Spider-Man: 2099 is a fan-fiction animated series on the character of the same name, created by Peter David and Rick Leonardi.

Spider-Man 2099

Set in the year 2099, New York City has become like the rest of the future world, heavily digitized and corrupted by corporations. Miguel is an arrogant yet brilliant young geneticist who begins to see the error of his ways after an experiment's deadly results are covered up by his employers, Alchemax. After attempting to resign, Miguel is framed by his employer and planted with illegal drugs, he faces a heavy prison sentence unless he returns to work.

After returning to the labs, he tries to sabotage his research, until a rival scientist tries to kill him and make it look like an accident. Miguel is exposed to deadly amounts of radiation, but before it can kill him, the machine begins to re-write his genetic code with samples of Spider DNA from the animal testing lab.

Having survived, Miguel discovers he has 50% spider DNA in his system, which amplified with the radiation has given him super powers similar to the late 20th century hero, Spider-Man. He decides to take on this crime-fighting persona, using an old "Day of the Dead" design and Unstable Molecules to create an advanced costume to hide his identity from Alchemax. He vows to help the people of New York, and end it's oppression at the hands of out of control corporations.


  • Miguel O'Hara/Spider-Man
  • Xina Kwan
  • Conchata O'Hara
  • Gabriel O'Hara
  • Dana D'Angelo
  • Lyla
  • Tyler Stone
  • Kron Stone

Other Superheroes

  • Kenshiro "Zero" Cochrane/Ghost Rider
  • Jake Gallows/Punisher
  • Paul-Phillip Ravage/Ravage
  • Samuel Fisk/Daredevil


Season One

Nothing Ventured... (Part I) In a future where corporations rule the planet, an arrogant geneticist in New York City tries mend his ways, and keep valuable research out of the hands of "Alchemax". But a rival scientist tries to kill him in an apparent accident and steal the research for himself. Miguel O'Hara survives, but has now been exposed to radiation, and been spliced with spider DNA. Tyler Stone, Aaron Delgado, Venture
Nothing Gained (Part II) Miguel quickly discovers the full potential of his new spider-like abilities. As he sets out for revenge against Delgado, Miguel decides to take on a secret identity, in order to avoid Alchemax's private police force, and the vice-president's head enforcer "Venture". Miguel takes on the persona of a legendary hero of the early 21st century, Spider-Man! Venture, Aaron Delgado, Tyler Stone, Public Eye
Miguel begins to use his powers for real crime fighting in New York, after Delgado's trail turns cold. Meanwhile, Alchemax becomes aware of the fact that the mysterious "Spider-Man" was created in one of their labs.

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