The Orca people are a race of creatures who live in the Savage land.


A famous Orca person was mutate called Quolz (Later known as Maelstrom) who was one of the savage land inhabitants who was captured by Magneto and experimented on. His intelligence went through the roof, he gained aquakinesis and the ability to communicate with dolphins and whales. Unfortunatley for Magneto he had a strong sense of right and wrong and left Magneto's savage land Mutates before it was even officially created. He went on to become a superhero who protected the Savage land alongside Ka-Zar or whenever Ka-Zar was away.


The Orca people resemble what they are named after: Orcas. They have humanoid bodies but have Orca like heads with a fin and blowhole on top. Their skin is black with patches o white, they have webbed appendages and tails that increase their speed in the water. They are carnivorus and have sharp teeth that are used for eating fish and aquatic reptiles that are small enough for them to handle.


Orca people live in packs of up to 40, 15 being the minimum by the coasts of the Savage land. While not incredibly intelligent they are capable of making crude tools and instruments and can come up with intelligent hunting plans. The strongest often leads the packs and can be challenged by anyone who is powerful enough to take him/her on.

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