Offbeats: the Dark Duo is a spin-off to the Offbeats film series. It will be out in 2012.


  • Sparky-Chris Egan
  • Muscle-Mae Whitman
  • Dragonfly-Vladimir Vdovichenkov
  • Bonzai Bill-Kurt Russel
  • Demona-Mary Elizabeth Winstead
  • Pangolin-Shia LaBeouf
  • Tech-Wil Yun Lee
  • Vlad the impaler-Dennis Joseph O’Neil
  • Gauntlet-Aaron Yoo
  • Ace-Matt LeBlanc
  • Medic-LeVar Burton
  • Winston Ryker-Robert Englund
  • Jasmine Hobbes/Ocelot-Carmen Lavigne
  • Shade-Zooey Deschanel
  • Carl Creel/Absorbing Man-Vin Diesel
  • Cerise-Beatrice Rosen
  • Jessica Blake-Emily Browning
  • Moonshine-Jackie Earle Haley


The film opens with an armored van speeding through the streets of New York. Suddenly, two motorbikes appear out of nowehere and begin pursuit. Although the van attempts to shake the two, they still follow closely, until one of the figures manages to leap onto the top of the van. The figure then manages to get inside of the van and kick both the passenger and the driver out before pulling the van to a stop. The figure gets out of the van, takes her helmet off and reveals herself to be Muscle. The other figure then pulls over and reveals himself to be Sparky. The two tie up the criminals before going to a nearby diner. The two then talk for a brief period of time, mentioning the other Offbeats, as well as making several mentions of an "incident". They then leave to investigate several reports of missing people. Sparky searches the apartment of Carl Creel while Muscle interviews several people while wearing her helmet. Sparky notices obvious signs of a struggle, but isn't able to find even Creel's fingerprints. Muscle discoveres that Creel had a reputation for being a thug and was disliked by the other people in the apartment. When the two meet up in Creel's room, a gas canister is thrown through the window. Although Sparky and Muscle attempt to escape, the two are rendered unconscious by the gas. When they wake up, they are in a small cell with a cat like mutant. The mutant intorduces herself as Jasmine Hobbes, or as she refers to herself, the Ocelot. Jasmine tells them that she was captured under similar circumstances. Sparky and Muscle realise that there are more mutants kept in cells. They discover Creel, as well as Shade, a Mutant woman who is kept in an incredibly bright room with no shadows and Cerise, who can control energy. They each tell them of how they were captured, but Creel reveals that he was attacked by several automatons before being captured.

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