to her parents so much, expecially to her father, but she didn't got much attention from him. At the age of 3, she became sensitive to gluten, and couldn' t eat anything envolves flour. Her parents watched over this, but her brother didn't. Though he loved her so much, she always forgotten this kind of disability of her.

In 1991, ther parents died in a car accident. This incident hit the siblings in soul so much, which made Tony more worried about her sister. Far away, Yondu heard about the news, that the big genius, Stark died. He known him from his journey to kidnap Peter Quill, so he knew he left succesors behind. A few months later, in 1992 he finally found the residence of them, but only found the 12 year old Charlotte, because his older sibling was out on an evening in a casino. He kidnapped the young girl, and went back to his spaceship with her. Charlotte was so frightened at first, she didn't know where she was, and why do they need her. But for the latter reason, it soon became clear. Yondu knew how much genius she was, so he used her to fix their ships' engines ans stuff. He taught Peter how to use weapons, and how to fight, but he didn't think about Charlotte being a very skillful fighter. Peter and Charlotte soon became friends. The two have built a very strong relationship since the beginning, and after a few years Peter started crushing on her. The months passed since her kidnap and Yondu started noticing her good skills. She worked, as a looter, and became really good in it. She steal things very easily, so and she soon became one of the most famous looters. But after a few years she started to be more stubborn to keep the things she stole. She didn't wanted to give all of the things that the customers wanted, and Yondu became very fustrated about it. After Peter telling his feelings to Chars, she ended up leaving the looters and be a solo criminal. It do hurt her to leave her friend, but she couldn't do it anymore, and she didn't want to play with Peter's feelings. 2 years abroad, and she became the most feared criminal after stealing rare antique relics from Asgard.


Young Charlotte: Mckenna Grace


Young Charlotte

Teen and Adult Charlotte: Emma Watson

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Adult Charlotte


  • She was close friends with Peter since the day Yondu kidnapped her, discovering the thing they both came from earth.
  • In the whole galaxy, Yondu is the only one knowing the real identit of Charlotte. Everybody calls her Starversum the most feared criminal in the galaxy.
  • Until the age of 15 she was working as a looter, but then she left Yondu and Peter and thenother looters behind making Yondu one of her enemies.
  • Despite being hungry and weak for 20 years she still has a very huge appetite. She's always hungry and would eat anything she finds. Luckily Tony doesn't let her to do that. Though she is that tipical person who eats 7 times a day and still very thin.
  • She's always called The Hungriest Avanger by the others.
  • She doesn't like and understand cooking, so I think Steve would be the one who makes dinners and stuff, so they mostly order food.
  • Charlotte is afraid from cars. Her parents died in a car accident and her brother had a car accident right before he was kidnapped by the terrorists. She always sits back, and listens to music to calm herself down. Despite she don't know how to drive a car since she never learned it, there are times when she has to sit behind the steering wheel, and help the others escape.