• Muscle: Pangolin? Why are you in a ring toss booth?

Pangolin: Court order. I have to do a month of community service.

Muscle (throws ring on Pangolin's head): Well looks like I won you.

Pangolin: Oh sure when you do it it's cute, but when I do it it's sexual harassment!

  • Pangolin: Ahh, Halloween, the time of year when children and creepy adults all go out and trick or treat.

Sparky: Why are you wearing a mask with your face on it?

Pangolin: Because I'm a creepy adult who likes to go out trick or treating.

  • Pangolin: Sparky quick wake up! It's Christmas...Eve.
  • Japanese woman (Earth-2301): Otaku!

Pangolin (Earth-2301): Otaku? I think that means I'm cute.

Tech (Earth-2301): Err, actually Pangolin, she just called you a comic book geek... (Sparky laughs, Pangolin falls on face)

  • Demona: (Gunshots) What the Hell was that?

Pangolin: Oh God, it's Dick Cheney! Run before he kills us all and mistakes us for birds! Oh uh, execpt you Demi, he'll probably mistake you for Lucifier.

  • Pangolin: Your bullets cannot harm me, my scales are like a shield of steel!
  • Demona (Demona, Sparky and Muscle are sitting on a couch with stunned looks, Pangolin is standing behind them with a grin): Oh. My. God.

Sparky: Pangolin...Is this true?

Pangolin: Nah, we just made that to punk her boyfriend.

Sparky: Wow, I would not like to be Jimmy Kimmel right now.

Woman on TV:...Up against the mini-bar!

  • Pangolin: Holy Crap! It's Jennifer Love Hewitt!

Lacey Chabert: I'm not Jennifer Love Hewitt! I'm Lacey Chabert! I'm three years younger and my voice is higher!

Pangolin: look like Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Lacey Chabert: I'm my own person God Dammit!

Sparky: Pangolin what are you-? Hey, it's Lacey Chabert! Big fan miss Chabert.

Lacey Chabert: Thank you! Someone knows who I am!

Pangolin: So...are you sure you're not Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Sparky: Uh, can I have your autograph?

Lacey Chabert: Get your creepy friend away from me and I'll take you out to dinner.

Sparky:...Pangolin, get the Hell away from her! (kicks Pangolin)

Pangolin: Oof! Wait, get me Jennifer Love Hewitt's autograph too!

  • Pangolin: Oh God no! This is the worst thing since-!

Sparky: Gritty reboots?

Pangolin: Oh God! They're so awful! They ruin everything! It only works with that guy with the pointy ears! They destroy everything else!

  • Sparky: Wow, I can't believe Pangolin's on Millionaire!

Announcer (TV): And now to start things off, the $100 question: Which of these things weighs the most?: A) A peanut? B) An elephant? C) The moon? Or D) A tennis ball?

Pangolin (TV): Oh, boy, haha, tough one...gee, let me think about this for a minute.

Sparky: WHAT?! Pangolin how can you be so stupid?!

Pangolin: You know what? I'm gonna go with the 50/50.

Announcer: Oooookay...

Pangolin: Yikes, knocked off two of my favourite options...uh, guess I'll phone a friend.

Sparky: No! No! You freakin' idiot! (phone rings, Sparky stares, then answers hesitantly) Hellllloooo?

Pangolin: Sparky, hi. Hey, can you get Tech, like really quickly?

Spark: Its C you idiot! C!

Pangolin: Ok, you're really eatin' up my time here.

Sparky:(Banging can he heard over phone) You (BANG)! Stupid (BANG)! Son (BANG)! of (BANG)! A (Bang!) Bi-! (call cuts off)

Pangolin: Yikes...better not go with him, sounds like he's been drinking. Eh, I guess I'll go with B.

Announcer: My you have any idea what you've just done?!

Pangolin: Won $100?

Announcer: (eye twitch) Get him the hell outta here.

Muscle: Sparky...why is your head bleeding? And why are there dents in the wall?

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