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Real Name
Rai "Ryan" Thorson
Current Alias

Son of Thor



Ultra Avengers

Thor Odinson (father), Lady Sif (mother), Loki (uncle)


Base Of Operations
New York City, New York





Unusual Features




Place of Birth

First appearance



When the time came Thor found his ture love, Lady Sif. They got married, and had a son named Rai. During the time they did have him they found that he control thunder, just like his father. Odin on the day he was born gave him a waraxe for when he would grow up. And when they went to save the other Avengers Thor and Sif were over comed. Captain America had the idea to give them to Nick Fury for safe keeping. Knowing there was know other way he did what he had to do, and on that day the Avengers died. As the years passed Rai, or Ryan, and the other childern were told what really happened to their parents. All unknowing what to do he was sent a message from Odin saying that his father is still alive within him and that he will be brought back, but until then he must wait. Understanding as he was Rai awaited for the day to come when he would meet his father again. Until then he work on his magic, his fghting skills and on his powers. And when the time came he and the other childern were called upon to become the Shield Avengers. Rai was surprised when he was called upon by Odin to help him in Asgard, only to think to himself why Odin (the most powerful god in the universe) need my help. As they arrived on Asgard they saw how the world was in ruins. Rai help Odin out of the dump and sat him upon his throne. Odin tells him that Loki has done the damage. He tells him the only way to restore Asgard is to go highest mountain in Asgard and retrieve Thor's Hammer. The road was ruff but they were able to capture the hammer. Unknown it was a trap Odin revealed himself as Loki and took the hammer to earth. Loki nearly destroyed the city until Rai was able to take the hammer back and take down Loki. Loki was sent to be sent back to Asgard while Odin thanked him, saying his father would be proud. Months later went back to Asgard for a while, and yet he found himself a young Asgardian girl, Nixxon, that he soon fell in love with. But fate was cruel when he found that she was the daughter of Amora. Using her powers Amora was about to take his axe and take over Asgard, but as love over came evil she stopped her mothers plan and freed Rai. As he was able to get out he saw as the tower fell. He was devistated, the only woman he had ever loved, gone. But he felt her spirit ever time he visit Asgard, so he knew she was alive. Months went by and Rai was reunited with his parents and was forever in Captain Avengers debt. He then returned to Asgard to train like his father and be a true asgardian.

Shield Avengers vs A-Next

During the time of his journey Rai was called upon by the Shield Avengers to help them. He rushed to earth as fast as he could, and found them fighting off some different universal Avengers. Rai fights off Thunderstrike II as the two go against each as the two gods show off their great power. After finding out about one another they start showing how much they're alike. Sylene and Thena shortly break into the new world and Sylene goes after Thunderstrike, but when she sees Rai she decides to go after him instead. Not knowing his strength she is sent back to her world and he meets Thena. Time passed before the A-Next go back to their own world, and Rai returns back to his own mission.

Powers and Abilities


  • Super Strength

Rai has the power to lift 150 tons.

  • Flight

He can fly up to any planet or galaxy if he chose to.

  • Healing Factor

He can heal anyone including himself.


  • Master Combat

While in Asgard he was train in arts of war.

  • Magic Spells

He has the ability to control lightning and use spells.

Strength level



None known.


Equipment: None
Transportation: None

  • Rai's Axe

The Axe was a present to him from Odin and he has used it in battle ever since. It is posessed by Rai and Rai only.


  • No special notes.


  • No trivia.

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