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The New Defenders

Official Name
The New Defenders

Team Identity


Base Of Operations

Team Leader(s)
Gold Guardian

Current Members
Oldstrong, Marine, Madame Sorceress

U2, Galactus, New Offenders



First appearance



Out doing his master's bidding Gold Guardian finds himself upon the Watcher. The Watcher shows him four lives for a special reason. Oldstrong's, Madame Sorceress, Marine's, and his own. The Watcher tells him that it is important that he finds these people and makes a group out of them. Gold Guardian races to earth and finds Oldstrong fighting off a group of minions of Galactus's Heralds. Gold Guardian helps Oldstrong and he starts attacking him, until Gold Guardian reaches into Oldstrong's head and gives him Nathans mind. Nathan was amazed to see himself in Oldstrong's body, and to thank him he joined his team. They later traveled to Atlantis and find Marine fight off more minions, and thinking that they were there to attack he struck them with a powerful hit. Gold Guardian soon made him realize why they were there he agreed to join the team. And finally he made a stop at Madame Sorceress world and she was up against the minions. After helping her she was thankful and repaid them by joining their team. Soon after the Watcher appeared and made them realize that they were all attacked by Galactus Herald's minions. He told them that Galactus was planning on taking control of heroes of use to him. Sorceress was able to put a spell on them so that they will never be controlled. They were then able to view their parents past and saw how they were the Defenders, and to make sense they called themselves the New Defenders.


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