Recently Anthony Stark studied his body to discover the efects of the Extremis virus.he marveled at the great efects it had in his former fragile anatomy,the most impressive being that HE STOPPED AGING!Soon he figured that was one more step towards IMMORTALITY.As the Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate Director,he made his scientists work hard on Project:Immortal or Project:Immortality,the latter being it's technical name.

First Attempt:Debris

They made experiments on a mutated mutant crocodile,merged him with the gigantic Ultimate Big Crunch Cannon and Injected God's,celestials's,Godzilla's,Mister Immortal's and Galactus's blood in him,Making him become The Debris.With the power to regenerate from an unique quark (cell division)of his,Generate and release fire balls,radiation and electricity through his mouth,reproduce asexuadly,be nearly undestructable,become sand and live submerged on water with the maximum pressure possible,Debris was NOT immortal,so it needed to be attached to a life support system.The Hulk broke the life Support system months later,but Debris lived,so it figures that he evolved so he could become independent.Stark got very excited because of this,and soon the Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate scientists (which included the now good Black Hulk)started experiments on beings a little more advanced:the neanderthals. It is interesting to note that 1500 years in the future,Thor encounters Debris and fights with him,but stops,realizing that Debris is as strong and immortal as he is.When Thor asked him if he wanted to go to asgard with him,Debris Telepathycally said "yesssss...",meaning that he BOTH knows how to talk english and knows how to use telepathy.Debris lives in an arctic bunker.Debris also can use Chronokinesis,Cryokinesis,Magnetokinesis,Electrokinesis,Telepathy & Empathy.

Second Attempt:Simian

Traveling back in time,Stark kidnaps a mutant neanderthal (Homo Superior Neandertalensis),an ancestor of the mutants.Injecting the "Super Goblin Toxin",an altered form of the green goblin serum,on him,makes him transform into The Simian,who starts to destroy everything in sight.but stark has a plan:transform his blood into God's/Celestials blood.

Final Attempt:The Invincible Iron Man

Weeks pass and the simian starts To retain a little of his intelect,but remaining evil.But Iron Man arrives in the scene,in his hulkbuster armor,now succesful in being immortal.they fight,and the Simian seems to get the upper hand,but Iron Man gets out of his armor and uses the armor's self-destruct system to defeat Simian,and he saves the day!But Stark used all of the god/celestial blood and it was very expensive to be immortal.

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