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"Sir, I'm the best choice to handle this, and since Bobbi's gone, I'm the only one left who can." "You're not unstoppable, Ray."
"Well I'm willing to put that to the test."

---Ryan Cooper with Phil Coulson and Melinda May

Ryan "Ray" Cooper M.D., Ph.D is an Inhuman, genius-level medical doctor, scientist and a former S.H.I.E.L.D. operative. He was recruited out of college by Phil Coulson. During his time at S.H.I.E.L.D. research facility he developed close friendship with Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz. Cooper, along with Fitz and Simmons were recruited to Coulson's Team and worked with them on all of their missions. While on the team, Ryan became friends with his teammates Skye and Grant Ward. After some time spending in the field he decided that he wants to be a Field agent. During the HYDRA Uprising, Cooper was an active participant in hunting for John Garrett and the rest of the Centipede Project. He was shocked to learn that Ward had been a member of HYDRA and started to plot revenge against him.

When Phil Coulson became the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Ryan went with him to begin rebuilding the organization. While working to stop HYDRA, eventually led him to the discovery of his alien-based origin and he was exposed to the Terrigen Mist, granting him psionic abilities. The activation of his abilities alerted the attention of other Inhumans, and Ryan was taken to Afterlife to help him better understand and control his powers. Cooper later played a large role in the conflict between the reunified S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Inhumans.

After accepting his powers he became the second recruit and co-leader for the Secret Warriors. In that role, he began working with Daisy Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie to find new Inhumans and led the team in their battle against HYDRA. Cooper, Fitz and Simmons tried to find a cure to Hive's power of controlling Inhumans' minds. S.H.I.E.L.D. eventually managed to kill Hive.

Jeffrey Mace was appointed S.H.I.E.L.D. new Director after the signing of the Sokovia Accords. He appointed Simmons and Cooper as his advisers in science and technology, although he did not trust him at all, he became one of the superiors in the organization. He was caught in an explosion with Coulson, Fitz and Ghost Rider by Eli Morrow and was almost sank into another dimension where he bonded with Phoenix force, but managed to get out. Ryan then helped S.H.I.E.L.D. in their last fight against Morrow. Continuing fighting the Watchdogs and their leader Anton Ivanov, Cooper discovered that friends were kidnapped by Radcliffe and Aida, so Cooper, Johnson and Simmons entered the Framework in order to find them. They succeed and they all returned in the real world, only to face against the threat of the now living Aida. Cooper stopped Aida from using him for her ultimate goal. 

However, the team was sent to the year 2091, where Earth was destroyed and what was left of the humanity was enslaved by the Kree. Cooper was trapped by Kasius, and was forced to participate in the sale of Inhumans, because Cooper as Dark Phoenix was believed to be the one who destroyed the planet. When Fitz arrived he managed to escape, but with a device that inactivated his powers. As the team found a way back to the present, Cooper refused to return due to his fear to cause the apocalypse, only to be forced to return by Coulson. 


Early life

"Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. I learned this the hard way."

--- Ryan Cooper

Ryan Cooper was born in Los Angeles California on June 17, 1988. He has two sisters and older brother. His entire family is identified as conservative Catholic. During his childhood he never had any friends because they found him extremely weird. During his time at collage he was disavowed by his entire family. Phil Coulson found him and recruited him to S.H.I.E.L.D. After he was brought to S.H.I.E.L.D. he was placed at S.H.I.E.L.D.'s research and medical facility. During this time he developed close friendship with Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz..

First Actions

Cooper together with Simmons and Fitz were recruited by Agent Phil Coulson to be the science crew and him to be medical officer for a new team he was putting together. Stationed on the Bus, the trio have designed specialized equipment and compounds on the fly in various emergency situations.

Their first foray into the field involved the case of Michael Peterson, a man in danger of exploding due to his use of the volatile Centipede Serum. Peterson was saved in part trio's efforts to create a Centipede counter-agent for Peterson.

Ryan first faced danger in the field in Peru, where the team was investigating an 0-8-4. Cooper and the team escaped Peruvian rebels only to face an armed takeover of the Bus. Working with the team, he helped take back the Bus and secure the old HYDRA weapon. During conflict he ran to the cockpit to raise the Bus which was falling down.

After this mission he went to Coulson's office to tell him that he wants to be field agent and learn how to defend himself. Flowing Coulson's approval he commit himself to training with his teammate Melinda May acting as his supervising officer, he started training with hand-to-hand combat and guns.

The team received a call that a S.H.I.E.L.D. truck was attacked. They arrived to investigate, and it was discovered that a mysterious new element was distorting gravity and throwing the vehicles in the air. The team learned that the cargo in the truck was in fact Fitz' and Simmons' former professor Franklin Hall, who had been captured by Ian Quinn. Coulson, Ward, and Skye infiltrated the billionaire's home in an attempt to rescue Hall, but despite Fitz' and Simmons' attempts to convince Coulson that Hall was a good man, Coulson was forced to kill Hall when he tried to destroy the entire island and kill every person on it.

Their next mission had them investigating mysterious dead bodies which floated in the air. As a team they discovered that the cause was an virus passed along from a Chitauri Helmet. On the way back on the Bus, it was discovered that Simmons was infected and would be killed in a matter of hours unless they found a cure. Fitz and Cooper risked contamination and death in order to help save their friend and they successfully found a cure.

However Simmons, not realizing the cure worked, chose to jump from the plane to save the rest of the crew. Cooper was still unconscious while Fitz took the cure and prepared to jump out after her, but instead Grant Ward jumped and saved her life.

At the Hub, Cooper assisted Skye with finding out about Fitz and Ward's mission. However, Cooper was discovered by agent Sitwell and tried to lie his way past him. He was forced to use the Night-Night Gun on him. He then joined May, Skye, Coulson and Simmons in extracting Fitz and Ward.Later, he helped the team cleanup the Battle of Greenwich and aided them in their search for the Berserker Staff.

Field Missions

Hunting a Ghost

Cooper, Simmons and Fitz visited StatiCorp after its particle accelerator exploded and scanned the area. Cooper later discovered that the StatiCorp explosion actually ripped a portal between worlds and that the "demon" that the team was investigating was Tobias Ford. They learned that Ford was trapped between worlds as a ghostly figure and was attacking anyone who got near the girl he loved Hannah Hutchins. Ford attacked the Bus and managed to ground it but was ultimately stopped by Melinda May and Hutchins and was allowed to die

Coulson's Capture

Cooper watched helplessly with the rest of the team as Phil Coulson was captured by Raina and the Centipede Project. He, Fitz and Simmons had created a tech-free method of tracking Mike Peterson, but never thought to do the same for Coulson.

Once the team had returned to the Bus, Cooper witnessed Victoria Hand kick Skye off the plane. In any and all assistance he could provide, he and FitzSimmons hid supplies for Skye in a paper lunch sack, including a SAT phone for her to reach them. While there were in the lab, Fitz designed a new weapon using Night-Night Gun technology, which he called the Night-Night Bracelet. The bracelet later proved to be impractical in a fight.

Later, in the desert where Coulson was being tortured by Edison Po, Cooper fought alongside his team to find Coulson and keep each other safe. They managed to get Coulson out, and they all reached the Bus; not unscathed, but alive.

The Mysterious Weapon

After the mission at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy of Science and Technology, the team was informed by John Garrett about a mysterious weapon in Jamaica. The team went to the town of Negril and found the weapon. After some skirmish with the guards they managed to get the weapon on board the Bus and fly off. Once they examined the weapon, Skye was able to hack the weapon's code and track its origin to the remote town of Limoux, France.


"Oh, no. Oh no! Oh God! Simmons! Get down here!
Oh- oh God. Hang on. Just hang on, okay?"
"Oh God. He's been shot"

----Coulson to dying Cooper

After the mission in France, the team found a lead to the whereabouts of the Clairvoyant through Ian Quinn. Tracking a mysterious package that Quinn acquired from Cybertek Technologies, the team went undercover and boarded the train transferring the package to Quinn's care. However, the team was jeopardized by Luca Russo, and Cybertek sent operatives to neutralize the team. In the ensuing chaos, the group was separated, and only Cooper and Leo were left to pursue Quinn.

The pair arrived at Quinn's compound, where Cooper proceeded inside alone and was shocked to find Michael Peterson, still alive but horribly scarred. He attempted to get Peterson to escape with him, but unknown to him, Peterson was being controlled by the Clairvoyant through a Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implant, and the package was actually a high-tech prosthetic leg that was subsequently attached on Peterson's limb. Cooper attempted to stop Quinn, but was shot three times in the stomach. Close to death, he crawled to the door and called for help, but was unable to call loud enough. Eventually he died, Cooper was found by Coulson and saved at the last minute by Simmons, who sustained his condition by placing him inside of a Hyperbaric Chamber before his body could completely shut down.

Shortly after being shot, the team took him to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Trauma Zentrum in Switzerland, where despite the doctors' best efforts, his injuries were too severe and there was nothing more they could do other than keep him on the life support. Desperate, Coulson decided to take Cooper to the location where he was brought back from the dead. After some research, Skye managed to crack file and locate a secret facility known as The Guest House. With the help of Agent John Garrett, Grant Ward's former S.O., the group managed to retrieve GH.325, a drug that seemingly regenerates damaged cells. Right after the drug was administrated, Coulson arrived warning not to give him the drug, as he discovered in the compound that the drug was made from the bodily fluids of a blue alien corpse hidden inside the base. After initial shock and struggle, Cooper managed to recover thanks to the effects of the drug.

Solving the Mystery

During Cooper's recovery, the team joined forces with the Asgardian Sif in taking down Lorelei. After that situation had been dealt with, Coulson revealed to him the true nature of the drug, and they decided to work together to find the secret behind it, without telling the rest of the team.

Return of HYDRA

After Captain America exposed to the public that HYDRA had been growing inside of S.H.I.E.L.D.,HYDRA agents sent out a secret message to other agents that it was time to reveal themselves. Coulson's team along with Agent John Garrett received the message and concluded that Victoria Hand must be the Clairvoyant. Knowing that Hand was leading them to the Hub to be killed but also knowing that Jemma Simmons was there, Coulson's Team and Garrett decided to fight their way through the teams of HYDRA agents to rescue Simmons and find and capture Hand.

The team eventually traced the Clairvoyant to Thomas Nash, whom Grant Ward. After the team suspected that Nash was not the Clairvoyant, and after analyzing the evidence given, they realized that the real Clairvoyant was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Before any further action could be taken, the Bus was suddenly hijacked by Agent Hand, who ordered her agents to take everyone on the team except for Coulson

When the team arrived at Providence they were greeted by Agent Eric Koenig who showed them around the base; he also told the team that Nick Fury had indeed been killed during HYDRA's attack on S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Grant Ward joined the team later badly injured. Cooper performed first aid on his wounds and Ward claimed that the Fridge was overrun by HYDRA and he had killed John Garrett in the fight. When Agent Eric Koenig asked him why he was there during his Lie Detector test he responded that S.H.I.E.L.D. is his life and to protect people from danger.

Cooper went with Phil Coulson, Triplett, Fitz and Simmons to Portland to apprehend Blackout. Team discovered Coulson's past relationship with Audrey Nathan, and talked Coulson into using her as bait to stop the Fridge escape. Fitz modified the stage lights of the building using the Gamma Power Reserve designed by Bruce Banner causing Blackout to explode. When the group returned to Providence, they found the Bus and half the team gone.


Jemma found Eric Koenig's body in a closet while Fitz found a message from Skye which she carved in the picture, "Ward is HYDRA." Cooper gave Koenig's autopsy report proving Grant Ward killed him. Then Maria Hill led Colonel Glenn Talbot to Providence. While Simmons debated with Talbot to give a time to took Coulson and Hill escape. Ultimately, after these events Cooper and the team were reunited in a hotel in Los Angeles.

When Deathlok used a Heart Stopper on Ward to solicit Skye's cooperation, Skye acquiesced and revealed that the codes were altitude-based, causing the Bus to take off. Cooper smuggled into the Bus and came to Skye's rescue and they used Lola to escape.

The next morning, Coulson was shouting on Cooper for scratching Lola. Following the Team made a plan to defeat Garrett and retrieve the Bus. After the meeting, Ryan Cooper and Melinda May had a conversation about their revenge on Ward and how to focus Cooper's fighting skills more effectively.

Ryan and Skye entered the Cybertek facility and went into the handlers' control room, Skye was threatening that she had a bomb. One of the HYDRA operatives tried to kill Skye but Cooper killed him. This was the first time that he killed someone. Skye let Kyle Zeller know that she was in charge and called Garrett to let him know that Coulson was coming for him. Garrett bragged about ending Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons to their in response.

Ultimately, Cooper found Mrs. Zeller for Kyle, Skye found Ace Peterson, who was being held hostage to assure Deathlok's cooperation. Skye told Kyle to tell her how she can communicate with Deathlock, but he didn't want to cooperate and Cooper used his gun to shot Mrs. Zeller in the arm making skin deep wound , he told Kyle to cooperate or the next one will be between her eyes. With his son free, Deathlok killed Garrett.

The New Beginning

Coulson's team went to the Playground and was reunited with Simmons, who survived Garrett's kill order. When he asked Simmons about Fitz, he learned that he was alive but in coma.

Cooper was given the assignment of translating the Words of Creation written by John Garrett on the Bus. He used many avenues, he even asked Skye to use some of her contacts with Rising Tide, but after a month, he wasn't able to find any information about them

Coulson tasked Melinda May, Ryan Cooper and Skye to act as back-up for Isabelle Hartley, Idaho, and Lance Hunter who were attempting to buy information from a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent when they were attacked by Carl Creel, who stole the information on an 0-8-4 that they sought.

Cooper was then sent on a two-pronged mission to obtain the Obelisk and a Quinjet. As Hartley, Idaho, and Hunter left the Government Storage Warehouse with the alien artifact to get Hartley medical attention, Skye and Cooper stole a Quinjet and used its cloaking technology to escape, while May departed on a motorcycle.

After bringing the Quinjet to the Playground, Cooper learned about the deaths of Idaho and Hartley. While Skye was told by Coulson to pack Hartley's possessions. Cooper continued his work on translation of the Words of Creation.

Cooper continued his training with May, Lance Hunter and Alphonso Mackenzie later arrived and asked Cooper if he had attended the S.H.I.E.L.D. academy, he told them he hadn't and that he was recruited as a student, which annoyed Hunter as he had made a bet with Mackenzie about the subject.

He accompanied Skye, May and Hunter to Casablanca, Morocco to help Donnie Gill, who was on board the Maribel del Mar. However, they were too late to save him from HYDRA re-triggering his brainwashing program. Cooper was forced to kill Gill and took a shot at HYDRA agent Sunil Bakshi, who was saved by Simmons, in order to make sure that her cover in HYDRA was maintained.

Bonding with Others

On South Beach, Cooper helped Hunter to steal a ticket from his date so that Skye could copy it and get Phil Coulsonand Melinda May into a gala for the rebuilding of Santa Maria de las Flores, a church that housed a 500 year old painting with the Words of Creation inscribed on its back.

As the two worked on the mission, Cooper and the others bonded by telling stories of their past romances and love interests. Cooper admitted that he'd never been in a romantic or any kind of a relationship with anyone, while he did independent research into the painting and learned that it was 500 years old but the inscription was not, Coulson realized that there was another person who wrote it recently.

Questioning Ward

As Cooper was researching the symbols, Lance Hunter suggested to him that he could consult Grant Ward. After he decided to take Hunter's advice, the first thing Ward tried was getting on the topic of Coulson's team, Cooper assumed he was trying to manipulate him telling him that everybody's alright. He then changed the subject, demanding to know what he knew about the symbols. Ward identified them as the same symbols he saw on their mission in Belarus a year ago and again when John Garrett started carving them himself after his infusion with GH.325. Ward hoped that he was not the one writing the symbols, stating that Garrett drew the symbols in any way he could and it slowly drove him insane, causing Cooper to realize that Coulson has the same problem

Just as Cooper confronted Coulson about his carvings and he revealed that he could be an alien, hence why he hadn't experienced the same thing, Raina called for a meeting. At La Comtesse Furieuse, Coulsn sent him to save Boobi Morse and Jemma Simmons.

Helping Coulson's Problems

"It's all connected, everything."
"Ward has information about your father"
"Who just happens to have the alien buzz kill device"
"Which is connected to the writing which is related to the GH serum"
"That is in my and Coulson's blood."
"It's just like you're pieces to a puzzle."

---Ryan Cooper and Skye

Unable to sleep once again, Cooper caught Coulson carving the symbols and confided in him that he was troubled by the connection that everything had. Coulson confided in him also, telling him he was writing the symbols every night and was losing his ability to function. During their conversation Skye entered the room telling them that her Rising Tide contact sent her pictures of the murder victim Janice Robbins with the symbols carved into her. Cooper and Coulson went to her apartment and found paintings she made with the symbols, signed "A Magical Place."

Cooper berated Alphonso Mackenzie for his words of bravado when he and Leo Fitz brought the body of Janice Robbins to him so he could perform an autopsy. He learned that the knife cuts on her did not kill her but the trauma and pain did.

Ryan and Skye accompanied Coulson to the secret room holding the Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine. When Coulson started acting erratically, Cooper immediately called Melinda May, informed her of the situation, and he took her suggestion to lock up Coulson. As Cooper went down to  Vault D with Coulson, he pushed him inside, activated the Inertial Confinement Laser Barrier and left to find Thompson.

Skye freed him and he and Mack went to intercept Coulson in the SUV. During the ride, Cooper revealed to Mack what was happening. He expressed disgust about Coulson having alien blood inside him; Cooper looked at him ironically, as beforehand Phil Coulson expressed his concern over the fact Cooper had not reacted to the writings as he and John Garrett had, which he should have as he had been injected with the GH.325before. Phil Coulson believed the cause of this to be Cooper already had the blood in his system and thus now he had started to believe that Cooper is an alien, and Cooper had reacted strongly against it.

They saw the Thompson family on the road, describing Coulson and Derik fighting, and told them that they will handle the problem. The two held Coulson at gunpoint and begged him not to kill Derik. Coulson revealed that he was not trying to kill Derik but was showing him the train tracks Thompson built. When Cooper saw the tracks, he realized that they were the symbols in 3-D.and took pictures of them.

Search for the Kree City

Cooper , SkyeLeo Fitz, and Antoine Triplett went with Phil Coulson to Oahu, Hawaii. He sent Skye to get an inscription on a watch for Darren, Cooper and Triplett to give a button to a dry cleaner to place on a general's jacket pocket, and Fitz to fix a transceiver in under six minutes.

Then, in Australia, Coulson explained his strange orders. When the watch and the button came together they would cause an EMP in Kaena Point Air Force Base, a military base too hard for them to infiltrate. The EMP would blackout that base but the satellite relaying station in Laura Creek, which was easier to enter, would activate for six minutes until the Hawaiian base was repaired. The transceiver could be used by Skye to hack satellite feeds to find the city.

Skye hacked the satellites aboard the Bus and the search for the city began. While Cooper and Skye were waiting for hack to finish she was kidnapped by eyeless man and Chinese woman , despite Cooper used his gun to kill them they managed escape with her. When Coulson and Fitz returned, they brought an injured Triplett while Cooper was taking care of his wounds he told them what happend,and the that Kree City was found. On the trip back to the Playground, Cooper had a nightmare; afterwards he had an uneasy feeling about what would happen upon entering the city.

Search for Skye and Protecting Raina

Phil Coulson learned that HYDRA assigned Agent 33 to capture Raina. He decided that he wanted Cooper on the team that would protect her, instead of the team he was leading to find the city.

Cooper retrieved Raina and Billy Koenig from their safe house and escorted them to the rendezvous point. During the extraction, Agent 33 attacked the three and was defeated by Cooper and Lance Hunter. Hunter left to look for Melinda May and Cooper stayed with Raina keeping tabs on two HYDRA agents. Raina discovered that Daniel Whitehall was in possession of the Diviner and told Cooper that he could touch it without being killed, stating that it was their "destiny" to hold it. Stating this, Raina turned and raced toward the HYDRA agents leaving Cooper in pursuit. May slammed a van into the agents and Hunter pulled him and Raina aboard.

On board the Bus, during this talk Raina opened up to him, telling him about her life in Thailand before being picked up by Calvin Zabo. Cooper repeated his opinion that Zabo is a monster, while Raina described him as merely emotional. Cooper also procured the information from her that only the ones the Diviner deemed worthy could enter the temple in the hidden city, and that those not worthy "had better have said their goodbyes." Cooper immediately attempted to warn Coulson, but their communications were blocked by HYDRA, who had located the Bus through Raina's Tracker.

Cooper held a gun on Grant Ward as he boarded the Bus for Raina. Seeing Ward working for HYDRA, Cooper cited that he gave S.H.I.E.L.D. Sunil Bakshi and told him to pick a side; he assured him that he had. Ward told the occupants of the Bus that the four HYDRA Quinjets surrounding them would not fire if Cooper was given to him with Raina. Cooper gave himself up for the sake of the others.

Becoming More

Upon arriving at HYDRA's temporary hideout, an abandoned theater in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Cooper was locked up with Raina and another man who turned to be Skye's long lost father. Cooper told him what happened to Skye and he was taken away by Daniel Whitehall, he forced Cooper to touch the Diviner. He did, and it glowed, showing symbols. Despite his attempts at defending himself with it, Cooper was detained but inevitably freed by Grant Ward; however, Cooper, still vengeful towards him for his betrayal, shot him repeatedly four times thinking that he killed him. A violent struggle ensued where Phil Coulson and the team arrived and engaged in a shootout with Whitehall's men. Whitehall himself was gunned down by Coulson, driving Skye's deranged father into fury. After he ICED Skye's father to stop him from killing Coulson, Cooper left to retrieve the Diviner, but he found Raina had taken it to the hidden temple inside the Kree City.

Ryan Cooper Undergoing Terrigenesis

Ryan pursued Raina, but he failed to stop her from activating the temple. To Cooper's astonishment, the Diviner opened, revealing a crystals which unleashed the mist. While mist had no effect on Antoine Triplett, who had come to rescue him, it caused metamorphic effects on Ryan and Raina. They were cocooned in stone and emerged with unusual superpowers. during his transformation, he had a heartbeat of 300 bpm. Cooper who now possessed psionic abilities saw his friend petrified like the victims of the Obelisk, and the emotion activated his new powers, releasing a powerful seismic event that broke his cocoon, Triplett's petrified body, tore the temple apart, and caused an earthquake that was felt even in San Juan, more than a hundred feet above him. 

Under Observation

Cooper was put under observation for precautionary reasons upon the team's return from the Kree City. While the team was arguing about the whole situation with the city, Cooper's heartbeat rose which triggered a minor tremors to shake objects in his cell. When Jemma Simmons returned to the Playground, she brought DNA samples from Raina. As she checked the DNA samples Cooper watched, growing suspicious and nervous that whatever had happened to Raina had happened to him too. The DNA revealed that there had been a major change in Raina's biology which Cooper commentated "that's amazing" but still afraid of his results. Simmons then told Cooper she would compare his DNA samples with Raina's and see it they were the same, but that she really doubted it. Later, Cooper overheard Simmons telling Phil Coulson and Melinda May that if necessary so that there would not be an epidemic, she thought it best to kill Raina. This only made him more nervous, wondering what they would all think of him if he in fact had turned out to have powers.

His fears were confirmed when a emotional Fitz told him that he had thought he had the data about his vitals when the earthquake struck the city wrong, but then realized that they were in fact correct, that his heart was beating at an "inhuman" rate, and that he had caused the destruction. Cooper panicked as his worst fear was finally thrust upon him. The quarantine cell then started to rattle and the lamp above Cooper's bed exploded with glass flying in every direction, liquid started to rise and the beakers were lifted in the air. Fitz immediately ran out of the room; Cooper managed to regain his composure and began cleaning up the evidence of the destruction so that none of the others would know about his newfound powers. As he picked up the glass his hand was cut.

May and Simmons entered the room outside the box to visit Cooper. May knew something was wrong as tried to hide the truth, but when May noticed that his hand was bleeding, Cooper struggled for an answer. Fitz then returned, with fake results from his blood test which he gave to Simmons; it stated that Cooper was normal. Fitz then agreed to help him get his things and move out of the box. While helping Cooper clean his wound in the box, he told him that the real results were drastically different He told him that they would keep it a secret for not only his safety but also because the team had too many things to worry about (like finding Skye) at the moment and did not need something else. He started to cry, saying it was all his fault. Fitz reassured him , saying that he was "just different now" and that there was "nothing wrong with that"

Secret is Out

"Listen to me ... just me. We can do this. You can do this."
"I can't... I can't make it stop."
"You will control your emotions, just like we practiced."
"I can't make it stop."

---Ryan and May

While continuing the search for Skye, S.H.I.E.L.D. took notice of Lady Sif, who had appeared in Portugal with no recollection of her past or why she was on Earth. After thorough investigations, they discovered that Sif had fought an unknown man who wiped her memory with a hammer-like device. Cooper and Bobbi tracked the man down to a hospital, where Cooper momentarily lost control of his powers, allowing the man to escape. His encounter with the man led to the team suspecting that he was actually a Kree, a thought that was later confirmed when the man was apprehended.

Introducing himself as Vin-Tak, the Kree restored Sif's memory and explained that he had come to Earth after being alerted to Raina's activation of the Diviner. He explained the purpose of the Diviners, and his peoples' role in the creation of the Inhumans. Realizing that he was in fact one of these people, Cooper began to panic and lost control of his powers, exposing them to his friends. In the confusion, both Sif and Vin-Tak attempted to apprehend Cooper , the former for the protection of the humans, and the latter with the intent of putting him down. Phil Coulson and Melinda Mayprotected him, with May taking him to Vault D and activating the Inertial Confinement Laser Barrier to be alone with Cooper and remind him of the heartbeat control exercises they practiced. Cooper would not calm down as Sif used her sword to break the barrier. Cooper then shot himself with an I.C.E.R. to keep from harming anyone. This convinced Sif to stand down.

Therapy Session

Melinda May informed Cooper that he was a part of the Index and, as a prerequisite of being an agent with powers, Cooper had to have a psychological assessment. He protested until he learned that the one giving the interview was Andrew Garner, May's ex-husband. Ryan constantly asked Garner about his former marriage to May, avoiding his questions. Garner demanded that he stop and take their talk seriously. Cooper started to shut down and become distant until Garner started sharing tidbits about his past..

Ignoring May's orders Cooper came to the field and Garner ushered him away from the field of battle as the others began to fight; he only ran a few yards before he stopped to watch. When Cooper saw the ferocity that Coulson fought Wendell Levi, who begged Coulson not to hit him, an earthquake started as his heartbeat rose. Everyone stopped fighting and turned their attention to him . Cooper then internalized his power and passed out under the strain.

Back at the Playground, Simmons told Cooper that by internalizing his power, he broke his own arms; Simmons created casts for him to wear. May let Cooper know that she was proud of him and would help him however she could.

The Cabin

Thinking about how best to deal with Cooper , Phil Coulson took Melinda May's and Andrew Garner's advice and took him off active duty as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent for his and the rest of the team's safety. Coulson then told Cooper to pack his things for a long trip. On the plane, Coulson and Cooper spoke about Cooper's bad history with his family while eating some licorice.

Coulson then told Cooper the harsh truth that he was going to be removed from active duty for some time. Cooper did not seem surprised, citing that he knew it would happen. He gave Cooper newly improved gloves from Simmonswarning him that there are some side effects. Coulson made it clear to Cooper that the time in the safe house would help him to gain control over his new and master them. Coulson was summoned back to base by May, leaving Cooper alone.

Meeting the Others


"You can do this, Ray. I believe in you. But you need to run... now. They're coming for you."
"Who... who's coming for me? Who..."

---Ryan and May

Ryan tested the gloves Simmons gave him, immediately found them uncomfortable and irritating. While adjusting, he received an unexpected visit from an eyeless man who kidnapped Skye and he garbed the knife from the bench threatening him and asking him where is Skye. The man introduced himself as Gordon, a member of a small society of Inhumans who understood what he was going through. He told Cooper of his own reaction to his transformation, and offered him a place with them so he could truly understand how to harness his abilities. He then departed, informing him to call him when he made his choice.

Immediately after Gordon's departure Cooper removed his gloves and attempted to practice his abilities, using them to manipulate with the water from the glass. Suddenly, Melinda May called Cooper and told him that a hostile force was coming for him. Bobbi Morse, leading a contingent of agents from Robert Gonzales' S.H.I.E.L.D., surrounded the safe house in an attempt to detain Cooper. While evading his pursuers, Cooper got into a fistfight with one of the field operatives, prompting Agent Tomas Calderon to attempt to shoot him in response, Cooper unleashed a massive telekinetic shield and accidentally threw it away that leveled the surrounding forests and injured Calderon. Shocked and terrified of the results, Cooper whispered Gordon's name, and the man materialized to his location almost immediately, taking him away from the area.


Two days later, Cooper awoke almost naked and unable to move, in a bed where Gordon greeted him, but then left him with Lincoln Campbell. Campbell explained that he had slept for so long because the acupuncture needles that he was using on him were removing the effects of the inhibitor gloves that Simmons had given him. Cooper wanted to leave to help his friends to find Skye, but Campbell reminded him that he was being hunted. Later Cooper accompanied him to the room that he was given.

The next day, Campbell gave him a tour of Afterlife, the Inhuman settlement. Though Cooper wanted to know where it was, Campbell said that he doesn't know only Gordon knew the exact location for safety reasons. As his "transitioner", Campbell explained the rules of Afterlife and how others were jealous of him because he had his powers while many others who lived there didn't yet and telling him that he got his powers without formal preparation, in direct violation of the rules set by the elders. Campbell showed him his power but Cooper scared of his did not reciprocate.

As they ate dinner, Campbell accidentally revealed that Raina was also in Afterlife. In anger, Cooper left his room and using telekinesis stormed into Raina's cabin. Cooper confronted her, blaming her for Triplett's death. Raina retorted that Cooper followed her into the Kree City on his own volition. As Cooper attempted to use his powers to crush Raina and kill her. While Cooper was using his powers on Raina, Chinese woman entered the room stopping him. After he stopped using his powers he asked her who is she in Mandarin. The woman presented herself as Jiaying and saying that she chose Campbell as his guide and explained that he needs to follow the rules of Afterlife, which includes peace from persecution.

"Perhaps, you should master water before you move onto flames "
"No I don't have to"
"Whoops my bad. Sorry"

---Lincoln and Ryan regarding his powers

Cooper trained with Lincoln at Afterlife, first starting a controlled a storm and then levitating boulders from the ground which he shattered. He continued practicing his elemental abilities, much to Lincoln's disagreement that he needs to master his other powers before moving to fire, he used his pyrokinetic abilities to create fire, playing with them by putting fire from one hand to another and then he threw it away setting table on the fire.

After two days at Afterlife he bumped into Skye causing her to drop few boxes which he stopped in the air by creating small cyclone. Much to his surprise she already knew that he's there. During his conversation she revealed to him that she was forced to undergo Terrigenesis by Gordon and that Jaying is her mother. He told her that he killed Grant Ward, how he changed and what happened to Trip during his transformation.

Protecting Skye

Working under Jiaying's orders, Cooper and Campbell were assigned to watch over Skye on her trip to Milwaukee with Calvin Zabo, as he could become dangerous. They stayed close to the pair as they walked along, and when Zabo took Skye to his old clinic, Cooper told him to wait that she knows what she's doing much to his disagreement Campbell followed. Upon entering the building, Campbell made a noise, alerting Zabo and Skye to his presence. Campbell showed himself with Cooper following him, and told Zabo there was no need to worry. However, Zabo, in a fit of rage from learning he was not to stay at Afterlife, threw Campbell into a wall, where he lay stunned.

HYDRA agents led by Sunil Bakshi entered the building, and Zabo turned his to attention Skye getting her away, Cooper engaged into a fight with HYDRA operatives successfully defeating them. When he tried to used his powers to bring down the doors he was stopped by Campbell telling him that he can bring the whole building on them if he makes a mistake. Cooper and Skye retreated before briefly reunited with Phil Coulson and Grant Ward. Gordon immediately teleported between them and, along with Zabo, teleported back to Afterlife.

Back to S.H.I.E.L.D.

Cooper and Skye insisted on rescuing him, but Jiaying said it was too much of a risk for them. Gordon tried to retrieve Campbell, but returned with a gash on his forehead, saying it was HYDRA that attacked them and that they had Lincoln.

Attack on the Arctic HYDRA Research Facility

"So that's what happened in Puerto Rico. At least you can do is thank me."
"How about I just don't try to kill you again?"

―Ward and Ryan

Cooper and Skye asked Gordon to take them to Campbell, but he refused out of concern for their safety. Raina told them that Cooper could save Campbell, showing Skye and Cooper that Raina's power was precognition. Skeptical at first, Cooper realized the truth when Raina mentioned seeing Coulson and Ward together. Cooper and Raina convinced Gordon to teleport him and Skye from Afterlife. Gordon teleported onto the Bus and reunited Cooper with his team. While promising the others answers, he was unwilling to reveal them with Ward around.

Along with the team, he infiltrated the HYDRA base. There they joined Sunil Bakshi, who was brainwashed to serve under Ward, splitting up the team Coulson took May, Skye and Fitz to one side and Cooper , Jemma, Ward and Bakshi went to the another side of the base. He used his powers to help his team. Upon finding Deathlok, he told him Campbell was in very bad shape and Cooper went off to find him. After fighting many HYDRA agents, Cooper reached a dying Campbell. With little options, Cooper used his powers to jump-start Campbell's heart, saving his life. He and his team successfully got him and Deathlok out before Robert Gonzales blew up the base. Where he told Simmons and Fitz his story and presenting them with his fire abilities. A week later he discovered his telekinetic abilities and started to hear noises in his head first thinking that he is going crazy Cooper realized that he can read other peoples' minds.

War against the Inhumans

Back to Afterlife

When Gordon and Raina tried to retrieve the Monolith on the Iliad, Phil Coulson and Melinda May asked Cooper Skye about the Stone. Skye answered that neither she, Cooper or Campbell had ever heard about the Monolith. Coulson asked if they believed Campbell, but Cooper said that he helped him to control his powers so that he never hurts himself again. Coulson asked how they should call them and Skye said they call themselves Inhumans. Cooper made it clear that some of the Inhumans in afterlife are dangerous and delusional. Later on Coulson summoned Cooper and asked him if he was willing to go undercover in Afterlife and Cooper accepted it.

Once S.H.I.E.L.D. located Afterlife, Skye tried to convince Coulson that S.H.I.E.L.D. should not go there. Though Cooper reminded her of the agency's policies regarding powered individuals, Skye questioned them. Eventually, Skye asked for her and Lincoln to return to Afterlife first to prepare the settlement and that later on Cooper would return later. Coulson asked Skye how she could be so certain that Jiaying would listen, and Skye revealed that Jiaying was her mother. Coulson agreed. After some time once again Fitz and Simmons had said goodbye to Cooper was transported back to Afterlife by Gordon.

The Arrival of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Cooper was with Skye and Simmons  when they heard gunshots from the meeting room. Skye ran to her mother and helped her walk, shocked at blood coming from a gunshot wound in her shoulder. Jiaying claimed that Gonzales had tried to kill her.

Ambush in Afterlife

As Jiaying fell, Skye asked her in a panic what had happened, and Jiaying claimed that Robert Gonzales had said that the Inhumans should be exterminated. Skye wanted Cooper to check Jiaying's condition, but Jiaying rebuffed him, saying that S.H.I.E.L.D. had done enough. Cooper told Simmons that S.H.I.E.L.D. should go.

Cooper, Lincoln and Skye helped Jiaying towards a safe place, but a Quinjet fired two missiles at a house, which exploded, the shockwave causing them to fall. Standing up, Jiaying asked Skye and Cooper why they had let this happen, but Skye responded that they had had no idea what would happen. Jiaying was taken to a safe house, and Cooper confronted May, who was looking for Gonzales. May asked Cooper where Gonzales was so they could fix this, but Cooper said that he didn't know, saying that he would find out what happened and that S.H.I.E.L.D. should leave Afterlife otherwise they will blow up his cover. When May agreed he gave her a nod and they started fighting each other, and Cooper used his powers to knock May out to make it believable.

When Cooper entered the room where Jiaying was being attended to, Skye told Campbell that she had thought that, with her healing powers, Jiaying wouldn't feel the pain. Campbell replied that was not the case and that Jiaying did feel everything. When Skye asked the doctor who assessed Jiaying if she could donate blood for her mother, then Campbell accused them of planning the attack on Afterlife with S.H.I.E.L.D.. Jiaying said that she believed Skye and Cooper were still with them and were as shocked by the attack as everyone else. When the argument between Cooper and Campbell started to heat up, Jiaying stopped the argument and asked for everyone to leave her in peace to recover.

Witnessing Raina's Death

Later during the night Cooper went to see what happened with Gonzales realizing that Skye is following him he just escaped her, he witnessed the meeting of Jiaying and Raina and how Jiaying killed her. Cooper approached and told her that Raina had known that he would see this and that who Jiaying really was so she killed her. Jiaying said that everything she had and will do was for their people, but Cooper read her mind and saw her killing Gonzales and that she wanted that a war.

Jiaying explained her action so the Inhumans would have the advantage, however Cooper said that Gonzales had came to make peace. Jiaying said that she had build Afterlife in the middle of nowhere so they will live in peace, but after S.H.I.E.L.D. found them, they will hunt the Inhumans wherever they will go or whatever they will do. When Cooper told her that he won't let her to take any more lives, he started to produce flame on his hands. When he wanted to throw them at her suddenly Cooper was struck by one of Jiaying's assistants and was put in a prison in the Iliad, after the Inhumans took over the ship.

Fighting Back

Cooper was in his cell, guarded by one of Alisha Whitley's duplicates, but he later was freed by Skye and Mackenzie. Who told him that she saw what Jaying had done and how many agents the Inhumans had killed and captured. They noticed the emergency beacon that was sent to all S.H.I.E.L.D. channels and they realized that Jiaying wanted to use the Terrigen Crystals to call to as many of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents as possible and execute them. They went to shut down the beacon. On their way, Mackenzie assured Skye that her mother's betrayal was not her fault. He sent Cooper into the computer systems to shut down the emergency signal, Skye to find Terrigen Crystals while he went in search of equipment.

Cooper began with sending a message but Campbell confronted him and attacked him with his powers. Cooper begged him to listen to him as he claimed he had the information all wrong, and that Jiaying had murdered Robert Gonzales and staged the entire attack on the Inhumans as a way of tricking them into following her into a war. Cooper explained that Jiaying had murdered Raina after she had had a vision of Jiaying's plan,. Campbell believed him, but just as he told him where the Terrigen Crystals were being kept, he was knocked out by Skye's shockwave. Mackenzie then went to protect the Crystals.

Cooper uncapable of sending a message left to search for Jaying while Skye created a code in the beacon that warned everyone who read it about Jiaying's plan. The code was read by Fitz on his way with Coulson, May andZabo to the ship. Skye also sent another message about the Crystals. Cooper found Jiaying and confronted her, failing again. Jiaying then left with the Crystals to the Quinjets to use them to exterminate the humans and create new Inhumans.  Alisha Whitley was ordered to fight Cooper. Cooper fought and defeated three of her duplicates when he was defeated, her other duplicates started to kick him to death, Skye, May and Campbell found and helped him. May moved on to stop Jaying's assistant while Skye went to stop Jiaying, leaving Cooper and Campbell to deal with Whitley.

Shocking News

Unexpected Turn

"Now when I think of, I do see some similarity"
"Simmons stop it"
"Let's tell Coulson"
"Wait, not yet. "
"Why not, he deserves to know."
"'I know but not until I'm ready"
"Simmons swear to me that you wont tell anyone until I'm ready to tell them"
"'Simmons please"
"Okay, I won't tell anyone"
―Jemma Simmons and Ryan Cooper

Once the treat with Afterlife Inhumans had been dealt with, Cooper and the team had returned to the base where Cooper gave a full brief to Coulson about what he had learned in the afterlife. Later that day Simmons asked Cooper can she take the sample of his blood to run further testing. Before the testing was finished Cooper had returned to the lab where Simmons explained to him that she was using his and Coulsons’ blood to check why he didn’t have any side effects while Coulson did. Cooper explained to her that he didn’t have any side effects due to his connection to the Kree. Once the testing was finished Cooper checked the results, he saw that results match and asked Simmons if the samples were tampered with because they mach. Simmons told him that she was careful and that she would run the test again. But Cooper decided to run them himself.

After Cooper ran the same test again the results matched again, still confused, he decided that further testing is needed. After hours of running tests the only conclusion he and Simmons could come up to is that Coulson is his father and they ran the final test to prove it. When final test had revealed that Coulson is Cooper’s father, he made Simmons to swear that she won’t tell anyone until he’s ready for them to know about it.

Project Caterpillars

"What about you two?"
"Are you ready to focus your energies?"
"A team centered around people with powers"
"How many on the list?"

-----Coulson, Cooper and Skye

Back at the Playground Coulson asked Cooper and Skye about their thoughts on leading a new initiative for people with powers, where they could use their abilities to help protect the world. Cooper insisted that if they did this, the team should be kept a secret so the people involved could still live their own private lives. Coulson agreed, noting that his missing arm would be his personal reminder of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s past mistakes.

Rescue of Joey Gutierrez

Cooper began working with Johnson and Mackenzie on recruiting and safeguarding new Inhumans. Cooper, Mackenzie, Daisy and Lance Hunter went to Seattle, Washington to extract Joey Gutierrez before the Advanced Threat Containment Unit could. He used his powers on the Unit's soldiers to keep them from shooting Gutierrez. Cooper introduced himself to the frightened man and assured him that he would be safe with S.H.I.E.L.D., sending him to the Zephyr One. He explained to him that he experienced Bio-morphic event. Later Cooper explained to him that he was an Inhuman. However, when Gutierrez desired to return to his life, Mackenzie bluntly told he would likely end up dead, agitating him and causing his powers to go out of control, forcing Cooper to sedate him by blasting him against a wall.

Coulson and Cooper then conversed about Gutierrez and the Zephyr One. Cooper's main concern was how the ATCU was able to find the newly-transformed so quickly, and how they were disappearing.

The Coming of Lash

"But we still need a pilot"
"I'll fly, I mean please"

------- Johnson and Cooper

While Cooper waited in the clocked Quinjet'in front of hospital, Johnson and Mackenzie went toCampbell and asked him to be Gutierrez's transitioner. Campbell refused; Mackenzie told Campbell that he was going to stay and allow his partner to speak her peace. Before the argument of Mackenzie and Campbell could escalate further, the lights began to short circuit. Running to the main lobby, the three saw a monstrous man kill a security guard while asking for an Inhuman. Campbell proceeded to fight the man; Johnson, using her vibrational powers, and Mackenzie, using his sidearm, acted as backup. The man then cut a hole into the wall and fled. Cooper ran into the hospital saying that he saw the lights went out.

Insisting that they pursue the man, Campbell and Mackenzie led by Cooper and Johnson, through the hospital to find him. When the man suddenly appeared and incapacitated Mackenzie, Cooper and Campbell used their powers on him simultaneously with little avail, as the man continued his advance towards them. Cooper then destroyed the floor under the monstrous man; he fell through the floor and escaped the hospital.

They asked Campbell to come to the Playground since he was now discovered with powers; Campbell refused, and fled on his own.

Opening a Portal

Suddenly, Cooper, Hunterand Morse ran past Mackenzie and Johnson, alerting them that Leo Fitz opened the sealed room containing the Monolith. When they entered the room, the four pulled Fitz from inside the container of the Monolith and slammed the door shut before it could turn to its liquid state. Cooper watched as Coulson berated Fitz for his emotional carelessness; Morse then wiped a speck of sand from Fitz's cheek.

Later, Cooper and the other senior agents met as Fitz explained that the sand predated Earth by a billion years, proving that Jemma Simmons was teleported somewhere consistent with this sand. When Coulson gave assignments to his agents, Cooper volunteered to work with Fitz; Coulson noted that he had already been working with Fitz as he searched for Simmons by covering his absences.

Cooper went with Coulson, Morse and Fitz to Norway to see the jailed Elliot Randolph; he was imprisoned for being drunk and disorderly. Cooper noted that as an Asgardian, Randolph could escape at his choosing; Randolph said that he was comfortable where he was, with three meals and good reading material. After Coulson threatened Randolph to gain his cooperation, Cooper watched as Randolph used his strength to break his cell door; however, the four were briefly detained by alerted guards.

As Randolph inspected the Monolith, Cooper noticed that he was also inspecting the agents for weaknesses. Morse told Randolph such and that she knew that he joined them because he wanted to verify the existence of the portal. Randolph responded that he could escape them but he did not know what "Amazon Woman", as he called her, would do. Morse handed him a scroll that Fitz had procured in Morocco; this prompted Randolph to have them go to England.

In an English castle, the four entered a room with a hole that would fit the Monolith, so Mackenzie was called to bring the stone. When the portal was activated, Cooper fainted; Morse and Coulson checked him well-being. Cooper told the two that he fainted because of the deafening sounds he heard; Morse nor Coulson heard anything.

Cooper then realized that he can noises which other people can't. Fitz then realized that the room they occupied was shaped to send the Monolith a high frequency that would make it transform to a portal. Cooper realized that he could open the portal with one of his powers. The team prepared to send through the portal a probe that so they could see the planet through it. Elliot Randolph asked what he was planning to do as Cooper started to activate his powers. The Monolith transformed again to a portal; Fitz, tied to a line, jumped through it to the other planet. While Fitz was searching for Jemma Simmons, Cooper was struggling to keep the portal open. Couslon then ordered them to bring him back. As Cooper released his powers, the Monolith explodedand disintegrated, but Fitz returned with Simmons back to Earth. After he saw them, he fell down but Morse held him and said that he had done good.

Search for Lincoln Campbell

Cooper entered Coulson's office to inform him that the ATCU had pursued Lincoln and had given his resume and photo to many agencies. He said that although he had refused S.H.I.E.L.D.'s help, it did not mean he deserved to be hunted by the ATCU and the monstrous man. Coulson agreed they should bring him in.

Cooper and Coulson then asked Johnson to locate Campbell's last location, but she argued with them about their actions. However, eventually she agreed. Later Cooper took the time to visitSimmons in her room. Cooper said that he was there for her if Simmons wanted to talk about what had happened to her on the alien planet, but Simmons said that she would rather listen to news of the Terrigenesis outbreak. As Simmons started to speak of her experience on the planet, she was startled from the ringing of Cooper's phone. He answered the phone, and it was Johnson , who informed him that they locatec Campbell. Cooper left Simmons's room and met with Johnson where they informed Coulson that Campbell was waiting for their extraction.

Hunting Lash

"You think the ATCU knew about him?"
"Worse. What if they're running him?"
"I think the conspiracy nut in you had a few too many mochas' this morning."
"I did have a mocha. It was a double. But if I didn't know any better, I'd say you were defending the ATCU, or the dragon lady."
―Cooper and Coulson

When Alisha Whitley assisted S.H.I.E.L.D. with a recruitment mission for an Inhuman couple, a monstrous man came and killed the couple and one of Alisha's duplicates. Cooper, Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie searched for him on Coulson's order. Cooper made himself invisible as they followed the trail to a dark industrial place, where they were surprised by the ATCU and  Rosalind Price. Coulson joined them and said that they were helping the ATCU to find the monstrous killer. Cooper and Johnson argued with Coulson about the deal he had made with the ATCU, but Coulson replied that it was a means to an end. Cooper asked if it was S.H.I.E.L.D.'s or the ATCU's means, but Coulson did not respond.

Back at the Playground, Johnson and Cooper visited Coulson in his office to inform him that the monstrous man was an Inhuman, who they could not believe had killed his own kind. Johnson also told Coulson and Cooper that the couple had gotten a mysterious email that had given away their location. Coulson ordered her to send the information to the ATCU. At first, Johnson asked that they get some information as a return for their cooperation, but Coulson said that the two organizations had to strengthen the alliance between them first.

Johnson told Coulson that Banks said that the ATCU had came across that email before, but could not find the source. However, Johnson searched and found out that the emails had been sent by Dwight Frye, who Johnson thought had become an Inhuman and was hunting others. Later Cooper theorized that the ATCU was running this man, but Coulson did not believe that. Cooper said that he thought Coulson defended them and Rosalind Price too much. Coulson ordered him to take Johnson and Mackenzie and go to Frye's home.

Outside the home, Price and Banks waited for them. Cooper used his powers to unlock the door and he entered to search for Frye. He found what looked like the monstrous man's shell after his Terrigenesis. Cooper then found Frye in his closet, crying. When Cooper tried to help him, he yelled at him, demanding him to get out. Cooper used his telekinetic shockwaves to dash him against a wall. Mackenzie pulled him out and noticed Frye had a reaction on his face from Cooper's and Johnson's presence, so they were asked to leave the room. They listened to Frye as he told Coulson and Price the alliance he made with the monstrous man called Lash, and how he helped him to track Inhumans so he could kill them.

Coulson and Cooper then abruptly left and returned to the Playground, but Coulson permitted Johnson and Mackenzie to accompany Frye to the ATCU Facility to discover what will happen there to Frye. Cooper disagreed with Coulson saying that he should also go, but Coulson told him that he needs him to pilot Zephyr One. Back at the Playground, Coulson had Fitz and prepare the Zephyr One to carry them to the location of Hunter and May to assist in their attack on Ward. When May asked for an estimated time of arrival, Cooper told her that he was twenty minutes away and suggested that they retreat. En route, a local convenience store exploded and Cooper had the plane diverted that location.

Tracking Banks

When Johnson told Cooper that Lash could change between a human and a beast he came up with the theory that Luther Banks was the Inhuman killer. To follow up, he requested and obtained permission to track him, with Alphonso Mackenzie joining the mission. As they were about to leave, a desperately bored Lance Hunter asked to join as the driver Cooper, Johnson and Mackenzie reluctantly agreed.

Johnson, Cooper, Mackenzie, and Hunter followed Banks as he drove home, then made a call outside. Johnson and Cooper discussed what to do, as they could not reach him they agreed that Cooper will make himself invisible and use his powers to knock him out and teleport them back into the van. However, they were surprised to see Hunter, with a bandanna over his face, walk up to Banks and shoot him with an I.C.E.R. Furious, Cooper confronted Hunter as he dragged Banks back to the van; Hunter told them that the best way to see if Banks was Lash was to test his blood for Inhuman markers. Cooper grudgingly admitted that his suggestion was smart and sent a blood sample back to S.H.I.E.L.D., asking Simmons to test it. While waiting for the sample's results, Mackenzie and Hunter went through Bank's phone; they noticed a text message informing Banks of a test subject being moved to a lab. Johnson traced the lab and the team decided to investigate it, leaving a still-unconscious Banks in his car.

Fighting Lash

"I protect people."
"It doesn't matter."
"How can you say that?"
"Because for every Ryan Cooper, there's a Lash, and it's ignorant for you to think otherwise."
―Ryan Cooper and Rosalind Price

As Cooper and Coulson were arguing Rosalind Price and the ATCU intention to cure the Inhumans, he explained that he would meet with president Matthew Ellis about the Inhuman threat. He asked Cooper to talk with Price while they would head to the meeting on the Zephyr One. Andrew Garner went to do Joey Gutierrez's evaluation to join her project in the Cocoon. On Zephyr One, Price came on board and he told her that Agent Cooper will show her around. The two very quickly argued about his powers and the ATCU actions against the Inhumans. As Price told him that for every "good" Inhuman there is a "bad" one, such as Lash, Cooper was very briefly thinking to use his power against her but then he just walked away

Suddenly, Mackenzie andCampbell landed on the Zephyr, claiming that Lash was actually Garner. At first, Cooper didn't believe, but Coulson ordered to find him and May, who had been kidnapped by him. With the help of ATCU soldiers, they raided an abounded building in Culver University. Cooper warned Campbell not attack Lash until Coulson ordered that. However, he did, and a fight started between the two sides. When Lash threw Price from a great high, Cooper without knowing he was capable to do that, saved her by making force-field beneath her and slowly lower her to the ground. May then shot Lash and he was hold in the Containment Module. After the battle, May asked Cooper's opinion what to do with him. He agreed that keeping him inside the Module until a cure will be invented was his best option.

Operation Spotlight

Coulson's team and Price overlooked Lash's Containment Module being loaded onto a van ready to be transported to Endotex Labs. Coulson questioned if they were truly doing the right thing but Price insisted that they were as it meant Garner had a chance of being cured and remaining human, promising they would continue working on a cure. Coulson suggested that she visit the Playground to continue discussing the work. Later, Coulson was asked by Cooper if he and Price were sleeping together, but Coulson refused to answer and told him that he wanted to trust her while the rest of them had to go behind her back.

Coulson then he gave each team member his task in this mission. After the briefing, he asked Copper if he had answered his concerns, but he replied that it had only raised new ones. Coulson ordered that Bobbi and Hunter were on the ground, quarterbacking from Zephyr One were Daisy and Mack, May was ordered to pilot Zephyr while handling extraction team were Cooper and Lincoln. In the Quinjet Lincoln and Ryan were talking about his recruitment to S.H.I.E.L.D. Cooper was interrupted by a warning that the extraction needed to be sped up. Cooper increased the Quinjet's speed. At Endotex Labs, Cooper successfully extracted Morse and Hunter, along with Banks, who had helped them to escape.

Secret Warriors

Attack on the HYDRA Castle

After Rosalind Price was assassinated by Grant Ward,Coulson interrogated each member of his original team in order to find a weakness in Ward. He answered that he had caught him one time the in lab digging through hazardous chemicals on the Bus.

As Coulson went to searched after Ward and to kill him, Alphonso Mackenzie was appointed to the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Cooper and Johnson were told by him that FitzSimmons had been kidnapped by HYDRA. Cooper urged him to go rescue them, but he did not believe that this was a right move, so he called Coulson for an advice.

Having formed a plan to rescue their agents, Johnson, Cooper and Mackenzie entered a Quinjet where agents were loading gear. Cooper listened as Mackenzie informed Lincoln Campbel and Joey Gutierrez that HYDRA had kidnapped Fitz and Simmons and he needed their help to rescue them. Both Cooper and Johnson was delighted when they agreed to help, knowing their dream of a team of Inhumans was coming true

Once outside the castle, Cooper, along with Campbell, Gutierrez, Johnson, and May, searched for a way inside. Cooper spotted Giyera, whom he noted was telekinetic. Cooper told Campbell to shut off the lights for a better stealth entry and Cooper caused small explosion using his powers to distract them. Inside, Cooper started to shut down HYDRA beacones. However, Giyera discovered him and tried to shoot him. Gutierrez leaped in front of Cooper to save him, but the bullets melted before penetrating his skin. Campbell knocked Giyera out.

The team reunited in the portal chamber once Simmons had been rescued. Cooper stayed in the chamber as Gutierrez left to reinforce the door. Mackenzie ordered everyone but Cooper and himself to leave the castle and return to Zephyr One while they stayed to rescue Coulson and Fitz from Maveth.

Cooper and Mackenzie  waited for the two to return from the alien planet just as the portal collapsed, the men returned. Cooper and Mackenzie got the two to the Containment Module, and Mackenzie ordered May to blow up the castle as they flew the Module back to Zephyr One. Once on the plane they reunited with their team.

New Teammate

After a weaponry abduction incident in Bogotá involving an Inhuman occurred, Cooper, Johnson and Gutierrez came to the National Police of Colombia station and talked to Victor Ramon about it. Alphonso Mackenzie was kidnapped by the Inhuman, so Johnson cheeked the security cameras and found out that the Inhuman had super-speed abilities. Dasy broke in the Inhuman's apartment and arrested her.

Back in Zephyr One, the team learned that the Inhuman was Elena Rodriguez. She explained to them that she didn't want to use the weapons, but to get rid of them so the police stop using them. Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter were taken by the police to the station. Mackenzie convinced Rodriguez to help them fight against them. Cooper, Johnson, Gutierrez and Rodriguez used their powers together to fight the policemen, destroy their weapons and capture the Inhuman Lucio. However, as the team went with him to the custody, an HYDRA QuadCopter flew over them and took Lucio. Later, Johnson and Cooper agreed they should join Rodriguez to the Secret Warriors. Cooper offered Gutierrez to take some time out from S.H.I.E.L.D.

Mission in Siberia

Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter managed to follow Gideon Malick to Siberia, with the team follow them on Zephyr One. After a few hours, Cooper, JohnsonMay and Mackenzie landed with a Quinjet to assist Morse and Hunter. Morse informed them that a group of Russian ministers had a meeting with Malick to see an Inhuman. They plan to get inside the compound. After they infiltrated the compound, Johnson managed to found the main computer, but had trouble to use it since the keyboard was in Russian.

Morse managed to install a listening device during Malick's meeting. There, Anton Petrov revealed that the Inhuman was General Androvich. Cooper stated that he was the first Inhuman politician. While Johnson followed the General through the security cameras. Mackenzie saw something strange in Androvich's footage, so Johnson sent it to the Zephyr One. As the Russian Prime Minister arrived to the compound, Phil Coulson ordered the agents to go to protect him from Androvich, since he wanted to assassinate him. The team converted to the meeting, Cooper used his powers to create cloud while Johnson, Morse and Mackenzie kidnapped Androvich. As they were walking with him, Cooper heard him threading them. Suddenly, a shadow appeared from the wall and attacked them.

The shadow was harmless to their attacks but Cooper managed to use his ice powers to weaken it. After he knocked out Mackenzie, the shadow disappeared and so Androvich. Simmons told him that the shadow couldn't be defeated. Morse said that only by killing Androvich the shadow would be gone. They shadow attacked again and Cooper managed to leap him, but disappeared again. Johnson started to ask how could they defeat him and the shadow leafed her to the ceiling and knocked her out. Mackenzie and Cooper brought her back to Zephyr One.

After Morse killed Androvich, she and Hunter where arrested. Coulson went to free them, but he returned to Zephyr One alone. Coulson informed that the team and they were disavowed from S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to keep it a secret. Later, the team visited a bar where Morse and Hunter were. Without directly contacting them, Cooper and the others all ordered shots for the two, saying goodbye in the only way they could

Fighting the Watchdogs

Following the Attack on the ATCU Headquarters by the Watchdogs, Phil Coulson sent Cooper and Fitz to the scene. In the hangar, Cooper greeted Campbell who had returned from his evaluation at the Cocoon. Cooper suggested to Coulson to bring Campbell to the mission since the leaving of Morse and Hunter, but Coulson refused. At the scene, Fitz and Cooper discovered that the Watchdogs had used Nitramene to collapse the building. Mackenzie informed Coulson about it and he suspected Felix Blake had to do with the incident.

On Zephyr One, Cooper told them that he had tracked some of the Watchdogs members and they could interrogate someone on the incident. Mackenzie, however, was against the idea that Cooper would use his power against them only for interrogation. Cooper continued his plan and took Fitz to question Dallas Wyatt. With his telekinetic powers, Cooper stopped Wyatt's car and used them to threaten him by braking the glass and disintegrating his steering wheel. He told him that the Watchdogs operate in Easterling Farms. Cooper later gave the information to Mackenzie.

At night, Cooper, Mackenzie and Fitz went to farms. With one of  D.W.A.R.F.s, they saw Felix inside a barn. Suddenly, Mackenzie's brother, Ruben, came and attracted the Watchdogs' attention. Cooper used his powers to threw Watchdogs away went to the barn but could not see Blake. One of them shot a Niteramene at Fitz's neck. Cooper tried to defect it but nothing happened to it. Inside the Containment Module, after the torture of the Watchdogs member, Cooper managed to destroy the Niteramene. He told the Watchdogs member that they will finish "their" conversation later implying that Cooper might kill him but he told him the Watchdogs were after Mackenzie as they mistook him for being an Inhuman. Mackenzie managed to deal with them, but got injured. Later, Cooper found out that Gideon Malick supported the Watchdogs

Glimpse to the Future

While riding in Zephyr One with his team a call came through in which Edwin Abbott desperately called for Johnson's help. The team went to investigate as Abbott desperately tried to explain to Johnson he had seen these events already happening in a vision of his own death given to him by Charles Hinton. An HYDRA QuadCopter suddenly arrived, Johnson and Abbott hided behind a car, but Abbott was killed by HYDRA. Cooper, realizing Hinton was an Inhuman, ran towards him to save him, but the Extraction Claw kidnapped Hinton. Cooper touched Hinton and he received a vision of a woman crying, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons holding hands while the snow falls, Lincoln Campbell's face is covered in blood, how he's fighting HYDRA guards in a room, Johnson was fighting Malick in the roof top, Phil Coulson shooting at him, himself getting shot and dead falling from the building and Johnson with Hinton who was dying at a roof top. HYDRA escaped with Hinton and Cooper was shocked of what he had seen.

The team returned to the Playground where Cooper explained his visions. They began discussing how they could try and get ahead of the vision and change the future, but Fitz and Cooper insisted that it was a fixed point in time which could not be altered no matter what they did. Coulson suggested that they ensure that Johnson and Cooper would not leave the Playground in order to change the course of the future. Instead, Coulson suggested May would go to save Hinton, since she had not appeared in Cooper's vision. Cooper disagreed and said he and Daisy were meant to save Hinton, but Coulson's decision was final.

Cooper gave details of the location of the battle to Fitz, Johnson and Simmons, and they used S.H.I.E.L.D. services to find it. May entered the room and demeaned they would not use all of them. Simmons explained that she and May used some of the services to find Lash. Cooper saw the women he had seen in his vision. According to Daisy she was Hinton's wife and she told her about Hinton's past, his power and that everyone touching him would see someone's death.

May approached Cooper and asked him to help her prepare the battle. With the help of Fitz, Simmons, Johnson and Campbell, he began training May to undergo her mission as fast as possible in order to change the vision's outcome. Cooper made sure the room was laid out as accurately as possible to the vision he had had the agents acted as the guards who needed to be taken out. Eventually May managed to beat the time limit. They found the building where Hinton was held, which was owned by Transia Corporation. As Coulson gave his last orders to May when suddenly the alarms in the base went off, telling them that there was an intruder. Andrew Garner was brought into the base and explained that Lash was taking over and he wanted to say goodbye to May.

Coulson urged May to stay with Garner since she would not see him again. May disagreed, claiming Garner was a killer. At first Coulson disagreed, but Cooper explained since Bobbi Morse had left, he was their only agent who could save Hilton, and Coulson could stay in the base to change the outcome. Coulson agreed and accompanied him and Daisy to a Quinjet. 

Battle at the Transia Corporation Building

Cooper and Johnson arrived at Transia Corporation building and entered the building. Cooper went to a room and took a deep breath before entering the room and fighting the HYDRA agents. After he knocked them out he looked at a one-way mirror. Phil Coulson suddenly appeared and pulled his gun. At first, Cooper thought he aimed at him but he shot at the mirror and killed the HYDRA agent behind it. Coulson told him that he needed to go to the rooftop and help Daisy rescue Charles Hinton from there. Cooper asked what he was going to do and to his surprise, he told him he was going after Grant Ward.

Cooper arrived at the rooftop and saw Johnson and Gideon Malick fight with each other. Cooper tired to use his powers against him but he missed. Then one HYDRA operative from the helicopter shot him at the shoulder causing Johnson to fire a shockwave towards helicopter but missed it and hitting Cooper throwing him from the building. While falling he realized that he is not dead as he appeared to be in his vision, using his powers he cushioned his fall and propelled himself back to the roof to help injured Johnson.

Learning Hive

Back at the Playground, Cooper was withFitz, Simmons,Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie in the lab and examined the skeletons they had founded in Transia Corporation. They learned that Hive had returned from Maveth inside Grant Ward's corpse. Cooper and the others were called for a meeting with Phil Coulson to discuss what they had witnessed at the Transia Corporation. They discussed how the being they had encountered was not Ward, although Johnson said he was creepy as him, and set up a plan to defeat their enemy.

They soon tracked down James in South Dakota where he was living in a hut surrounded by barbed wire. James greeted them on a loud speaker and rudely told him to leave. They entered and James stepped out with a rifle and warned them not to take another step as they would regret it, Cooper did step closer and accidentally stepped on a land-mine which James had placed down. Although Johnson insisted they were not there to fight, James claimed he had been waiting for Jiaying to send someone after him, although he'd always assumed it would be Gordon, clearly unaware of their deaths. Cooper used a telekinetic push to keep the land-mine in place while they stepped away to safety until they dived back to avoid the explosion. James continued to mock them, Cooper responded by sending a quake through the ground which caused all his land-mines to exploded at the same time. Furious at the attack, James grabbed his gun only for Johnson and Campbell to simultaneously fire at him which sent James flying backwards and knocked him out. Johnson and Cooper then took James inside his hut and laid him on his sofa, waiting for him to wake up so he could be questioned.

When James finally awoke they told him they only needed information about what he had stolen from Afterlife and what he knew about Hive. Johnson told him that Jiaying was dead and they were working for S.H.I.E.L.D. but James still refused to give up any information in exchange for nothing, so for Johnson surprise, James revealed to them that he had stolen a Kree Orb, which he explained that Hive had stolen while battling the Kree Empire with his army of Inhumans, telling them that he believed that Jiaying had no right to keep this information from them. Cooper used his powers to knock him out and Campbell grabbed the Kree orb leaving for the Quinjet. As they prepared to leave and return to the Playground, suddenly they received a message from a wounded Melinda May that Giyera had hijacked Zephyr One. Knowing that they had to do something, although Johnson's feared, they decided it was time to bring together the Secret Warriors to save their teammates from HYDRA.

As Cooper flew the Quinjet to the location of the rest of the team, while also sending a message out to the Secret Warriors to unit and join them on the mission. Once Gutierrez and Yo-Yo Rodriguez had been collected, Cooper and Johnson explained the mission and that they knew very little about what to expect. Despite this, the team agreed to the mission and together they parachuted out of the Quinjet to search for their allies.

Once inside the Schoonebeek Oil Field, Cooper used his powers to destroy a concrete wall, they soon split up as Johnson tracked down Zephyr One while Cooper used his "Hate Fu" to fight off multiple HYDRA guards in order to keep them away from Johnson

Following the now subdued guard inside the room, Cooper discovered Gideon Malick, informing the team of this development. Malick offered now resistance as he surrendered and Cooper used Overpowering Tape to take the HYDRA leader into custody.

Getting onboard Zephyr One with the rest of the Secret Warriors and Malick, Cooper witnessed Gutierrez being knocked to the ground by a wrench launched at him by Giyera. Johnson however then arrived and used a shockwave to subdue Giyera. While Rodriguez and Johnson went to find Phil Coulson and the others, Cooper took Malick to the Containment Module only to be paralysed by Lucio. With Cooper now out of action, Gutierrez saved his friend by using a steel rod melted into a dagger to kill Lucio by stabbing him in the heart.

Back at the Playground, Cooper joined the rest of the Secret Warriors in the changing room where they discussed and joked about the successful Retaking of Zephyr One. While Rodriguez excitedly explained how Cooper had disintegrated bullets with his powers, Cooper took him aside and personally thanked him for saving his life when Lucio had almost killed him telling him that he will get over his first kill.

Search for Holden Radcliffe

"I've got no idea what I can do"

―Ryan Cooper to Holden Radcliffe

Eventually Fitz, Simmons and Cooper managed to track Radcliffe who was hiding in Romania, In order to test if Leo Fitz , Ryan Cooper and Jemma Simmons were truly confident in their Transhuman product, Radcliffe strapped himself on a operation table and ordered Anon to retrieve the trio and tell them to replace his false eye with their technology, not telling them that the eye was not real and waiting to see how they would react to the test. When Cooper went to apply the anesthetic to his eye ready to install the new Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implant, he realized that the eye was not real and responded by jamming the needle into the eye extremely aggressive much to Fitz's and Simmons's horror. Radcliffe then revealed himself to the pair and noted that Cooper was clearly confident in his theory that the eye was fact, to which Cooper explained how he had spotted the eye's flaws, proving it was not human. When Cooper questioned why he had arranged the deception, Radcliffe responded that he was selective over who he worked with.

Cooper tried to kill Hive by unleashing full extent of his powers.

Cooper revealed that there was a creature called Hive that was recruiting Inhumans and they needed his help to stop it, promising he could help Radcliffe discover the truth. As Fitz, Cooper and Simmons pleaded with Radcliffe to reconsider, Simmons was taken away by his men before Cooper was able to fight them off and he told Radcliffe to cooperate or he will make him suffer. Eventually Radcliffe realized that Fitz was in communication with someone and ordered Anon to activate an EMP before calling security and escort the pair straight out of the building immediately. Before Anon could activate it Cooper used his powers choking her proving to Radcliffe his point. After few seconds he released her and went to look for Simmons. He found Simmons with Hive in front of the building Cooper used his powers and blasted Hive away, Hive tried to defend himself by swaying Cooper but his parasites just disintegrated in contact with his skin. Cooper told Simmons to run as he unleashed the full extent of his powers. Causing damage to Hives' body as he escaped.

Back at the Playground Fitz, Simmons and Cooper made a theory that Hive can't infect him because his powers are protecting him, due to his powers it is possible that Hive's parasites just melted in contact with his skin and blood. Later they started experimenting to create an antitoxin against Hive's "influence"

Battle against the Kree Reapers

Phil Coulson has watched hours of satellite footage until facial recognition has found Johnson in south Wyoming in a town once owned by Gideon Malick. Coulson is cautious that this is a trap, but Cooper believed that Johnson wanted to be rescued. Coulson told Cooper that him, Mackenzie and May will lead a team to the town, not to save Johnson, but to kill Hive.

As night begun, the agents learned of Hive's location, but before they can attack, the Kree Reapers came to Earth since Hive had summoned them. The agents watched as the Reapers had killed Alisha Whitley. Cooper went to save Johnson but he had engaged in the fistfight with Kree Reaper not having much time he used his powers to summon lightning burning him and killing him Cooper left his body behind without destroying it completley. When Johnson attacked one, and won by breaking his bones, Cooper went to rescue her. The two argue until Johnson had rejected Cooper's offer to return to S.H.I.E.L.D.; Cooper then used a his powers to destroy and disintegrate the living Kree that Johnson captured. Johnson beat Cooper constantly and angrily used her powers on him. Coulson then called the order to attack, but the best weapons of S.H.I.E.L.D. do little against Hive. They gathered the gravely injured Cooper and evacuated.

Fighting Primitives

"This is all my fault. I didn't destroy Krees' body completely.
"I just left him burned and dead on the gound"
"Ray listen to me Primitives are not your fault."
"Yes they are I left him on the ground without destroing him"

―Ryan Cooper and Phil Coulson

Cooper confronted Coulson saying that primitives were his fault, Coulson tried to reassure him that they weren't his fault .While May, sought for the warhead, she freed Radcliffe from the Primitives while Rodriguez frees the hostages from the conquered missile silo. However, as Giyera takes the warhead and flees, Hive confronts the agents; he is captured in a Containment Module full of Suspension Gel. Later Cooper went to visit Daisy in her Containment Module. After she told him a full story he used his telepathic abilities and made her fall asleep then he went to confront and kill Hive one again.

In the Playground, the Primitives attack Elena Rodriguez leaving her severely injured. Cooper teleported Rodriguez and Alphonso Mackenzie to Lincoln Campbell, immediately teleporting himself back into the battle Jemma Simmons than discoved that the Primitives cannot see under a high temperature so she increased heating of the base.

New Director

Refusing to sign the Sokovia Accords

"What if I don't sign?"
"Than you won't be able to work for S.H.I.E.L.D."
"I won't sign it, that's like you taking away my birthright and freedom of choice"
"I'm sorry but you won...
"You know Director, I could ask you about project called Patriot..."

―Ryan Cooper and Jeffrey Mace

After the Destruction of HYDRA, Cooper and the rest of his team agreed that they will lie to everyone about his powers telling them that he is just telekinetic for his own protection because of the Sokovia Accords.

With S.H.I.E.L.D. having been legitimized following the Destruction of HYDRA and the ratification of the Accords, the organization needed a new director to be the public face since the world believed Phil Coulson was dead. Coulson asked Cooper if he wanted to be the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. since Daisy Johnson is on the run but he politely refused his offer saying that is a great honor but that he already had everything he needs. Since Cooper refused his offer Coulson met with President Matthew Ellis and requested that his successor be someone with superpowers who the general public could consider trustworthy.

After Jeffrey Mace had become S.H.I.E.L.D.'s director, Mace met Ryan Cooper, a former co-leader of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Secret Warriors team.  As they sat in his office, Mace gave him the electronic copy of the Sokovia Accords to sign, he immediately refused to sign saying that if he sign this the UN would take away his birthright and freedom of choice. Mace told him that he has to sign this or he won't be able to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. Cooper again rejected explaining to him after he was exposed to the mist within the Diviner and underwent Terrigenesis that granted him psionic powers, he also pointed out that he possesses telepathy. Mace started laughing thinking that Cooper was kidding about telepathy but then Cooper asked him about Project Patriot leaving Mace shocked. Cooper also told him that he can test in every moment whether he is Inhuman or not by making him touching the Diviner he owns. Cooper explained to him that Diviner metal is harmless to Inhumans but for humans is deadly. During this meting Cooper and Mace made a deal that Cooper won't tell to anyone that he is not an Inhuman if Mace spared him signing the Sokovia Accords.

Helping Daisy Johnson

Can't get these over the counter, S.H.I.E.L.D. issue for rapid bone healing yes? I know you splintered your bones when you first powered up, you're pushing yourself too hard."
"Don't worry about me."
"You can't use your powers too much. Your body will break down.
"Look Daisy I can help you "
"No thanks one Inhuman fugitive is enough "
―Ryan Cooper and Daisy Johnson

After Daisy left S.H.I.E.L.D. Cooper would often stole Rapid Bone-Healing Pills for her using his invisibility and Intangibility powers. Cooper arrived in Los Angeles for a mission to hunt down Watchdogs. While he was there, he sensed seismic activity which he assumed was the work of Quake. Mackenzie soon revealed that the real reason why he and the now agent Phil Coulson were in Los Angeles was to hopefully find Daisy Johnson, prompting Cooper to search for Johnson to give her a warning of their search.

Once making contact with Johnson, Cooper had gotten on board a bus to meet her discreetly and supply her with Rapid Bone-Healing Pills which he had stolen from S.H.I.E.L.D. by using his invisibility and Intangibility powers Cooper noted that Johnson's bones now could not handle overuse of her Inhuman powers, reminding her of how they shattered during an early missions. Johnson ignored the warnings so they then discussed the Watchdogs working with the Chinatown Crew and that Johnson was tracking a serial killer. Later Cooper explained to her that S.H.I.E.L.D. is tracking her powers and promised her that he would create seismic event on the other side of the country to lead S.H.I.E.L.D. on the wrong trail.

Having already offered to assist Johnson however he could in her vigilante missions, despite being rejected several times, Cooper eventually did hear from Johnson. Looking down at his phone, Cooper saw that Johnson had sent him a picture of the seeming serial killer who she had been tracking, showing a graffiti image of the Ghost Rider, a local legend within Los Angeles who had been hunting down crime organizations such as the Fifth Street Locos and Chinatown Crew. Cooper however kept his promise to Johnson and kept all of this secret from S.H.I.E.L.D.

Killing Melinda May

"Think of her brain as a computer that's been compromised by bugs and glitches, if we shut it down and reboot it, then the parts of her brain that have been hyper activated should reset back to default."

"This is crazy."
"Without a doubt, but we're out of time and out of options."

―Holden Radcliffe and Ryan Cooper

May arrived to Radcliffe's house with Ryan Cooper. Radcliffe discovered that she was having a complete mental breakdown, screaming at him and the other people in the room as if she could see demons engulfing them. Once May was put to sleep, Radcliffe and Cooper discussed what had caused this, with Cooper noting that Alphonso Mackenzie believed she may have been touched by a ghost and they currently did not have a better theory. Cooper then explained that based on the case of Chen, they had only six hours until May's heart gave out and she would die.

Using a device called the Framework, Radcliffe was able to create a 3D model of May's brain for them to examine in order to try and find some understanding of what was happening to her. Studying the map of her brain, Cooper was able to figure out the part of the brain that was giving her terrible hallucinations and set about curing them. As they quickly began to run out of time as May began losing control, Radcliffe proposed the only idea he had, to kill May in order to reboot her bring and then revive her just before her brain completely shut down, which could possibly leave her brain dead.

Despite his many objections to the concept of killing one of his closest friends, Cooper soon accepted that Radcliffe was correct that this was the only way to save May, and injected her with poison, killing May. Radcliffe watched his Framework monitor closely to ensure that her brain function was back to normal levels. As her brain just about reached it's correct levels, Radcliffe told Cooper to get ready with the defibrillator in order to revive May before too much damage could be done. Still watching the screen, Radcliffe waited for the last moment and told Cooper to revive May.

However at this moment, the Blackout Attack reached Washington, D.C. and cut out all of the power in the Radcliffe Residence, leaving the defibrillator useless and May with seemingly no way of being revived. With no other choice, Cooper began performing CPR on May while Radcliffe disappeared to try something different, although incredibly risky, before Cooper could use his powers to jump-start her heart, Radcliffe returned with the battery, using that to power the defibrillator. The plan then worked and the defibrillator was given enough power to revive the highly confused May, much to Cooper and Radcliffe's delight.

Hunt for Lucy Bauer

Mace found the fugitives, but agreed to let Cooper use Robbie against Lucy after the Ghost Rider overpowered Mace in a fight. While Fitz tracked down Lucy to an abandoned Roxxon power plant, where she had warned Robbie that Morrow craved the Darkhold's power himsefl he had intentionally created the ghosts, and Joseph had ordered the hit on Morrow's car to try stop him before Robbie destroyed her. Morrow had activated an improved version of the Momentum machine and gains the power to create matter. Robbie, Fitz, Cooper, and Coulson disappear from the facility.

Trapped Between Realms and Bonding With Phoenix Force

In the wake of the blast, Cooper explored the corridors until he finally came across Coulson Mackenzie and Reyes as they witnessed Morrow using his own newly found powers to massacre an entire S.H.I.E.L.D. unit by impaling all of them with his carbon shards before calmly walking away, leaving a solid wall of carbon behind him to ensure no other agents could follow him as he escaped. Following the agents onto Zephyr One, while Reyes watched the footage of their attack while noting that he did not believe they were dead, by looking at their situation, Cooper and Fitz were able to figure out that they were currently being sucked down into the Multiverse. Cooper went with Fitz to listen in as Jeffrey Mace contacted Jemma Simmons to inform her of Fitz's situation. While Reyes complained of a serious pain in his stomach getting worse, Cooper listened to Mace's conversation and realized Mace and Burrows had sent Simmons on a secret mission with Ellen Nadeer and was unable to reach her. While Fitz worried about Simmons and threatened to hit Mace, Reyes collapsed in agony as he experienced unbearable cold, claiming he needed sunlight or some kind of warmth as he was currently dying.

Being unable to contact them in any way, Cooper finally revealed to his team that he has telepathic abilities. He had tried to telepathically contact the others without any success. While he was using his telepathic to contact others Phoenix Force sensed his powers and it was bonded with him when it felt the mind of an Inhuman transcend the physical realm, a mind that resonated with the Phoenix's energy, which caused Cooper to pass out. In the meantime AIDA, Dr. Radcliff's android, read The Darkhold and created a way for Coulson, Fitz, and later Robbie to return to the normal dimension. However Eli Morrow continued to cause trouble

Fighting Eli Morrow

Cooper told Mace that AIDA is an android, and Mace agreed to use her to fight Eli Morrow. He also approved a strike team consisting of Yo-Yo, Reyes, Johnson and Cooper, as long as the latter two kept a low profile. The team attempted to enter an abandoned building that Morrow has barricaded himself in using his abilities, Rodriguez attempted to enter the building but she was overwhelmed with a fire, but she managed to escape, before fire could burn the rest of the team Cooper used his powers to put it off. Rayes made through one of Morrow's traps. Seeing through a camera on Reyes, Fitz deduced that Morrow drew his power from the other dimension, and had created a demon core which could destroy half the city if activated. Later on Coulson summoned up reinforcements to take down Morrow while AIDA created a new dimensional portal beneath the demon core, through which the device and Morrow are dragged. Reyes also fell through the portal after using the Ghost Rider to hold Morrow in place.Johnson was seen by media, Cooper told them to step away and publicly cleared her name, telling them that she is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D and that she had saved them all. Back at the Playground Johnson thanked Cooper for everything he had done for her while she was on her vigilante "missions".

Rise of the Life-Model Decoys

Aida's Betrayal

At the Playground, Mace summoned an emergency meeting with the top S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in order to plan the way of dealing with the Darkhold. They also needed to erase Aida's memory since the android read the Book of Spells to rescue Coulson, Cooper and Fitz who were trapped between dimensions. Both Holden Radcliffe and Fitz were reluctant at the idea but finally agreed after Alphonso Mackenzie voices his concerns about a possible "robot rebellion".

Saving Vijay Nadeer

While onboard the Quinjet, Mace expressed optimism for their mission while Cooper noted that he blamed himself for losing control of Aida, as Mace noted that Cooper had kept it secret from him as he did not trust him. Mace told them that Phil Coulson would deal with Aida while he apologised for his own actions. Mace then explained that he wanted to keep the mission fairly quiet and asked for their suggestions on how they should proceed.

Simmons then left Mace, Johnson and and Cooper onboard the Quinjet while she went undercover to try and get a meeting with Ellen Nadeer, being greeted by her secretary Zach Bynum. Mace spoke with Cooper and Johnson about Simmons, Johnson then noted how being kidnapped and left on Maveth had left her much stronger than she seemed, with Mace surprised that Simmons had been trapped on another planet. Although Simmons' cover was blown and she was attacked, she quickly managed to subdue Bynum with a Taser Pin and stole his phone in order to locate Nadeer and confront her.

Mace, Cooper, Johnson and Simmons then went to the Nadeer Residence where they were greeted by Senator Nadeer and her team of armed guards. Nadeer noted that Mace was with Johnson and Cooper, she then called Johnson a terrorist until Cooper corrected her and Johnson noted that Nadeer's guards were likely the Watchdogs based on their weapons. Cooper explained they were there to find Vijay Nadeer but Nadeer refused to let them look around, threatening to contact General Glenn Talbotabout them violating the Sokovia Accords if they did not leave her home at once, which they all then reluctantly did.

However, just as they were leaving, Cooper and the others over heard a gun shot inside, Cooper told them to go and find Vijay and that he would handle the Watchdogs while the others went to investigate that particular sound.

Secrets Exposed

A ceremony was held in Sunbury, Pennsylvania to officially announce that Quake is a full member of S.H.I.E.L.D. who fought the Watchdogs under S.H.I.E.L.D. supervision all along. While Michelle Caldwell gave a speech about how Quake saved her, Phil Coulson noticed that a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent supposed to ensure the security of the ceremony was missing. Shortly after, a sniper attempted to assassinate Director Mace. Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie take Mace and Burrows, who carry a mysterious suitcase, to a Quinjet in order to evacuate them to safety while Cooper and Johnson disposed of the terrorists and arrested one of them, Yuri Zaikin. Glenn Talbot, who was present at the ceremony, returned to the Playground, where he'd informed May's LMD and Jemma Simmons of the attack. The General orders May to interrogate Zaikin and Simmons to check whether Burrows was with Mace.

Cooper and Johnson interrogate Zaikin, who revealed that he was not the only terrorist sent to kill Mace. Johnson, however, did not make Yuri Zaikin to talk. Cooper used his telepathy to read his mind and said said that he tried to protect someone else , but Zaikin said that he had expected the the attempt to fail. After learning that the Quinjet with Mace, Coulson, Mackenzie on it, had crashed, Cooper, LMD May, Johnson and Simmons entered Mace's office to ask Talbot for answers. Cooper took without permission Johnson and LMD May on Zephyr One to search for the three.

Cooper came and told the LMD MAy and Johnson that they found no Quinjet. Fitz and Simmons communicated with them and told them that the Quinjet had crashed in another state. LMD May said that Mace hopefully could handle the thugs hired by the Watchdogs, but Fitz revealed to her that Mace was actually not an Inhuman. Cooper than saitd that he knew that already but couldn't reveal it because his and Mace's previous agreement. Eventaully Cooper and LMD May arrived on scene to rescue them, soon defeating all of the remaining Watchdogs.

Holden Radcliffe's betrayal

Cooper was worried to let Johnson go to the Capitol to sign the Sokovia Accords. The mission was authorized nonetheless since it would enable S.H.I.E.L.D. to gain access to Ellen Nadeer's office. 

Cooper took part in the mission along with May (though he was unaware that his friend had been replaced by a Life-Model Decoy), the two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents monitoring the Capitol while Coulson and Rodriguez planted spying equipment in the Senator's office. However, their mission was discovered and Coulson and Rodriguez were briefly arrested.

Cooper and May figured out that the Senator had intel from inside S.H.I.E.L.D. Cooper understood that Fitz had been working on Aida's head all along instead of locking it away for good. Cooper later accused Fitz of being the source of Nadeer's intel since he could have turned on Aida's eye camera and thus leaked intel from within S.H.I.E.L.D. However, Fitz rejected Coopers' accusations corrected him when Cooper told him he was obsessed with Aida. Fitz told him that he had been investigating on the cause of Aida's malfunction and that he had found the answer: Holden Radcliffe, Aida's creator. Following this revelation, Simmons joined a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents led by Cooper to the Radcliffe Residence in order to arrest Radcliffe.

Operation Hot Potato

At Al and Cam's Arcade in Duxbury, Massachussets, the brothers Sam and Billy Koenig were attacked by the Watchdogs led by Tucker Shockley. As Billy had been kidnapped, Sam had warned the team about the attack. Cooper immediately understood that the attackers were looking for the Darkhold, that Coulson gave to Billy, under Holden Radcliffe's instructions.

Some time later Johnson  managed to identify Leo Babikov, one of the Watchdogs who attacked the Koenig brothers, proving that Radcliffe had allied with the organization and thus with Senator Nadeer. Sam then revealed that he knew about the Darkhold because Billy gave it to him and Sam gave it to another Koenig agent, LT Koenig. S.H.I.E.L.D. took her aboard the Zephyr One where she explained to Coulson and the others the "Operation Hot Potato": passing the Darkhold back and forth between the three Koenig agents before hiding it into the Labyrinth, a secured S.H.I.E.L.D. facility. Later on Simmons and Fitz informed Cooper and Johnson about May being LMD.

Cooper, Coulson, Johnson, May's LMD and the Koenig siblings arrived to the Labyrinth and retrieved the Darkhold right before the Watchdogs attack. When May's LMD finally had taken the Book of Sins, her secret programming took over and she refused to hand it over to Coulson, threatening to kill him. Coulson figured out that he was dealing with an android which had been quickly taken down by Cooper, who was warned by Fitz and Simmons. S.H.I.E.L.D. then fought the Watchdogs but they lost the Darkhold, which was reclaimed by Radcliffe. Everyone returned to the Playground, where Aida's severed head and Radcliffe's LMD had been destroyed while May's LMD had been turned off and kept.

Fighting Tucker Shockley

Following the Glenn Talbot's revelation about the use of a super-serum by Jeffrey Mace, Cooper ran a number of medical tests and concluded that Mace should not use this serum since it was potentially lethal.

Along with other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents at the Playground, Cooper learned about the attack on Ellen Nadeer's office and the death of the Senator. Cooper joined a team and headed to the Capitol in order to investigate the office's remnants. Cooper, Simmons and Fitz took numerous samples but could not find any trace of explosives in the office. When they learned about the fact that Tucker Shockley had visited the Senator prior to the attack, they suspected him to be the bomber.

Shockley was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. and taken onto the Zephyr One, where he was interogated by Cooper and Johnson. After some time Simmons and Fitz rushed at Shockley before he was on the verge of blowing the plane. After Cooper blasted him away and froze half of his body Director Mace and Fitz locked Shockley in the plane's Containment Module while Simmons ejected it out of the plane.

Since Shockley could survive his explosions, they worked on a way to control and contain him, asking Cooper and Johnson to practice in order to generate counter-vibrations to defuse Shockley's explosions. However, her attempts were quite unsuccessful. S.H.I.E.L.D. decided to go on the field nonetheless and they managed to capture Shockley and contain him in a secure pod. However, Director Mace was captured by the Watchdogs to ensure Team's safety.

Krasnoyarsk Krai Battle

Since Melinda May was still trapped in the Framework by Aida and Holden Radcliffe Cooper, Simmons and Leo Fitz explained to Phil Coulson, Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie what the alternate reality was and how it worked using their own version of it, underlining that Radcliffe had likely built a very powerful version of the Framework. Later, Cooper witnessed an argument between Fitz and Mackenzie about the consequences of Fitz's designs.

They quickly found that it was nearly impossible for S.H.I.E.L.D. to track down the location of Radcliffe's equipment. Nevertheless, Johnson  managed to find the location of Krasnoyarsk Krai, where Anton Ivanov's men were based.

The team infiltrated Krasnoyarsk Krai's naval base. Upon learning that Aida was also present, Cooper went to take down Ivanov. However, Aida escaped in Ivanov's submarine. S.H.I.E.L.D. managed to free Jeffrey Mace and everybody went back to the Playground.

However, unbeknownst to Cooper and Simmons the rest of the team had been kidnapped and replaced by Life-Model Decoys. Back at the Playground, Cooper noticed that there was a strange time gap during which no one could communicate during their mission on the field. He then received an alarm on his computer, indicating that several LMDs had entered the Playground. Cooper mistakenly thought that Johnson was one of them

Siege of the Playground

Cooper and Simmons were panicking, struggled to find a solution to avoid being assaulted by the LMDs. Fitz advised them to act like everything was normal and shortly after, Simmons learned about the LMDs' plan to bring all the Inhumans to the Playground. They remained with Fitz's LMD until they received another alarm: a picture of Cooper, Simmons and Fitz indicating that one of them was also an LMD. Things quickly went south when Simmons understood that the Cooper or Fitz who had been with her since they returned from Krasnoyarsk Krai was an LMD. However, Cooper activated his powers as a proof that he was  not an LMD  while Fitz denied that and said that Simmons was an LMD instead, Cooper during their argument activated his electric powers as a precaution and pointed his hands on both of them. Refusing to believe Fitz, Simmons asked him to cut his wrist to prove he was not an android. Fitz obeyed but then tricked both of them and managed to knock out Cooper with large metal box where he used magnets to bring it down on his head, revealing that he was indeed an android. While shocked Simmons was looking what he had done to Cooper he knocked her out.

Fitz's LMD proceeded to download their brains’ data in order to upload their consciousness in the Framework and replace them by a Life-Model Decoy. With Cooper still unconscious Simmons managed to untie herself and grab a hammer, though she was lightly sedated and therefore too weak to defend herself. Nevertheless, she managed to play for time by getting Fitz's LMD discuss the idea of marriage. Simmons then smashed a lever with her hammer, knocking the android down, and stabbed him on multiple occasions to destroy it. Afterwards, she dragged Cooper body and hid them in a storage room and tried to wake him up.

They were found by Johnson, who was the only one of the team not being replaced by a LMD. Simmons told Johnson to stay away from Cooper while Johnson told Simmons the same thing, two women argued, mutually accusing the other of being an android. Johnson suggested to use her powers to prove that she was a real person (since LMDs cannot display Inhuman abilities) and to check that Simmons was human as well by checking the vibrations of her bone structure. Johnson forcefully grabbed her hand and quaked her. Cooper awoke some time later and asked them where was the fire (because when he was knocked out he’s seen huge explosion and fire) and Johnson replied that there is no fire.

Still, the situation was critical for the three S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. In particular, Simmons was highly distressed and could not easily think, but Cooper managed to devise a plan to take them out of the Playground. When Simmons and Johnson told him that they thought Cooper wanted to sacrifice himself to save them, Cooper replied that he was not intending to sacrifice himself but rather do anything so that Simmons and Fitz would be reunited.

After spreading sleeping gas throughout the Playground, leaving only the LMDs awake, Cooper, Simmons and Johnson left their hiding place. Cooper found agent Piper and her teammates and ordered them to go to the Zephyr One. While they were about to leave the base, they  were stopped by Melinda May's LMD. However, she to let them go. Thanks to that, Cooper, Johnson and Simmons managed to leave the Playground with Piper, Prince and Davis before it was destroyed by an explosion.

Before they boarded the plane Cooper felt great amount of strange power surging through him and this left him bit confused and scared. Aboard the Zephyr One, after picking up Elena Rodriguez, Cooper, Simmons and Johnson decided to plug themselves to the Framework in order to retrieve and save their friends. 

Inside the Framework

Working for HYDRA 

After plugging into the Framework, Cooper discovered that in the alternate reality, that he was a HYDRA agent and hunted Inhumans and that Ward was alive. Ward than drove Cooper and Johnson to the Triskelion who had been taken by HYDRA as well as the rest of the world. Horrified, they discovered that in the Framework, the Inhumans are being hunted and persecuted and they don’t have their powers.

They logged onto one of the computers and tried to gather information about the people they know in the real world in order to know their whereabouts in the Framework. They learned that Simmons was dead. They were interrupted in their search by Melinda May, who summoned them to a HYDRA briefing and told them to behave like a true HYDRA agents, not recognizing Cooper or Johnson. At the briefing, Cooper learned that Vijay Nadeer, going under the alias of Jason Rajan, had been arrested by HYDRA. May ordered Johnson and Cooper to interrogate him regarding his connection with those who resisted HYDRA. While questioning him, Cooper revealed that he knew of his true identity. The interrogation became more violent as May entered the room, wanting more answers from Nadeer. She had ordered Nadeer to be taken for testing his Inhuman condition with a man named The Doctor. On their way, Nadeer had shown extreme panic at the idea and informed Cooper Johnson that in the Framework, May did not kill Katya Belyakov in Bahrain, but instead had her brought to the United States of America, where Katya killed dozens of people in what became known as the Cambridge Incident. Nadeer then punched her and tried to escape before being arrested by the men of The Doctor, who turned out to be a ruthless and cruel version of Leo Fitz.

Cooper and Johnson witnessed in horror as The Doctor conducted experiments on Nadeer with a machine he designed with little regards to the pain inflicted to the subject. Shortly after, May came to The Doctor and informed him that HYDRA had been reported the presence of a subversive. Cooper and Johnson figured out that they were talking about Simmons and went to find their friend. They were finally reunited at their meeting point and discussed their experience in the Framework. They are confronted by Ward, who revealed that he is a double agent working for the S.H.I.E.L.D. resistance. Ward then helped them escape a HYDRA team which was sent to arrest Simmons. Cooper, Johnson and Simmons made their way to Skye's apartment and tried to use their extraction beacon but it didn’t work.

Captured by HYDRA

Inside the Framework, after he and May arrested Alphonso Mackenzie and his daughter, Hope Mackenzie, May interrogated Mack, while Cooper spoke to Hope. After he spoke to Hope, he went and talked to Mack and he seemed to admit that he remembered the other world, but that was all a trick concocted by May to arrest Cooper. He ran and almost made it to the exit before May cut him off. Several soldiers apprehended him and kicked him into submission. Later when Mack reunited with his daughter, they saw him being carried into a cell, bruised and bloodied. That pushed Mack to join the resistance.

Imprisoned at the Triskelion 

"You know, I asked for a haircut, got tortured instead. BTDubs, your psycho prison sucks."
―Ryan Cooper to Madame Hydra

Following his capture by Melinda May, Ryan Cooper was imprisoned and tortured at the Triskelion. He was interrogated by the Doctor, who wanted to know the whereabouts of the S.H.I.E.L.D. leader, the Patriot, and Jemma Simmons. Cooper replied that he did knot know where both were, but that he would gladly give him Simmons' location if he knew it because he considered Simmons to be the only person able to bring back Leo Fitz, since she was in love with him and he also loved her in the real world. The Doctor, unpleased by this answer, violently slapped Cooper.

The interrogation was interrupted by the arrival of Madame Hydra, who asked the Doctor to leave since a security breach potentially threatening one of his projects had been discovered. After the Doctor left, Cooper heavily criticized the artificial world of the Framework, but Madame Hydra retorted that she was only fulfilling Holden Radcliffe's expectations. Radcliffe, imprisoned in the cell adjacent to Cooper's, screamed that he had never asked for this, only for Madame Hydra to call her guards to make him shut up. She then revealed to Cooper that Leo Fitz became the Doctor after she erased his greatest regret in his life, and that everything that followed was not up to her. Madame Hydra offered Cooper to do the same for him.

After Madame Hydra's departure, Cooper heard Holden Radcliffe's screaming and crying in the adjacent cell, lamenting over his ruined life. Cooper showed him no compassion since his own situation was the result of Radcliffe's twisted actions. Cooper asked him how a transformation as radical as the one from the compassionate Leo Fitz he used to know to the ruthless Doctor was possible. Radcliffe answered that Aida had removed Fitz's greatest regret in his life and that it was enough to change him that much. Cooper agreed with him, stating that even a single sentence like "I love you" could dramatically change one's life. Cooper then asked if Radcliffe has built a secret backdoor to escape the Framework while conceiving it. Radcliffe answered that he had, but that since Aida could not destroy this backdoor, it would be heavily guarded. He then provided Cooper with the intel he needed.

Finally, Cooper received another visitor in her cell. A troubled Melinda May, returning from a HYDRA "Enlightenment Camp" where she had learned that HYDRA was indoctrinating children and witnessed the heroic actions and the death of the Patriot, asked Cooper if he was an Inhuman. Cooper stated that he was and in response, May rebelled against HYDRA by shattering a Terrigen crystal she had brought with her, enabling Cooper to recover his powers.

Joining the Resistance

In the Framework, Cooper had emerged from his Terrigenesis husk fully recovered from his wounds after having being exposed to a shattered Terrigen Crystal thanks to Melinda May. Cooper and May fought their way out of the Triskelion before being stopped by Madame Hydra and two HYDRA agents. Madame Hydra had noticed that even in the Framework, May kept being a fighter while Alphonso Mackenzie remained a protector, Johnson as always was rebellious one and Leo Fitz kept a "romantic" temper. After pointing out that Madame Hydra has not talked about him, Cooper used his recovered powers on Madame Hydra and freeze projected her out of the building. Madame Hydra fell on the ground, with half of her body shattered from ice. Before they left Cooper grabbed a bag of Terrigen crystals for Johnson and the Resistance.

At the Playground, Mackenzie, Grant Ward, and Antoine Triplett watched a T.V. broadcast of Sunil Bakshi, who had turned out to be HYDRA's voice on television. While S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, including Coulson, Johnson and Simmons, mourned the loss of their leader, the Patriot, they had learned of the attack on Madame Hydra. Simmons and Johnson quickly understood that Cooper was probably the Inhuman mentioned by Bakshi. Meanwhile, Cooper and May, were fugitives, made their way to a S.H.I.E.L.D. meeting point.

Cooper and May, had reached one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s safehouses, were nearly caught by the HYDRA agents but were finally rescued by Burrows, Coulson, and Mackenzie, though Mackenzie threatened to kill May for having kept his daughter Hope hostage. Back at the Playground, Coulson told Cooper that Johnson and Simmons went on a mission. Cooper then had taken one Crystal for Johnson and gave a bag of Terrigen crystals to Burrows

At the Playground, Coulson told Cooper that he must weaken HYDRA within the Framework to achieve his own goal. Therefore, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents stormed the studio where The Bakshi Report show was recorded. After holding Bakshi's staff hostages S.H.I.E.L.D. broadcasted a subversive message featuring Coulson where the former history teacher proudly announced his allegiance to S.H.I.E.L.D. and revead HYDRA's lied to everyone thanks to the footage recorded by May's Body Cam during the assault on HYDRA Enlightenment Cultivation Center where the Patriot died 

Escape from the Framework

In the Framework, Cooper, Simmons and Johnson have reunited after Cooper's evasion from the Triskelion. They told Cooper about Aida's plans: creating a living body so that she could be a real person with her own free will. In return, Cooper informed Johnson and Simmons of the existence of a backdoor built by Holden Radcliffe. The three S.H.I.E.L.D. agents had decided to open the portal and get back to the real world with Phil Coulson, Melinda May and Alphonso Mackenzie. Simmons reluctantly agreed on the fact that Leo Fitz was out of their reach for the moment and that they needed to leave him in the Framework to get him back later. Moreover, May was very doubtful about the existence of the real world, despite Coulson's explanations. Cooper wanted to talk to Johnson in private, they went to the next room where were three people. When she asked him what he wanted to talk about and told him that there were more people in this room in case he hadn't noticed. Cooper said that he didn't care if there were any people in the room, and without any warning he shattered Terrigen crystal enabling Johnson to recover her powers as Quake. After he shattered crystal two other people aside from Johnson underwent Terrigenesis. 

Cooper's plans to get to the Framework's backdoor was disturbed when Simmons, after discussing the situation of Fitz with May, understood that the ruthless personality of her boyfriend in the Framework was due to his relationship with his father. Simmons went to find Alistair Fitz in order to force him help her getting Fitz back.

The coordinates provided by Radcliffe lead Cooper and his teammates to a steel mill, instead of a city park like Radcliffe designed it. Indeed, Aida discovered the backdoor and hid it beneath a bulk of molten steel. When the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents begun to argue about what they should do, Mackenzie got angry at Cooper since he was the only one who was never told about the existence of the real world. Cooper and Johnson then figured out that they must combine their powers to reveal the backdoor by freezing molten steel then shattering ice at the same time, but before they could proceed, a team of HYDRA agents had stormed the steel mill. Several agents were taken down but Coulson was shot multiple times nonetheless. May went to his rescue and made him go through the portal. May quickly followed him, finally convinced, and the two finally woke up in the real world, where Coulson had destroyed Aida's android body, also connected to the Framework.

The situation was still critical in the Framework, The Doctor, accompanied by Radcliffe, was also present at the steel mill and finally found Simmons. Simmons had apologized for what happened with Alistair Fitz and tried to have her boyfriend regain her consciousness, but without any avail. While The Doctor was ready to shoot her, Radcliffe revealed his trickery and disarmed him gaining The Doctor's trust was the only way to bring him to the backdoor and to save Fitz. Simmons and Fitz were thus successfully brought back to the real world. Only Cooper, Johnson and Mackenzie remain. Despite Johnson's insistence, Mackenzie refused to go back to the real world since his daughter Hope Mackenzie was alive in the Framework and he could have a life with her, be it virtual. Saddened, Cooper and Johnson had returned on the Zephyr One and apologized to Rodriguez for leaving Mackenzie behind. They still had a much more urgent matter to deal with the Zephyr One was attacked by Ivanov's men.

Destruction of the Ivanov Oil Platform

With Cooper, Simmons and Daisy Johnson awake, the crew of the Zephyr One did not need to use large amounts of power to still keep the Framework running. Cooper, Simmons, Johnson and Yo-Yo Rodriguez soon managed to activate the plane's weapon system so that Piper could take down their enemy. Davis then brought the plane to Ivanov Oil Platform in order to rescue their friends who had also left the Framework. They arrived right before the destruction of the platform and saved Phil Coulson and Melinda May while Leo Fitz and Aida saved Alphonso Mackenzie. Fearing danger, Cooper and Simmons used I.C.E.R.s on Fitz and Aida.

"If you make one more step you're gonna regret it"
"NO! Guarantee you I'm faster"
"You are bluffing, you're not capable of killing"
"Try me, see what happens" (Cooper walks towards Talbot)
"Kill them"
"Not so scary without your guns are ya, punks?"
"Time to die General" (Cooper is preparing to fire)"
"Ray stop"
"WHAT, why. They tried to kill us, now they die"
"Agent Cooper stand down"
"NO! Don't be funny Coulson, you can't stop me"
"This isn't you"
"It is now"
"Ryan, enough!"
"STAND DOWN. That an order Agent Cooper"
----General Talbot, Ryan Cooper, Phil Coulson and Melinda May

Aida had assaulted Fitz and tried to escape with him in order to live with him, whether he wanted it or not. However, her teleportation abilities were blocked by the Quantum Field Disruptors of the Chamber. In the meantime, Simmons tried to go to the Chamber to extract Fitz, but she was stopped by U.S. Air Force soldiers sent by Talbot, along with Coulson, May, Johnson and Cooper. While Coulson and Cooper tried to explain the situation, Fitz was pulled out of the Chamber by Piper, Davis, and Prince. Aida, who acquired several Inhuman capabilities like Lincoln Campbell's electricity manipulation, escapes in turn and chase them. She had killed several U.S. soldiers, Prince and Davis, but Fitz and Piper managed to get on the Zephyr One. Fitz ordered them to take off immediately and Talbot didn't want to let them leave threatening them that he would kill them if they make one move. Cooper remembered how Inhumans were hunted and killed by humans in the Framework and something inside of him have changed and he created fire on his hand ready to kill Talbot and his men. Talbot thought that Cooper was bluffing and ordered his men to kill them, but only to be disarmed with his telekinesis, then he mocked general Talbot and his solders for being only human and was ready to kill them. But after Coulson ordered him to stop and after some spent negotiating he turn off his powers.

Aboard the plane, Fitz remained in the Containment Module. After hesitating, Simmons joined him and comforted him. In another part of the plane, Coulson and Cooper were fighting over his attempt to kill Talbot and his men, but Cooper told Coulson that he doesn't know why he did that and that there is some dark power inside of him and that is growing. Coulson didn't believe him at all but Cooper apologized for his actions. Johnson interrupted their conversation and told them that that Rodriguez had plugged herself to the Framework in order to bring Mackenzie to the real world.  

Aida's Vengeance

Since S.H.I.E.L.D. was heavily vulnerable to Aida's assaults, Cooper, Simmons and Fitz tried to figure out a way to stop her but he kept his distance. Fitz told them about the Inhumans he had been studying in the Framework, assessing their powers through painful and even lethal procedures, which included Lincoln Campbell, Vijay Nadeer and Gordon. Fitz lamented over the fact that he was unable to find an efficient solution to stop Aida and that his ideas had only brought pain and death so far. Cooper replied that this was the kind of idea they needed because Aida had to be killed. However, when Simmons asked Fitz if he really wanted to kill Aida, she received an alarm before he could answer. Indeed, Aida was shutting down the Framework, deleting all the elements in it and thus threatening the lives of Alphonso Mackenzie and Elena Rodriguez who were still trapped in it.  

When S.H.I.E.L.D. finally retrieved the Darkhold from Aida with assistance of Ghost Rider, Phil Coulson devised a plan to lure Aida and stop her. Copper went to suit up, but before he could do anything he felt again that dark power that wanted "to come out" but he managed to remain in control, terrified he decided to keep hid distance from now on for everyone's safety. In order to complete this plan, Coulson asked Simmons and Fitz to put aside their emotional troubles about what had happened in the Framework. Simmons and Fitz silently nodded, ready to work together. Coulson's plans involved going back to the Playground and replacing Simmons by a Life-Model Decoy) in order to fool Aida.

When Aida attacked an International Inquiry Committee with her LMDs, Cooper joined an assault team made of Johnson, Coulson, Reyes and Melinda May in order to stop them. Successfully teaming up with Johnson, Cooper and Reyes managed to destroy all the LMDs and, although Aida fled once again, they retrieved the Darkhold. Reyes returned to the Zephyr One with the others and told them that he would bring the book to Hell. However, Coulson asked him not to do it immediately, since they could use it as a bait to lure Aida into a trap.

The trickery worked and Simmons then managed to shoot Aida multiple times, though the crazed Inhuman easily recovered thanks to her powers. Aida mocked Simmons for trying to kill her with a simple weapon, but Simmons retorted that she only wanted to hurt her. Then, Aida teleported but could not get rid of Coulson, who had borrowed the powers of the Spirit of Vengeance. When they returned to the Playground, Simmons, who had been joined by Fitz, found them and watched Aida being killed once and for all by Coulson.

Cooper prepared an Inter-Dimensional Gate so that Ghost Rider could return to Hell. However, the Rider declared that he did not need it, since he could open portals on his own. After that, the agents were warned by Mackenzie and Rodriguez, who had escaped the Framework, that soldiers were coming for them. Fitz offered to stay behind and turn over himself in order to make amends for his mistakes but Cooper and the others made him understand that they had forgiven him and that they had to stay together. Cooper than apologized about his reaction with General Talbot. He then joined the team to a diner where they enjoyed a meal before being arrested by a mysterious man leading an armed squad.    

The Dark and Deep Future

Into the Lighthouse

Enoch, an extraterrestrial disguised as a Human, joined his team and lead them to Rae's Restaurant, where he had captured Ryan Cooper and of the team after paralyzing them, Fitz had been left behind because he wasn’t “on the list”. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents regained consciousness only to face the White Monolith, which had absorbed them all.

Cooper found himself above the spaceship in deep space frozen in time. When time resumed, he was fazed that he wasn’t affected by the vacuum of space, he phased through the “roof” of the space ship landing on one of the decks. After he had landed he ran on few Vrellnexian which he accidentally killed with electrified force field. After he had hid the carcasses Johnson attacked him from behind because she hadn’t recognized him.

The rest of the team got stuck in the dead end, until Cooper and Johnson found them, Johnson killed the Vrellnexian using her powers. The them had found a relatively secure place and discussed their options, deciding to remain together.

Learning the Truth

The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents had found the room in which May and Deke were and discovered computer programmed in English, making them believe that they could send a message to Earth. Before they can proceed further, they were attacked by Kree who imprisoned them. Mackenzie and Rodriguez were taken for interrogation while Cooper, Simmons, Coulson, and Johnson had remained in a cell before being joined by Deke and May. Cooper had used his telepathy to take control over the Kree to let the team out of the cell and then trapped them in their own mind. Deke had tried to walk away, but Cooper stopped him. The team had split in order to pursue their objectives: freeing their friends, trying to send a message to Earth and getting answers from Deke.

Cooper had arrived just in time to keep two Kree interrogators from freezing both Rodriguez's arms and released Mackenzie and Rodriguez, which lead to the death of the Kree. Meanwhile, by interrogating Deke, the team found the same conclusion that all the others: they did not travel through space, but through time, in a future where the Earth was destroyed and the survivors gathered in a space station ruled by the Kree.

Deke found Cooper, Johnson, Mackenzie and Rodriguez, only to discover that they had killed Kree guards, much to his horror, he helped them hiding the bodies. Tess explained the situation to the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents: Earth was destroyed by a cataclysmic event and the Kree arrived shortly after, taking over the Lighthouse in which the survivors had gathered.

Cooper had decided to follow Deke to try to discover where Simmons was taken and found himself in some sort of recreational space where Deke used parts of the Framework technology to generate visions of what the Earth looked like in the past. After an argument, Deke had revealed the cause of Earth's destruction in future: Cooper as a Dark Phoenix.

Looking for Simmons

After Cooper had discovered that all his friends were missing and met with Deke, he had required his help to locate them, he made his way to Rodriguez and Johnson and was told about the situation. At the Lighthouse, Rodriguez managed to trick Grill into thinking that her Metric wasn’t working properly. Once Grill had taken it off, she used her powers to break into his office, and stole the scroll and handed it over to Cooper. Cooper intended to use it to access upper levels of the Lighthouse. Deke found him and advises him against it, telling him to envisage long-term consequences. However, Cooper had refused to listen and tried to leave, however, Deke had tried to stop him, but Cooper blasted him away and tied him onto a wall with pipe, he made his way without him. He succeed, in getting rid of two Kree guards in the process, but he was eventually trapped and arrested by Kasius, who told him that one of his guards had released Deke from the wall and that he told him his plans.


"Okay. Fine." (Cooper used his powers)
"That wasn't what I meant."
"Dark Phoenix"
"I had no idea that you had the Destroyer of Worlds in your stable."

----Ryan Cooper, Tye, Lady Basha and Kasius

After capturing Cooper, Kasius interogated him to know whether he has allies within the Lighthouse and expressed his intent to put him on auction, threatening to torture Simmons if Cooper did not cooperate. Cooper was taken to a room full of Inhumans training and waiting to demonstrate their powers in front of Kasius and potential buyers: thus, Cooper got to know Ben, an Inhuman capable of reading other people's mind though he couldn’t read Coopers’. Afterwards, Tye had orderd him to demonstrate his powers for Lady Basha. Basha offered to purchase Dark Phoenix immediately but Kasius had denied her request and insisted on discussing Phoenix's price over a dinner that Basha kept avoiding.

Ben had informed Cooper that the Inhumans are forced to fight against each other for the sake of their families. Later, Cooper and Simmons were further interrogated by Kasius, who ordered them to tell him their stories in presence of Ben, who can use his powers to tell whether Cooper is telling the truth. Cooper told his story in detail, stating that he and Simmons were the only S.H.I.E.L.D. agents present, with Kasius placing himself between Simmons herself so that Simmons cannot read the story from Cooper’s lips. Kasius then asked Simmons to tell her own version of the story, Simmons' version fit exactly with Cooper's. After the interrogation, Cooper understod that Ben cannot only read thoughts, but also implant some in other people's mind, and that he covered for Cooper and Simmons by mentally telling the latter Cooper’ story and not revealing that he is unable to read Cooper’s mind. Ben also told Cooper that he could read Kasius' mind and that the Kree leader intends on destroying the Lighthouse soon.

"You are the first to arrive for an exhibition of unbridled powers to excite the senses. All leading up to our main event. Most powerful Inhuman of all long thought gone, now here to enrich one's lucky patron life. Dark Phoenix, Destroyer of World., better known as Phoenix, Devourer of Worlds"
―Kasius to everybody else

Kasius had prepared to open an exhibition of Inhuman powers with Cooper who was presented as Dark Phoenix being the pinnacle of the show. However, before the show was open, Fitz interrupted show telling that Cooper should fight to the death.

Battle to the Death

Kasius gathered his guests and his Inhumans and revealed that he knew about Ben's lies regarding Cooper’s friends being present at the Lighthouse. Cooper watched Ben being executed by Sinara. As Cooper was preparing for fight Simmons arrived to see him. They discussed about Fitz's appearance and how the three of them could work together in order to break free from Kasius' rule. After Simmons left he tried to remove control device but he failed to take it out.

As Cooper entered the arena to face Sinara in battle to the death. Before the battle started Kasius turned off his Inhibitor, half way through the battle Cooper knocked her down as he prepared to finish her off, Sinara used her spheres to strike him. After the strike he fell dawn, causing Dark Phoenix to take over. Phoenix attacked Sinara and disintegrated her spheres, then he created the mist in the arena and threw her half way across the room, Phoenix proceeded to kill Kasius. Before Phoenix managed to use his powers Kasius’s brother turned on the inhibitor again and he fell down “losing” his powers and reverted back to "normal" persona. Fitz and Simmons then picked up Cooper, who had been hurt in the fight, and left the arena.

To The Surface

While Cooper, Simmons and Fitz were still trying to escape through Kasius' Suites, the Kree tried to stop them by messing with Simmons' hearing implant, forcing them to stop. Fitz managed to pull the implant our of her ear while Cooper, still deprived of his powers, managed to kill a Kree guard. Fitz wanted to take Cooper and Simmons to the Chronicom Vessel which he had used to come to the Lighthouse, but the spaceship was destroyed by the Kree, leaving them with no escape. They reached an elevator, hoping to find the rest of the team, but the elevator was stopped by Maston-Dar, forcing them to escape through the elevator shaft. They arrived in the room where the artificial gravity of the Lighthouse was created with Gravitonium where Maston-Dar found them and wounded Fitz.

Cooper and Simmons helped Fitz to escape after Cooper fought off Maston-Dar. Hiding elsewhere in the Lighthouse, they were found once again, this time by Deke. Cooper and Deke argued about the latter's betrayal. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents then reluctantly agreed to follow Deke. Together, they fled to the Salvage where they found the rest of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team, except Melinda May. Cooper tended to Fitz's wounds.

After rescuing Flint from the Kree Watch, they were surrounded by Kree led by Maston-Dar and Sinara and figured out that the only place to go was the surface of the Earth. Cooper and the others used Deke's anti-gravity device to create a gravity well they used to reach the Trawler.

Rise of Dark Phoenix


Ryan Cooper is known as nerd and also a science and medical buff on his profile for S.H.I.E.L.D though he is socially awkward. He has a normally rational attitude, all the time relying on what is or isn't scientific fact. He is very forgiving and accepting,  he also immediately forgave Skye after she betrayed them with the Rising Tide. However, he did not forgive Grant Ward for his betrayal of the team.

When Ryan was discovered by S.H.I.E.L.D. he was quite obsessed with the shadow organizations that existed. In the first he was a bit shy however, after the ordeal against John Garrett, Cooper became more aloof, taking his role as a S.H.I.E.L.D member extremely seriously.Presently, he has expressed that S.H.I.E.L.D. is his life now and it always will be, including a desire to stand with his Supervising Officer Melinda May in multiple situations.

Emotionally, Ryan deeply cares and worries for his friends and for their well being and develops close friendship with Skye and FitzSimmons. He harbors deep resentment towards Grant Ward for his betrayal and becomes obsessed with revenge. After he discovered that Simmons was a mole for S.H.I.E.L.D. in HYDRA, Cooper had to be reassured by May and Coulson before believing that Simmons would be safe. He noticed that something was wrong with Coulson when he needed to purge himself of the Words of Creation, though others, except for May, did not. Cooper enjoyed his time on the Bus especially in the lab  before the HYDRA Uprising and went there to spend some time alone.

When he transformed, Ryan became frightened by his new powers and how people would react if they found out, especially Jemma , who had developed a hatred over the time for those with powers after her encounter with Raina and Donnie Gill. Despite Cooper's failed attempts to get back into the field, he had to resort to shooting himself with an I.C.E.R. to stop himself and when trying to suppress his powers, he inadvertently injured himself in the process of controlling his powers. Escaping with Gordon and spending some time in Afterlife he started to accept his new powers. However he thought that he is losing his mind after telepathy started to manifest because of all the voices which hunted him. Though he keeps telepathic abilities hidden from others and never uses them because he thinks it's unpolite to read minds without permission. He remains loyal to Phil Coulson and S.H.I.E.L.D. as he insisted Gordon teleport him and Skye to S.H.I.E.L.D. to help him save Lincoln and Deathlok.

After he accepted his new state of being , Cooper became committed to helping other awakened Inhumans come to terms with their new abilities and help make a difference with S.H.I.E.L.D. He becomes emotional when Inhumans are either put in stasis, treated like a disease, or persecuted. This seems to have caused him to develop a great ruthless streak, such as when he interrogated a suspected Watchdog supporter by intimidating him with his choking and pyrokinetic abilities ,his reasoning being that the Watchdogs and their supporters gave up their civil rights by spewing hate and destruction.

When Jeffrey Mace become the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Cooper did not trust him even threatening that he would expose him as an enhanced human if he tries to force him to sign Sokovia Accords. Coopers describes himself as realist, not believing Robbie Reyes made a "deal with the devil". He also never gave up on saving his friends from the Framework, saying that they need to wake up on multiple occasions, despite some of them being a cruel and ruthless HYDRA  officers in the alternate reality. But after seeing how people treated Inhumans in the Framework he became "cold" towards humans once he got back to the real world, he told General Talbot that he is just a human and was ready to kill him and his men. Coulson barely managed to talk Cooper out of killing Talbot.

Upon traveling to the year 2091, Cooper was in denial that he would destroy the world in the future. But after seeing Voss's proof of his future self's last known actions as Dark Phoenix. After conversation with Robin about his future Cooper began to fear that eventually would become Dark Phoenix. He refused to return to the present or even have his powers restored when the Kree implanted a power inhibitor. Later, when Fitz forcibly removed the inhibitor, Cooper refused to forgive or even trust him he even used his powers against him as a proof.

Just like Robin predicted that his powers would increase over time, and because of his changing biochemistry he became extremely temperamental. While trying to remain himself and suppress his powers he realized that he is unable control or use them properly. Because of his fear of becoming Dark Phoenix, his changing biochemistry and new temperament caused him to develop dissociate identity disorder.

Worrying about his new-found, uncontrolled powers and of because of the events from his past, Cooper's emotions become heightened enough that he becomes angry, vindictive and cruel individual. Which is similar, to split personality disorder, when affected by his powers, his eyes glow with fiery light. Dark Phoenix state amplifies his own anger, rage, insecurities and bitterness.

Powers and Abilities


Ryan is an Inhuman who achieved his genetic potential after he was exposed to the mist from the Terrigen Crystals within the Diviner and undergoing Terrigenesis that granting him incredible superhuman powers. Lincoln once told Skye that Cooper's powers have a few limits. Terrigenesis also augmented his physiology to be slightly enhanced. He bonded with Phoenix force when he was transported to Hell dimension.

"You could have avengers-level powers"?"
"I think it's best we keep in mind the unstable nature of his powers"
"If there is an avenger equivalent I'm afraid it's the Hulk."
"Well, Hulk saved the world last time I checked"
"You're absolutely right. But given the choice, I believe Bruce Banner would not hesitate to cure himself once and for all"
"well then, I guess we should be thankful nobody's given him the choice"
"Oh Fitz"
"Don't "oh Fitz" to me (room starts to crumble) I’m sorry Ray."
"This really isn’t about you"
"I’m pretty sure it is I’ll go back to the cage"

----Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons and Ryan Cooper

  • Enhanced  Physiology: After he underwent Terrigenesis his physiology has been enhanced to the point where he can withstand strong attacks or use his powers without exertion.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Ryan can handle the stresses of extreme power usage without noticeable distress, letting him function much longer than normal humans or Inhumans unhindered. His enhanced stamina is due to his augmented physiology, which builds up little to no lactic acid or fatigue toxins. Even after flying from the Playground to Australia in one night or when he unleashed full extent of his powers he remained unfazed from the prolonged usage of his powers.
    • Superhuman Durability: Cooper possesses enhanced resilience, taking attacks and exertion much better than normal humans or Inhumans would and surviving impacts that would easily harm or kill normal people. While not invulnerable nor immune to pain, he withstood powerful electric blasts, concussive shockwaves and strong strikes, only being momentarily stunned. He had survived fall from great height with little harm.
    • Superhuman Agility: Ryan has flawless coordination, equilibrium and dexterity. He can change direction with immediate sharp turns without losing balance, altitude and rolling or instantly stop moving while in the air completely, freezing his motion. He can jump and fly between very tight buildings without losing balance.

Due to the inhibitor implanted by the Kree, Cooper was unable to use his powers for as long as the inhibitor wasactive. Fitz later removed the inhibitor against his will, giving Cooper his powers back .

  • Multi-Power Use: This allows Ryan to use more than one power at the same time to perform several tasks.
  • Psionics: After being exposed to the terrigen mist and underwent terrigenesis, Cooper acquired few psionic powers such as empathy, omnikinesis and telepathy.
    • Empathy: Ryan has incredibly strong emphatic powers that enable him to control, manipulate and alter the feelings, sensations, and emotions of others.
    • Telepathy: Two weeks after he was exposed to the mist he started to manifest telepathy. Ryan first thought that he's going crazy because all of the voices that'd hunted him, but he later realized that he has ability to transfer information from one mind to another, control and to read minds, experience memories and thoughts of all living beings (e.g. humans, inhumans, aliens, and animals with higher order intelligence)
      He can usually shut this ability down but  he can hear something accidentally even when he's using his power. While he was in the Playground his thoughts could fly miles away into Johnson's mind warning her that Coulson and Mackenzie were aware of her location.
      He later realized that he can read and control Quantum brains of LMD's as well. Cooper is also able to access the Astral Plane by projecting his mind onto this realm this allows him to enter the minds of others. His telepathic abilities greatly increased after he bonded with Phoenix force
      • Telepathic Communication: Ryan is able to telepathically communicate with others. He can open up secret conversations and relay covert information. Ryan can also contact target and cause them to hear the mental communication as speech.
      • Telepathic Translation: Ryan can translate languages using telepathy, usually by linking minds with target he's communicating with. He doesn't really know how to speak all languages because this power acts only as a live psychic translation device. Others will hear him speaking the language they understand and vice versa . He can link his mind to others without them knowing and translate that language, Ryan first used this power to translate the kree after being transported to the Lighthouse. The only down side of this power is that he cannot read languages he doesn't speak so in these situations is completely useless.
    • Telepathic Defense: Ryan can manifest telepathy in a number of defensive ways.
      • Psychic Immunity: Ryans' mind cannot be entered or affected in any way, making him immune to any/all mind-related effects/abilities.
        • Psionic Shield: Ryan uses this ability to erect a psychic shield for protection of other people minds.
    • Telepathic Illusions: Ryan can use this ability to create realistic telepathic illusions and cause people to experience events which are not actually occurring.
    • Telepathic/Mental Manipulation: Ryan uses this ability to manipulate other people's minds easily, achieving a variety of effects.
      • Fear Manipulation: With this power to manipulate the mind, Ryan often uses it in order to elicit fear or emotional pain in a person in the form of nightmarish hallucinations. These visions can depict things that a person fears, regrets, or general disturbances, though the nature of it is not up to him. He knows what his victim is seeing and be inside the vision with them, seemingly invisible to them.
      • Mental Sedation: Ryan can make others fall asleep simply by telling them to.
      • Mnemokinesis: Ryan can manipulate the memories individuals. Cooper can erase, restore, or even implant false memories into a person's mind.
        • Memory Implantation: He once threatened to General Glenn Talbot, that he could make him believe he was a seven-year-old girl.
        • Memory Restoration: Along with erasing memories, Cooper has the ability to restore a person's memories as well.
      • Mental Paralyzation: Ryan can mentally paralyze others although he could also paralyze only the body without rendering people's minds frozen as well.
      • Induce Pain: Ryan uses this ability to induce mental pain merely by looking at the victim.
      • Mass Manipulation: Ryan uses this ability to subtly use deep influence upon multiple people, allowing a him to manipulate their perceptions, better judgment, wills and common sense.
      • Mental Detection: Ryan uses this ability to sense the presence of another superhuman or Inhuman within a small but as yet undefined radius of himself by perceiving the distinctive mental radiations emitted by them.
      • Mind Control: Ryan uses this ability to control the thoughts and actions of others. He can use this for a different purposes such as memory alteration, inducing sleep/paralysis, etc. He can possess the mind of another, and use any powers they may possess, as his own. He can also brake mind control of someone if their mind is controlled by something else.
        • Mind Imprisonment: Ryan is able of imprisoning the consciousness of other beings in their own minds, using any part of the mind as a prison such as their subconsciousness, memory, or even their dreams. This power can cause the victim to become insane. Also effects of this power are permanent because Cooper doesn't know how to reverse them.
      • Possession: Ryan uses this ability to possess the mind of another, and use that being's body, and any powers it may possess, as his own.
      • Persuasion: Ryan is able compel people by speaking, the victims of of this power are unable to disobey the seemingly cogent commandment is far too compelling. He can even persuade people into hurting or killing themselves or even flip around sense of logic, but can never cause victims to achieve what they are not capable of e.g. making person having powers or fly.
      • Psionic Blasts: Ryan uses this ability to project psionic force bolts which have no physical effects but which can affect a victim's mind so as to cause the victim pain or unconsciousness and can even kill an adversary.
      • Psychic Inhibitors/Power Suppression: Unknown whether through either telepathic or telekinetic influence, Cooper was capable of preventing Hellfire to use his powers against S.H.I.E.L.D. 
      • Psychic Siphoning: Ryan is able to drain others psychic energy to enhance powers of other people but not his own. The boost he can provide to others depends of the psychic energy within people around him (e.g. the Kree), But he rarely uses this power, the only one time he used it, was when he briefly empowered Johnson allowing her to destroy five Roaches and two Kree with a single shock-wave. When in use this power appears as a glowing yellow aura which surrounds his body and the "tentacle" that connects to person his empowering.

        Cooper is unleashing the full extent of his powers

    • Omnikinesis: Ryan Cooper gained the ability of omnikinesis which allows him to create, manipulate with elements and influence things at subatomic level when he was exposed to the mist from the Terrigen Crystals within the Diviner. With this power he can influence anything (e.g. particles, elements, energy, Aether ). According to Gordon and Lincoln he is able to sense and tap into the omnikinetic ( e.g. telekinetic and elemental, etc.) energies of everything around him. After learning about his powers from Lincoln, Cooper achieved greater control over his powers and no longer loses control of them. When unleashing the full extent of his powers, Cooper's powers manifested around him as a fiery raptor.
      • Telekinesis: Ryan has the ability to manipulate, influence, move objects or people, influence molecules, particles, fully control matter at subatomic level and energy, as well as physical forces such as (kinetic energy, gravity, friction, pressure, vectors, etc ), with his mind without physically touching them especially over long distances. Ryan can use telekinesis to alter an object's or persons' directional course, (e.g. changing what number a dice lands on, changing the or deflect an opponent's attack.) He can "lift" over 2000 tones and Cooper's capable of controlling distant objects that are not within his sight/location.
        Ryan is able to manipulate people and objects from afar, potentially even miles away. Cooper can also disassemble complex devices explosively (separating every last component, such as screws, nuts, etc.) and, just as quickly easily assemble complex devices. This also has enabled him to even attain awareness and control over objects as small as individual electrons in an atom. Cooper can detect if a seal was hermetic or not by checking for the presence of penetrating oxygen molecules. He can even detect and discern individual oxygen molecules, and determine the atomic weight of molecules by the amount of atoms present.
        • Ominiknetic Resistance/Immunity: Ryan is immune to heat, cold, storms, cosmic energy, radiation, energy, explosion, etc. and he's completely invulnerable to direct and indirect effects. Ryan also feels no pain when exposed to extreme conditions such when he accidentally put his desk on fire and extinguish it just by patting it, he also put his hand in boiling water without being harmed or when he held ball of ice without being distressed. With this ability he can survive in extreme conditions such outer space.
        • Omnikinetic Awareness: Because of his psionic connection to the everything around him, he has the ability to sense things that an ordinary human or Inhuman would not, such as sensing how much moisture is contained within the air or sensing matter on sub-atomic level, being aware of movement in the air or water around himself  and being able to determine that a soil sample was not "native" to a particular area.
        • Omnikinetic Link: Ryan is psychically linked to his immediate surroundings, he can detect the position of target whilst creating (e.g.tornadoes) to keep them in place. He's capable of avoiding unintentional injurues to his allies. He can also detect if a nearby person, alien, animal or plant has died or if the weather is about change
      • Particle Creation: With this power Ryan can "create" new types of particles, matter, elements, particle variations and components etc.
        • Atomic Manipulation: Ryan can control atoms and subatomic particles, which allows him to manipulate matter on subatomic level.
        • Molecular Manipulation: Ryan can create, manipulate molecules to achieve a wide variety of effect
        • Matter Manipulation: Ryan is uses this power to shape and manipulate matter, (i.e. anything in the universe that has substance and mass/physical form, starting from molecules and atoms, to planets and other astronomical features).
          • Matter Transmutation: Cooper is able to transmutate matter into anything he wants. He used this power to turn a chair into water. He can transmute matter on a sub-atomic level and arrange its subatomic structure into a different substance all together (e.g. turning wood to gold, stone to crystal, atomic bomb to gust of wing or cause physical bodies to disintegrate by altering their molecular structure, etc). Using this power he can liquefy surfaces and turn portions of it gelatinous and rubber-like, enabling him to trap his foes.
      • Biological/Cellular Manipulation: After Cooper gained full control over his powers, their level has increased to the point where he can alter the formation of living creatures at a molecular and subatomic level.
        • Biophysical Control: Ryan uses this ability to control living organic tissue, causing muscles to cramp, skin to break, or blood vessels to burst, contract or crush them completely or to feel certain things life forms. He can use this power to crush someones' nerve system completely.
          When the Playground was invaded by the Life-Model Decoys, he could sense that Simmons was not a decoy by sending waves through her body, which allowed Cooper to feel Simmons' blood flow and organs.
          • Biological/Cellular Explosion: Ryan an cause any biological life-forms to explode. The exact effect may range from various levels of harm to death to total disintegration.
          • Crushing: Ryan can crush and/or deform people and objects around him. Individuals who are affected by this power are left with a severely broken bones. This power is manifesting like transparent waves that are "moving" from his hand. When he first started to use this power he could only brake every bone in the same time such as when he attacked Hive. But later he had learned to focus this power on braking specific bone or bones he wanted.
      • Disease/Contaminant immunity: Ryan has an immunity to all forms of diseases, viruses and contaminants, Cooper himself could not be infected by Hive, as his parasites simply disintegrated the second they touched his skin, rendering them useless, he is unable to being inebriated or intoxicated by drugs or alcohol.
        • Hyper-Metabolism: Ryan burns calories much faster than a normal person and it requires him to consume large amounts of nutrients. He cannot experience a buzz from drinking as even a 96 % vodka only intoxicated him for a few seconds. After bonding with Phoenix force he noticed that he requires less nourishment and calories.
      • Concentrated Telekinesis: Ryan can create and control the purest form of telekinesis, the generation and manipulation of telekinetic force itself.
        • Force Maelstrom: Ryan must first form force field around his body, then he needs to gather energy within himself and release it in a sudden outward burst. It can kill a small group of opponents or launch them back without them dying. He used this to throw away group of Watchdogs.
      • Electromagnetic Pulses: Ryan uses this ability to channel telekinesis the Earth's magnetic field through the electro-current of the brain and generate devastating electromagnetic pulses.
      • Electromagnetism Manipulation: Ryan can create, shape and manipulate electromagnetism accounted for almost all physical phenomena observable to the unaided human senses, including light and other electromagnetic radiation etc.
      • Explosion Inducement: Ryan can use his telekinesis at a molecular level to cause an explosion of any scale, with varying effects ranging from stunning to total annihilation.
        • Molecular Combustion:  Ryan is capable of accelerateing molecules of target, increasing heat and friction to the point of combustion/explosion.
        • Burst: Ryan uses this power to cause an instance of breaking or splitting as a result of internal pressure or puncturing; an explosion
      • Telekinetic Blast: Ryan can deliver impact of concussive force (massive shockwave), whether directly or remotely, which knocks the target back leaving them knocked out.
        In the attack on the HYDRA base, Cooper effectively used this powers to blast away his enemies, During the opening of the War against the Inhumans, he defeated Melinda May with a concussive blast. Over the time Cooper has learned to project concussive waves in a more focused fashion, as when he blasted four men separately and sent an SUV spiraling down a street. This power's manifesting like clear waves that are ''moving'' from his hand towards target and are accompanied by a humming sound. Pushed people can be knocked out this depends on how hard he hits them. Ryan can use his shockwaves to propel himself in the air and cushion his falls, even falls from above high-rise buildings.
        • Telekinetic Push and Pull: Ryan can use this power to push or pull objects or people towards him or away from him.
      • Flight: Ryan can levitate himself, he can “fly” for very long distances and at varying speeds, much faster than he can travel by foot. He can fly over Mach 18. During the battle against Hive, Cooper was able to float in the air while attacking him.
        • Leaping: Ryan can jump several stories in a single bound without having to fly. He is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and usually, when he has to fly, he jump upwards before shooting skyward.
      • Force Fields/Barriers: Ryan uses this ability to create and manipulate protective shields that could absorb even the most powerful attacks (even filter bacteria from the air).
        He used this power to create force-fields when Rosalind Price was falling to death Cooper saved her by making force-field beneath her and slowly lower her to the ground.
        Force fields he creates are nigh impenetrable he discovered this when HYDRA fired three missiles towards him and he used force field to protect himself. Cooper can also create small force fields which allows him to briefly walk on air, he used this to jump above and around Sinara during his battle with her.
        He creates field of energy without mass that acts as a matter/wall, so that objects affected by the particular force relating to the field are unable to pass through the field and reach the other side. Ryan's mastery over this power is increased to the point where he control force fields to move and shape them according to his will and he can also destroy force-fields by tearing them apart
        • Skin Tight Force Fields: When his Dark Phoenix persona takes over his force fields are subconsciously created and are skin tight making him invulnerable, with bullets would simply ricocheting whenever they come into contact with his skin or falls from great heights would do nothing to him. However, his near immunity to damage and outside forces doesn't protect him from being knocked out. Also explosion that Johnson created knocked him out too.
        • Telekinetic Shield: To protect himself from incoming bullet Cooper unconsciously unleashed a massive telekinetic shield and threw it away that leveled the surrounding forests and injured Calderon. He can generate telekinetic shields or barriers to block, contain and deflect/decelerate targets. This can become an offensive move by throwing the shield.
      • Disintegration: Ryan is capable of causing objects or people in his presence to disintegrate immediately. With this power he can slowly destroy cells before completely obliterating the person.
      • Intangibility/Phasing: Ryan uses this ability to phase through solid matter by mentally shifting the molecules of the body around another object as he moves forward. Also he can use this as a weapon by passing through a person's body, incapacitating them as he did against watchdog. He'd often used this ability when he was stealing Rapid Bone-Healing Pills for Daisy Johnson. He is also able to phasing against gravity
        • Intangibility Cancellation: Ryan can touch non-corporeal entities and individuals whose bodies are out of phase with the Earth realm or cancel their intangibility
      • Psychokinetic Blast: Ryan can can project energy blasts, waves, blasts of telekinetic energy and bolts capable of destroying anything in his path, using various intensities, shapes, etc. When a target is hit with his energy, he can use his telekinesis to inflict further damage. He can use this power to neutralize kinetic energy or movement within a target, effectively immobilizing powerful Inhumans like Lash or Hive. This energy manifests in any shape and form, outlining his telekinetic spheres of influence, as the energy is visible in the form of reddish, glowing energy currents and mist-like shapes, also his eye irises turns red in color.
      • Invisibility: Ryan has the ability to mentally bend light-waves around himself and others, rendering them invisible.
        • Stealth State: Ryan can use his telekinesis at a molecular level to put himself in/off stealth mode, which allows him to slip past foes and get in and out of areas undetected. People and any sensors will be unable to detect him. Ryan is also able to be unnoticed in public, and not be tracked easily. If he has enough strength he can put at least three people in stealth mode.
      • Telekinetic Choke: Ryan uses this ability to squeeze a victim's throat with telekinesis, rendering them unable to act (choke or strangle them). Sometimes the person is lift off the ground by telekinesis. He generally uses this power at close range, but in rare instances the target could be choked at greater distances. Depending on the degree or power Ryan uses, the effects of telekinetic choke on a person would result in either death, unconsciousness, or simply leaving the person gasping but still conscious. He often uses this power for interrogation purposes.
      • Molecular Teleportation: Ryan can use telekinesis to transport himself over tremendous distances at will by disassembling his molecules and instantly reassembling them at desired location. He can take other people with him but to do this he needs to have physical contact with person his teleporting. He can only teleport to places that he's seen or that are familiar to him.
        • Lightning Teleportation: Ryan is capable of teleporting through lightning.
      • Power Imbuing This power allows Ryan to infuse his power into inanimate objects. He can project his powers through weapons (e.g. gun,chain,) without damaging them. He had gun emit lightning to knock off several HYDRA agents, who were on top off the roof trying to kill him. His clothes are also completely immune and seemingly indestructible, as Hellfire's explosive ball and being inside an exploding building did nothing to them.
      • Telekinetic Weaponry: Cooper is able to manifest a variety of weapons from pure psionic energy, which can physically affect the environment. He appears to make his weapons resemble a katana, a chain sickle, whip and an urumi.
        • Psionic Blades: Cooper is capable of generating psionic blades.
        • Telekinetic Whip: Cooper can generate a whip made from psionic energy, to catch or grab something
      • Vibration Manipulation: Ryan can create, generate, shape, enhance vibrations (e.g. which can produce effects such as earthquakes and shock-waves) and vibrational frequencies through the ground, water, or air. Through vibrations and frequencies Cooper is acute to sounds that other people can not hear; when the Monolith was opened, Ryan heard sounds that other members of his team did not. Ryan's skills with this abilities has grown to the point where he can sense earthquakes before they come and absorb seismic vibrations to decrease a earthquake's force, although this causes a great amount of fatigue, both physical and mental causing him to blackout.
        After training with Johnson he is now able to precisely generate vibrational shock-waves that can push targets over, repulsed them away, shatter them, even cause earthquakes by shaking the ground or dislodging underground tectonic plates.This power is manifesting as transparent waves that are moving from his hand towards target and they are accompanied with the rumbling sound. Ryan can produce powerful shockwaves by clapping his hands or charging vibrations in his hands by forming a shockwave ball and throwing it away to strip target of their flesh and life, leaving only mutilated carcasses with bones
        • Defibrillation Inducement: Ryan can use vibrations to defibrillate hearts of others to instantly restart, effectively reviving them. In the attack on the HYDRA base, he used this power to jump-start Lincoln Campbell's heart.
        • Jolt Inducement: Ryan with this power causes vibrations to shake uncontrollably, which can be used to innervate the user or shake a target. He can use it to vibrate at certain frequencies, to disable (e.g. locks) or break or disassemble matter
      • Sound Manipulation: Ryan can generate, shape and manipulate sounds and sound-waves, that radiates outward in straight lines in the form of a pressure wave. This allows him to mimic, intensify, hush, and distort, as well warp, strengthen, echo, speed up, and slow down sound, using it as a powerful physical force. After some time spent training Cooper has learned to project sound waves/concussive blasts in more focused fashion, to the point where he could use this power to shatter materials, he used it to destroy the glass underneath Lash during their third confrontation, making him fall down from the building below or use them against HYDRA operatives, His concussive blasts are visible as light blue waves and accompanied with buzzing noise. He can also emit low frequencies, sounds which is potentially fatal to living beings by causing internal damage

Elemental manipulation

  • Elemental Absorption: Ryan can absorb any amount of any element harmlessly without any side effects.
  • Elemental Negation: Ryan can negate elements and any element-using attacks, ignoring their effects (e.g. he can extinguish the fire, if Cooper is using water against someone who he can freeze it, he can turn frozen water back to liquid, etc)
  • Elemental Vision: When Ryan's using elemental powers he sees the physical world around him totally clear, including the beings body's nervous system. This allows him to see with amazing clarity/detail and color and even different spectrum of light. He can use the enhanced vision without using his elemental powers.

Weather Manipulation

  • Weather Manipulation: Ryan uses this ability to create, control and manipulate the weather by mixing water, fire, earth, energy, air and lightning/electricity. He can sense, the meteorological patterns, clouds,vapor, rain, temperature changes etc. This ability allows him to generate various natural phenomena or control the intensity of the weather in highly concentrated (inside room) or vastly extended (continental) areas.
    • Lighting/Electricity Manipulation: Ryan can create, manipulate or summon a bolt of lightning from the sky, aimmimg it at any spot on the ground or a target. After months of training Ryan is able now to summon and send lighting or thunder from the sky that could be used to blind, stun, and/or severely burn his opponents even to the point of death they can range, from minor to fatal voltage
      • Lightning Bolt Control/Projection: Ryan can create, summon and manipulate with lightning bolts from the sky or project them from his hands, using them to pierce and/or severely burn his opponents even to the point of death. After training he is able to regulate the voltage discharged and speed (e.g. averaging over 53,540°F with at least 2,500 MJ of electrostatic energy), moving at 61,111 miles)
    • Air Manipulation : Ryan uses this ability to create, manipulate the air, wind, and gas.
      • Wind Generation: Ryan uses this ability to create blasts of air and tornadoes. He is also capable of creating and manipulating with hurricanes to cause massive damage,
      • Air Mimicry: Ryan uses this ability to transform air into a cloud of gas, fog, or mist.
        • Air Solidification: Ryan uses this ability manipulate pressure in the air molecules to solidify the air, with the level of solidity going from loose jelly to metal-like hardness or beyond
      • Thermal Manipulation:  Ryan is capable of creating, shaping and manipulating cold/heat by reducing/increasing the kinetic energy of atoms or anything he sees or touches and thus making things colder/hotter, ranging from subjective feeling of cool/heat to absolute hot or zero, without freezing/burning area around him. He can set any object in a high temperature state causing anyone to feel a burning sensation without infusing fire. He'd used this ability when fighting against street thugs along with Johnson
      • Cyclone Spinning: Ryan is also capable of using the wind to create and control cyclone simply by spinning his hands. He can hit target at large distances. He can create cyclone on the ground and water..
      • Pressure Manipulation: Ryan can generate, shape and manipulate pressure. He can create pressure in the air, in any liquid, objects or around people, to lower it or increase it. With this power he can shrink objects.

Earth Manipulation

  • Earth Manipulation: Ryan uses this ability to create, shape and manipulate earth and "Earthen" elements including most solid objects, specifically all minerals and mineral compositions regardless of their state (mountain, boulder, sand or dust), glass, sand, etc.
    • Crystal Manipuation: Ryan uses this ability to create, shape and manipulate minerals and crystals. He can create and project needles/spikes of crystal to impale targets. These spikes can be projected in mid-air or he can create only one in his hand and use it as a weapon.
    • Metal Manipulation: Ryan uses this ability to shape and manipulate metal at will.
    • Granulation: Ryan uses this ability to turn things into sand.
  • Plant Manipulation: Ryan can create, shape and manipulate all kinds of plants even parts of the plants. He can  cause plants to grow, move/attack or even rise from the soil and revive withered or dead plants. Ryan can also use them for defense and support purposes by growing plants from the ground and make them sprout. He accidentally used this power in the Lighthouse to subdue a roacher.

Heat/Plasma Manipulation

  • Fire Manipulation: Ryan uses this ability to ability to create, generate, control and manipulate any type of fire (e.g. orange or blue). Cooper can regulate the temperature of fire such as when he presented Fitz and Simmnos with this ability Simmons put her hand in fire without being burned he can also raise temperature to extreme temperatures. also make constructs out of flame (fireballs being the most common) and hurl them at opponents or shoot a steady stream of fire from his hands.
  • Burning: Ryan uses this ability to burn, scald, singe etc. virtually any being or object by touch or sight.
  • Inflammation: Ryan uses this ability to burn things.
    • Melting: Ryan uses this ability to heat molecules in person or object to melt it.

Liquid Manipulation

  • Liquid/Water Manipulation: Ryan uses this ability to create, generate, manipulate and control any liquid and mold it into any desired shape or form. He can also multiply water molecules, causing liquid to expand, creating even more water or can fill liquid (e.g. water) with energy making it strong enough to support heavy weights and solid material which would usually sank into the liquid.
    • Thermal Manipulation of Liquids: Ryan uses this ability to heat/cool and boil/cool down liquid. He can apply this power with anything containing liquid, ranging from people and animal bodies to even the water molecules in the air or another object.
    • Gel Manipulation: Ryan uses this ability to transform any liquid, to structure similar to jelly or gel to grip object or person he can also reshape it. If Ryan wants liquid will return to its normal state after a few seconds, but if he will not, it'll forever be gelatinous.
      • Solidification: Ryan can solidify or give solid-like properties to of liquid, by causing the loose molecules/particles/energy to come together with the level of solidity going from loose water or jelly to metal-like hardness or beyond. With this power Ryan can harden liquid in his favor and rendering it indestructible
  • Ice Manipulation: Ryan can generate, shape and manipulate ice or any kind of frozen water by reducing the kinetic energy of atoms and by absorbing all existing heat around him at the same time thus making things colder or freeze them well below 400 degrees. His powers can reach such low levels that they reach absolute zero.
    At first this power manifested as ice touch, but after some time spent training he became capable of generating ice. The ice he generates can be brittle like glass or hard like stone. He can also shoot freezing cold, coolant-like gas or aura from his hands or body that can cause ice to form on whatever it comes into contact with it or freeze objects without direct contact.
    Cooper can create various ice structures with ease (such as ice walls, icicles, ice blades etc.) even launching upon manifestation as projectiles in rapid succession, or as a means of transportation by making ramps and slides of solid ice, that he can travel on at great speeds. He can convert any from the three states of matter into ice. A sign while accessing this powers is producing icy mist from both of his hands.
    • Freezing breath: Ryan is able to create a fog and ice with his breath, this power also changed his breath to be constantly ice cold. He used this ability when he was trying to know the whereabouts of Watchdog alpha by threatening one of his followers in his apartment and created a fog in the room in order to take him into custody.
      And Dark Phoenix used it to "play" and confuse Sinara  in order to defeat her.
    • Absolute Freeze: Ryan can freeze anything, from tangible targets, to intangible energy such as fire, He can drop the temperature to absolute zero, which is impossible by natural means, causing quantum effects; due to freezing at such otherwise impossible levels, breakdowns at atomic levels and superconductivity occur.

Cosmic Manipulation

  • Space Rock Manipulation: Ryan uses this ability to control, summon and manipulate comets, meteors and asteroids.
  • Cosmic Weather Manipulation: Ryan is capable of manipulating and creating cosmic weather. He can create cosmic storms, solar flares, geomagnetic storms, cosmic rays, coronal mass ejection and black holes etc.
  • Dark Matter Manipulation: Ryan is capable to manipulate dark matter. He could use it to manipulate gravity, magnetism and many other cosmic forces which exist throughout the universe, as well as Dark Matter itself, using it in the same way as regular matter or antimatter.
    • Dark Matter Detection: Ryan has the ability to sense the presence of objects and beings made of Dark Matter, such as Aida or the Darkhold.
    • Gravity Manipulation: Ryan can control and manipulate gravitation and gravitons or completely remove gravity from one place or a particular place. Ryan can use this ability in offensive way by repulsing people or objects with such force to shatter practically anything, increasing gravity to crush or immobilize opponents, decreasing it to render them defenseless, or surrounding one's body in a gravitational field to amplify physical strength.
      With this ability he can walk in the air or manipulate his own gravitational field to generate thrust and propel himself through the vacuum or air, often at supersonic speeds which allows him easier flight in space. After two years his mastery over this power has grew to the point where he can isolate gravity around one or more object/s making it or them float/levitate in mid air and leaving it like that without further concentration until he returns gravity to "normal".
  • Vacuum Creation/Manipulation: Ryan has the ability to create vacuums (in air or on the ground) similar to black holes that draws objects, people or surrounding matter into them. He can use this ability to trap or destroy people, objects, etc.
    • Vacuum Adaptation: Ryan is able to survive and adapt to the vacuum or space unaided and he's able to withstand atmospheres (heat intensity and any poisonous chemical elements), cosmic media (radiation), strange gravity even black hole, and lack of air. He was unaffected by vacuum ofspace after he was transported to the Lighthouse

Plasma Manipulation

  • Energy Manipulation : Ryan can generate, control and manipulate all forms of existing energy.
    • Energy Blast: Ryan can release energy over a specific target area causing great damage and/or delivering great shock waves of pure force.
    • Energy Bolts/Ball: Ryan is able to launch bolts/balls of energy that are able to rapidly expand on contact with an object or when it reaches the chosen place. They can destroy object or people this depends how much energy he uses.
  • Electricity Manipulation: Ryan can generate,shape and manipulate electricity. He can create very small jolt of electricity to wake up unconscious people .
  • Light Manipulation: Ryan can create, shape and manipulate light. HE can use this power to make quick flash of white bright light to blind his opponents. He can blind them temporary or permanently though this depends on brightness of the light he creates
  • Darkforce Manipulation: Ryan can tap and manipulate an intense black form of extra-dimensional energy. He can use this power to remove light and make e.g. bright room completely dark. If he is generating and manipulating this energy's purest form, it absorbs all ambient energy, reducing the temperature of the surrounding area. It resembles a viscous, black liquid, and has the properties of a Perfect fluid

As the Phoenix Force Avatar

Ryan Cooper is host of the Phoenix Force, while tapping into Phoenix Force his eyes glow with a fiery light. Many of these powers will be "activated" while he is under his Dark Phoenix persona.

  • Phoenix Force Host: Ryan is host of the Phoenix Force, and have its cosmic powers at his disposal. Ryan can greatly increase his powers by tapping into the life energies of those yet unborn causing his abilities to be enhanced to their ultimate levels.
    He can manipulate matter on universal scale, generate and control an form of energy in virtually any conceivable amount, absorb energy from sources as great as a supernova, manipulate time and space, create space warps for instantaneous travel, travel to different dimensions, realities and universes, enhance his strength,speed etc. to immeasurable levels. Ryan has heightened psi-powers as well as the ability to manipulate energy and life-forces,and a cosmic awareness. He can also manifest flaming energy aura like the Phoenix raptor around himself
    • Interstellar Travel: Cooper as a Phoenix Force host he can fly unaided through the vacuum of space, and can travel interstellar distances faster than the speed of light
      • Cosmic Teleportation: Ryan can teleport himself and others across vast distances such as to another planet or galaxy, across the vast vacuum of space itself, or even an entirely new timeline all-together.
    • Concussive Force Blasts: Ryan can use the 'Phoenix energy' to manipulate and project multiple forms of energy, and use it to project blasts and beams of immense concussive force powerful enough to destroy whole planetary bodies
    • Cosmic Fire Manipulation: As Phoenix host, Ryan is able to create, control and manipulate cosmic fire, fire which isn't oxygen dependent. The source of cosmic fire derives from his ability to manipulate matter at the sub-atomic level, which allows him to generate intense heat, combustion and concussive blasts by stimulating heat molecules, or simply from him access to cosmic energy, or by combining both powers at once to create more powerful cosmic fire.
      When using this fire offensively, he burns his victims or something entirely else at the molecular and sub-molecular levels; thus no ashes or other combustive by-products are produced. Ryan's cosmic fire is different from flames that are usually created by by himself. Because this type of fire is not dependent on oxygen, he can create cosmic fire under impossible conditions like underwater or even in the vacuum of space. When using his Cosmic Pyrokinesis, the fire usually manifests in the shape of a large fiery bird, a Phoenix. Ryan has complete control over his cosmic fire and can shape them however he wants; as a fireball, fiery claws, or even the appearance of an ordinary fire.
      The pain caused by this fire can be either mental, physical or both simultaneously. Although his cosmic fire is powerful enough to destroy entire galaxies, Cooper's control over it is so complete that it only harms what he chooses to harm, which he calls it "burn away what doesn't work"; thus, his cosmic fire will burn his enemies or objects until they die or melt or he extinguishes it by himself.
    • Dimensional Energy Manipulation: Ryan as Phoenix Force host, gained a psychic link to the natural energies of reality, allowing him to connect with various vibrations of the multiverse and different dimensions and manipulate them for various effects.
      • Dimensional Awareness: Ryan can perceive various events throughout time and space, letting him see into the past and future as well as parallel dimensions, through the kinetic sense; one example of this is when he touched a piece of clothes which was ripped off from Tucker Shockley when he after he underwent Terrigenesis allowing Cooper to track him down. These visions are typically hazy and dark, with a slightly distorted quality. Alternatively, he can alter other people's perspective, he was somehow able to negate Aida's own heightened awareness, hitting her with ICER.
        He is able to freely spy through alternate realities and universes with ease, rendering him close to omniscient. He also can communicate with other people in the same or other universe and dimensions.
        He is now able to find things or people without touching something (e.g. clothes)
      • Dimensional Energy Blast: Ryan can generate powerful, orangish-green concussive blasts of dimensional energy from his hands. The intensity of blasts even produces a super heating effect.
      • Inter/Intra-Dimensional travel: With his connection to the multiverse, Ryan can open portals/gateways to other dimensions or universes, cross over different planes of existence or travel across various forms of reality. On a lesser level, he can make gateways to teleport people to different locations in the same universe without using known means such as an Inter-Dimensional Gate or a Sling Ring.
        First time he did it accidentally, but quickly learned how to control this ability and mastered it to perfection. He can also to break the time and dimensional barriers altogether, he discovered that when he traveled to an alternate Earth and stayed there for a week, but when he returned back to his earth only a few seconds had passed by.
        • Dimensional Distortion: Ryan can distort and/or destroy the dimensional barriers that separates dimensions and realities one from another.
        • Remote teleportation: Ryan is able to remotely teleport objects or people by creating portals. He can also make portals small enough to redirect attacks such as bullets or concussive waves or he can use it to grab things.
    • Energy Absorption: Ryan can absorb and fully control any type of energy, energy of a star, black hole, or even a whole galaxy. He once accidentally absorbed energy of one star practicing his new abilities. This ability caused him to absorb all energy around him when using any of his powers, causing his body biochemistry to rapidly change.
    • Enhanced Strength: His strength is enhanced to immeasurable levels, his strength alone is sufficient enough to catch a 1.8 ton car that was moving at 70 miles an hour when it was just inches away from hitting a train
    • Superhuman Speed: Due to phoenix force he is capable to move at incredible speeds, far greater than that of any normal human or inhuman, His top speed peaks at around Mach 7. He commonly uses his speed to appear and disappear faster than people can notice, as well as to change in or out of his uniform in seconds. People that see him when using his speed is a vibrating blur of motion. This power caused him to generate an aura of blue, white and transparent energy currents and mist-like shapes, much like fire or wind, leaving behind a trail of it as he runs.
    • Immortality: Ryan upon his death, he spends time in the The White Hot Room doing 'Phoenix work'. The Phoenix Force can also restore Ryan's body to life, although there appears to be some unknown limitation to how quickly it can successfully accomplish this following his death.
      • Resurrection Force: The Phoenix Force can resurrect him after he have died into pure living flesh, bone, and blood. Any time Cooper dies, the Phoenix Force will ultimately resurrect him. Sometimes this resurrection is instantaneous, at other times he spends time in the White Hot Room doing "Phoenix Work". When he dies, the Phoenix Force will automatically create a telekinetic cocoon, known as a "Phoenix Egg". When he's in the Phoenix Egg, the "Egg" is very hot to the touch. He can also use Phoenix force to resurrect others from death.
      • Accelerated Healing Factor: While accessing his powers, Cooper's metabolic rate is augmented to offset tissue destruction, thereby allowing him endure more grievous injuries and likewise heal much faster than a normal human or Inhuman would, though foreign matter must first be taken out to not impede the healing. In fact, his healing speed is extremely fast, as his relatively fresh-stitched impalement wound healed in a mere seconds after he'd accessed his powers. However, his healing powers only work when his Dark Phoenix side takes over as wounds inflicted by Sinara who gave him a deep cut and required stitches. Also, because of his accelerated healing, he is unaffected by sedatives as he burns through them too quickly to have any effect.
    • Precognition: Cooper is able to see and feel glimpses of future events. Though this only happens when powers growing beyond his control. With this ability he saw destruction of the Framework, and his transformation to Dark Phoenix
    • Quantum Singularity: Cooper as a Phoenix host can transmigrate throughout time and space by folding phoenix's energy back into itself, causing it to collapse akin to a black hole. He then reforms it upon reaching his destination.
    • Life-Force Control: Ryan can control and manipulate life and death itself, such as, he can take the "life energy" from something, rendering it "dead" or vice versa.
      • Quintekinesis: Ryan can create, control and manipulate the essence of Life. This fundamental force allows Ryan to use power of life to appear/exist, grow and flourish throughout the universe and planets. He can control his own personal life-force that dwells within him, allowing him to achieve untold power and great abilities considered to be beyond that of normal beings. Ryan can use physical and mental powers to control life force of human, inhuman or aliens etc. to harm them or " fix" them
    • Enhanced Mental Process: Phoenix force enhances and extends his mental capacities, making his system and thought processing able to take in and retain information just as fast and efficiently. Even while using his powers or super sonic flight or run, he can clearly think, react to events, and perform actions long before normal humans or inhuman can perceive them. This lets him learn in a small fraction of the normal time.
      • Enhanced Perceptions: Phoenix force extends and enhances his senses. This allows Cooper to perceive the world as if it is nearly frozen, as well as see and hear normally, even while moving at speeds faster than sound, where this would normally be impossible.
      • Superhuman Reflexes: Phoenix force has augmented his reflexes to superhuman levels, allowing him to react to danger and events far faster than normal humans or inhuman. With this power he was able to counter Aida during her sneak attack.


  • Borderline Personality Disorder: Possibly after Cooper left the Framework his powers increased drastically which changed him completely. As a result of Cooper’s changing biology having physiological effects, making him cruel and sadistic with no emotional attachment or regard for anyone, while struggling to suppress his powers, he developed a form of dissociate identity disorder which is triggered the more he uses his powers and subsequently when he is angered or annoyed. It is very difficult to calm him down when his Dark Phoenix persona takes over, as Coulson was barely able to stop him from killing general Talbot and his team of soldiers. The change can be seen when Cooper's losing and regaining the sense of self-control over his emotions the super-ego weakening in his psychic apparatus, allowing for his hidden anger, grudges and rage to come to the surface. (HOW HE DEVELOPED THIS WILL BE ADDED SOON)
  • Vibrations: Though he is immune to any harmful effects of the vibrations he creates he is not immune to vibrations as Johnson attempted to rip his heart out with vibrations while she was under Hive's mind control. Another side of side effect of his powers is that his vibrational powers are connected to his heart rate, and as a negative result he can lose control of this kind of powers whenever his heartbeat increases. A tell-tale sign of his powers overwhelming are strong earthquakes. Cooper's body is able to withstand enhancing and releasing intense vibrational waves, however attempting to forcefully internalize or hold back his powers will put an excessive strain on his body and may lead to internal injuries like ruptured veins, hair-line bone fractures, or other complications, which requires him to use casts created by Jemma Simmons.
  • Inhuman Control Device: Cooper is unable to use his powers while "Power inhibitor" is active.


"You really are a genius ."

― Lincoln Campbell to Ryan Cooper

  • Genius Level Intellect: Cooper possessed specialty and PhD in neurosurgery by the time he was 25. Cooper possesses a sharp and bright mind, focused on diagnose and analysis, that has allowed him to research and develop many breakthrough equipment for S.H.I.E.L.D.
    Ryan Cooper Badge-0
  • Master Medical Doctor: Ryan's expertise in the field of medicine has allowed him to work in the research and development of many breakthrough discoveries and save many mortally wounded S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.He is highly gifted and knowledgeable in many fields of medicine practiced such as neurosurgery, otorhinolaryngology, pathology, biochemistry and medical sciences...
    • Trained neurosurgeon: Cooper told Skye that he knows how to perform a lobotomy.
    • Master Physician: Ryan is often charged with evaluating and treating any injuries sustained by his teammates and colleagues, he was skilled enough to apply  advanced first aid to Skye when she was shot, and to perform an autopsy on Eric Koenig's corpse. He has extensive knowledge of human and alien physiology, anatomy and DNA when needed even beating out scientists, physicians and terroristic agencies ahead of time.

"But if anyone can handle him, it's Ray."

―Melinda May

  • Expert Marksman: Ryan's hesitation toward using firearms subsided following his training with Melinda May, as demonstrated by him using the Taser Projectile Launcher against Jiaying's Assistant and later he used a sniper rifle against HYDRA operatives. He displayed his impressive skills in conjunction with his close-range combat and tactical training, enabling him to take down several HYDRA operatives with only a pistol.
  • Expert Interrogator: Cooper has a great skill at reading people and getting inside their minds literally . He was able to get Grant Ward to tell him what he knew about the symbols.
  • Master Martial Artist: Ryan was taught to fight by his S.O. using moves and skills comparable to May. He was able to have a prolonged battle with Agent 33, a person who gave May a good fight. After further training, he was able to disarm and defeat a skilled agent in battle. He displayed his impressive skills in conjunction with his marksmanship and tactical training, enabling him to take down several HYDRA operatives with only a pistol and his combat training on three separate occasions. During the opening of the War against the Inhumans, he was able to effortlessly defeat a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and hold his own against Melinda May for a time. Later, during the climax, he was able to defeat three out of five Alisha Whitley duplicates before being defeated by her superior numbers. A year following he was stated, following Bobbi Morse's resignation, that he was the only agent beside May, capable of taking out a room of Hydra agents, solo. As a testament of his skills, he was able to have a prolonged battle with Hive after he started to control Daisy Johnson, who had the abilities of Grant Ward, a man who had rivaled both Melinda May and Bobbi Morse in combat, combining his skills in martial artist and telekinetic powers in close combat.
  • Peak Physical Condition: Cooper is in exceptional shape due to his training with May and regular upkeep of his martial arts skills. He started to practice tai chi, after May talked him into it, and has the flexibility as well as balance to perform complex movements. During his final confrontation against Kree at Lighthouse, he managed to keep fighting despite the latter repeatedly striking him with their formidable strength.
  • Master Acrobat: Melinda May. taught Ryan how use acrobatic skills to his advantage. He was able to surpass the speed of a running Cybertek security guard doing multiple handsprings to take him out and during Attack on the Arctic HYDRA Research Facility performing a flip over HYDRA operative 
  • Staff Mastery: Due to his training with Melinda May he is skilled in many forms of combat and with many weapons 
  • Impalement arts: Cooper has some experience in knife throwing and Kenjutsu. 

You're going too, Agent Cooper. We need a pilot."

―Phil Coulson

  • Expert Pilot: During his training with Melinda May he learned how to pilot different types of planes. Ryan is now an accomplished pilot, able to perform such feats as flying through storm he created to escape from HYDRA with a plane as large as Zephyr One. He is usually is in charge of piloting the Quinjet during missions
  • Expert Spy: Ryan is skilled in deception, as he managed to trick Raina to reveal all she knew about about the Diviner. During this talk Raina opened up to him, telling him about her life in Thailand before being picked up by Calvin Zabo. Ryan repeated his opinion that Zabo is a monster, while Raina described him as merely emotional. He procured the information from her that only the ones the Diviner deemed worthy could enter the temple in the hidden city, and that those not worthy "had better have said their goodbyes."   
  • Tactician: Ryan learnt to assess threats as he entered a location, scanning for exits and the type of weaponry the guards carry, even attempting to assess the personalities and skills of the people in his environment.
  • Multilingualism: Ryan speaks fluently English, Spanish, French, Italian and Mandarin Chinese 
  • High pain tolerance: Cooper has a remarkable level of endurance. Despite the grievous injuries he gained from fighting group of watchdogs, he was able to maintain consciousness through the surgery to remove the shrapnel  in his body, all while instructing Simmons. 



"If he can learn the difference between the safety release and the magazine release, we'll be making some real progress..."

---Agent May to Grant Ward after Ryan decided that he wants to be a field agent

During his first months of training to become a full-fledged S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Ryan took some weapons training under the supervision of Agent Melinda May. Although he used some handguns during his first missions with Coulson's Team, he actually never fired a gun or killed an opponent until the day when S.H.I.E.L.D. fell.

  • IMI Jericho 941 R: Ryan took this weapon to defend himself, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons and Skye from an attack by Akela Amador. While he was performing surveillance in the street Ryan took the gun, mixed up the safety release with the magazine release, and Amador knocked him out.
  • Heckler & Koch MP5A3: Cooper and Alphonso Mackenzie took one of the weapons taken from the HYDRA operatives inside the HYDRA Castle to protect the portal chamber of the HYDRA Castle. Mackenzie gave the order to shoot anything that came from the portal if it was not Phil Coulson or Leo Fitz.
  • HYDRA Assault Rifle: Ryan used this waepon to vaporize HYDRA agent and to blast the hole in the wall.
  • Nemesis Arms Vanquish: Ryan began training with this sniper rifle per Melinda May's suggestion in order to get used to its recoil, and later he used it to shoot at Donnie Gill to prevent him from freezing May and Lance Hunter on the Maribel del Mar freighter.
  • Night-Night Pistol: Cooper helped Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons on the design of the original Night-Night Gun, by checking physical properties and contraindications on the human body, and began to carry one of the pistols behind his back. He accidentally used it to shoot Jasper Sitwell when he was in a restricted area of the Hub,  and again in Italy, by shooting at the guard at the gate one time before actually hitting him. He continued to carry the weapon inside the compound, but he was disarmed by Carlo Mancini before he could shoot Ian Quinn.
  • I.C.E.R.: Ryan, as every other member of his team, used I.C.E.R.s to incapacitate his targets, carrying one of them when he infiltrated the Cybertek Manufacturing Facility with Melinda May and Skye and when he followed an erratic Phil Coulson that lost control of himself following unlocking his erased memories about Project T.A.H.I.T.I.. He even used it on himself to prevent damaging others when he lost control of his powers when he learned its origin from Vin-Tak.
  • Glock 17: Cooper obtained this handgun from a HYDRA operatives during his mission in Portugal
  • Smith & Wesson M&P: The Smith & Wesson M&P pistol is the standard sidearm carried by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, and, as such, Ryan used it as his sidearm, pointing at Grant Ward when he boarded the Bus following Daniel Whitehall's orders, or using it to kill many HYDRA operatives in a mission to rescue Deathlok and Lincoln Campbell in a HYDRA base in the Arctic. Since he doesn't prefer to use his powers as an offensive weapon, he continued to carried a Smith & Wesson M&P as his standard weapon. He drew it while he searched for Lash following the Assassination of Shane and Lori Henson, coming across operatives of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit instead.
  • Smith & Wesson M&P Compact: Cooper used the Smith & Wesson M&P Compact pistol during his training at the shooting range of the Playground, demonstrating to his Supervising Officer Melinda May both hisaccuracy and his ability to keep his heart rate low.
  • SIG Sauer P226: Ryan grabbed one of these weapons from one of the HYDRA operatives infiltrated into S.H.I.E.L.D. and used it to kill another before he could kill Melinda May during the Battle at the Hub.
  • FN Five-seven: Ryan obtained a FN Five-seven, the standard sidearm used by HYDRA security officers, when he was kidnapped and taken to the Ponce de León Theater in Puerto Rico. He used it to shoot at Grant Ward and to threaten both Skye's father and Raina moments after his liberation.
  • Chain: Ryan used a steel chain one time while he was being chased by Watchdogs into an alley, he grabbed this item off of a dumpster and infused it with his flames, using it to kill his assailants.
  • Bo-Staff/Expandable batons: Some time after the destruction of HYDRA Fitz made bo-staff from vibranium for Cooper upon his request. Staff is able to reconfigure itself into a batons-like weapons, it can change into a twin batons, each of them is able to expand into another baton directly from them. On each end there is strong magnet which binds batons together to create bo-staff. He can slam the end of the staff into the ground to project shock waves via his powers. Fitz also modified his bo-staff/batons to be capable of scanning, X-Ray Projection, laser and electrocution.
  • Knives: Ryan uses a variety of different knives (such as daggers and throwing knife) and knives have become a staple in Cooper's equipment, with him mostly using them in undercover work.
  • Thunderstick: Ryan used it to escape from a group of HYDRA operatives.

Uniforms and Gloves

Power-Inhibiting Gloves
  • Power-Inhibiting Gloves: Jemma Simmons constructed a pair of gloves for Ryan to wear in order to order to negate his abilities . He stated that these gloves were quite uncomfortable to wear, as they were tight, scratchy, irritating, and produced a nauseous feeling to him. He was told that the gloves damaged his Terrigenesis.
  • First S.H.I.E.L.D. Uniform: His first uniform consisted of a shirt, leather jacket and pants.
  • Second S.H.I.E.L.D. Uniform: His second uniform consisted of a skintight black shirt, a blueish-gray zip-up jacket with finger less gloves and the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on both shoulders, and black skinny jeans.

Third S.H.I.E.L.D. Uniform: After gaining powers as a result of Terrigenesis and returning to the field, Ryan began to wear a black uniform made up of a jacket finger less gloves and pants, with silver piping and platinum detailing ,a chest belt with an eagle sign. It's made of a polymer blend with ten layers of treated composite materials, and its main function was to monitor Cooper's vitals while providing a state-of-the-art ballistic protection for him while in the field.

Other Equipment

  • Backscatter Glasses: Ryan used the Backscatter Glasses during his mission with Agent May in Portugal.
  • D.W.A.R.F.s; Ryan often used the D.W.A.R.F.s in order to analyze and retrieve forensic data during his field missions, such as in the Centipede laboratory in Los Angeles, the temple where an 0-8-4 was located in Peru or the barn where Frank Whalen's corpse was found floating.
  • Paranasal Extraction Unit: To retrieve the intel that Agent Shaw gathered in Siberia, Ryan had to extract it from his skull through his nasal cavity using this device
  • Full-Spectrum Goggles: Ryan was wearing these glasses to investigate the location where Franklin Hall was kidnapped.
  • Spectrographic Analyzer: During an investigation in Trillemarka National Park, Ryan had to analyze the spectrographic signatures of a curious marking inside a fallen tree, quickly realizing that they had an extraterrestrial origin even before Leo Fitz determined they were of Asgardian origin.
  • Three Dimensional Scanner: Ryan resorted to use the scanner for a three-dimensional restoration of the ground when watchdogs destroyed the ATCU facility.
  • Golden Retrievers: Ryan has used Golden Retrievers in order to track individuals over a relatively great distance, such as tracking Deathlok in Florida.
  • Forensics Scanner: A forensics device Ryan used in to send blood sampe from Banks to Jemma Simmons
  • Flash Bombs: Ryan used two of these Flash Bombs to blind the security guards in The Cybertek Manufacturing Facility .


  • Captain America Card Collection: A complete set of vintage Captain America trading cards from the World War II era.
  • Captain America's USO Poster: A promotional poster edited during World War II by the USO, displaying the motto "Trust Cap to lead the way".
  • Comic Cook Collector: Ryan has a habit of collecting comic books
  • S.H.I.L.E.D. Pin: He has a pin with the symbol of S.H.I.E.L.D. on it.
  • Diviner: He obtain it from Gordon after War against Inhumans. He keeps it in a glass box on the shelf in his bunk, in the Playground
  • Kimber Solo:  Quinn's gun which he used to shot Cooper. This gun was taken from Quinn by Coulson and later he he gave it to Cooper as a remembrance on that event. He keeps it in a glass box on the shelf in his bunk.



  • Phil Coulson (Biological Father)
  • Adoptive Father (disavowed)
  • Mother (disavowed)
  • Two Sisters (disavowed)
  • Older Brother (disavowed)


  • Deke - Enemy turned ally and friend
  • Ben
  • Noah †-Savior



  • Cooper's ability to create elements involves psionic interaction with matter on sub-atomic level therefore he can "create" elements. He does not create them but he can speed up the atoms to create fire or charge particles (such as electrons or protons) to generate electricity. He can also "create" them by transforming quantum energy, thereby he's not violating the Law of Conservation of Mass with his powers.
    • He doesn't need to interact with atoms to "create" fire, he can just think that fire appeared on e.g. his hand, ground etc. and atoms will automatically heat themselves.
  • Cooper was unaware that he's the Phoenix Force host until he was transported to the Lighthouse.
  • Cooper needs to practice his powers regularly to learn how to control the "new" ones

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