The Slayers are teams of supernatural beings and humans who defend the Earth from supernatural threats. The most prominent is the New York Faction, which has had the most activity out of all those worldwide.

Number of Worldwide Factions


Total number: 20

  • Britain: 4
  • France: 2
  • Germany: 1
  • Italy: 3
  • Russia: 10


Total number: 40

  • China: 8
  • Japan: 5
  • Mongolia: 2
  • Middle East: 14
  • India: 6
  • Indonesia: 5


North America

Total number: 50

One Faction is put into each state.

South America

Total number: 30

  • Brazil: 10
  • Argentina: 4
  • Peru: 6
  • Colombia/Chile/Etc.: 10


Total number: 5

Supernaturals are mostly driven out of Africa because of the heavy influence of voodoo, which repels other evils and of the wars that the humans constantly fight. Anoth factor is the sunlight, which is a deterrent for such creatures as vampires or shades.


Total number: 3

Supernaturals rarely go as far as Australia, New Zealand or Tazmania, especially considering the enviroment of the countries. Supernaturals native to these parts usually settle matters fairly quickly.


Total number: 1

There have been no accounts of supernatural activity ever on Antarctica - but have sent out one faction should any ever arise. None have ever seen anything.

Notable Factions

New York




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