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The Pack

Official Name
The Pack
Team Aliases
The Zoologist's Pack, the Allied Animals, the Allied Animals, the Allied Animal Men, the Allied Animal Advocates, the Allied Animal Avengers, the Animal Advocates, the Animal Avengers, the Animal Men, the Animal Kingdom Advocates, the Animal Kingdom Avengers, the Animal Kingdom Men, the Beast Brigade, the Beastly Bunch, the Creature Corps, the Critter Corps, the Creature Crew, the Critter Crew, the Fabulous Flock, the Fantastic Flock, the Fabulous Fauna Family, the Fantastic Fauna Family, the Fauna Family, the Flock, the Herd, the Hero Herd, the Heroic Herd, the Power Pack, the School, the Swarm



Base Of Operations
The Zoo, Animalia; sometimes mobile

Team Leader(s)
The Zoologist, Specia (co-leader)

Former Members
The Veterinarian (post-mortem honorary member), Animal Men (Fang, Claw, Talon, Gill, Horn, & Stinger, all deceased), the PseudoZoologist, Road-Kill (temporary member)

The Maximums, the Super Squad, the X-traordinaries, the Four of Nature, the Supernaturals, Vigilance, Inc., the Space Aces, the S.T.R.U.

Place of Formation
Somewhere in South America

Bradley A. Dotson

First appearance



History of team is unknown.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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