The Scorch saga is a series of ten short stories about the supervillain Scorch's early battles, later career, and eventual death, written by Telos. After they are all finished, spin-offs may be produced. Telos is currently considering whether to merge them into one longish story simply entitled Scorch.


1. Scorch: New Enemies

In this story, Scorch has his first encounter with a superhero: Spook.

2. Scorch: White Sphere

Scorch faces White Sphere, a superhero that can create force fields and control gravity.

3. Scorch: Prison Break

After his defeat at the hands of White Sphere, Scorch decides to make a prison break.

4. Scorch: Thunder and Lightning

Scorch's toughest challenge yet: a showdown with the evil brothers Thunder and Lightning.

5. Scorch: Complete Carnage

When Scorch tries to convince the mercenary Impulse to join him, the answer isn't what he expects...

6. Scorch: Hyperspeed

Scorch confronts the supervillainess Hyperspeed, urging her to join his cause.

7. Scorch: Frog

The going gets tough when Scorch battles it out with a superhero by the name of Frog.

8. Scorch: Old Friends

White Sphere and Spook team up to try and take down Scorch.

9. Scorch: Reckoning

Scorch and Spook have a vicious rematch of their first battle - this time in a library!

10. Scorch: The Final Firefight

After Spook, White Sphere and Frog all team-up, Scorch renews his attempts to convince the other supervillains to unite and become the Fearsome Five, culminating in a devastating battle that only the strongest will survive! This is the last issue (though there may be spin-offs)!