Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man is the official guardian of New York City.

After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker alias, Spider-Man started to fight crime. He acquired a black symbiote and used it against one of his old foes. However, he hated it and threw it to Venom and an evil guy. After this, he and his clone, the Scarlet Spider joined a team created by Toxin. and protected the whole planet. He soon obtained a copy of the Venom symbiote and used it to fight the symbiotes. A few days later, his wife joined him. A few weeks later, Spidey learned that his fellow teammate, Poison, was in fact his adopted Brother Garfield Brooks. Later on, Anti-Spider attacked him, and killed him, but Spidey was revived by Doctor Strange.
Black Spiderman

Symbiote Spider-Man


The death of Spidey?

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