• Sparky (Earth-2000714): You look...nice.

Muscle (Earth-2000714): Thanks. Some people say I look like Mae Whitman.

  • Muscle: You're all under arrest, come quietly and we won't have to use force.

Gang member: We don't taking orders from freaks!

Muscle: Freak? (punches gang member through window) Does anyone else have a problem?!

  • Muscle: Alright, I'm here. (through gritted teeth) What did he do this time?

Police officer: He assaulted French Stewart.

Muscle: Oh my God!

Sparky (off-panel): He ruins sequels!

Police officer: How the Hell did he do that?!

Muscle: He has...very good hearing. How much to bail him out?

  • Skullex: Have a taste of my rocket-fist Off-jerks!

Sparky: Off-jerks? What the Hell?

Muscle: Sparky look out!

Sparky (is hit by rocket-fist): Oof!

Dragonfly: Muscle, how is he?

Sparky (Muscle looks at Sparky, who has collapsed into a pile of rubble):...Across my memooooorrrryyyy!

Muscle: Err, I think he better sit this one out.

  • Demona (Earth-2000714): Awww, is little Sparky gonna cry?

Muscle (Earth-2000714): What is wrong with you?! Can't you see that those zombies are really scaring him?!

Demona: So what? Do you see any of us cowering like that? We're made of tougher stuff.

Muscle: Sparky's a hero too! He's saved the world and done it without walking all over eveyone and making them feel bad about themselves! You have no right to judge him!

  • Sparky (Earth-2000714):...And here we have the bar. I'm sure you'd all like a stiff drink, God knows I would. Anyone else? (all Rabble-Rousers began taking orders, except Muscle) Whatsa matter, don't drink?

Muscle (Earth-2000714): Uh, no. My parents were alcoholics.

Sparky: Oh, I'm sorry.

Muscle: Don't be, I've learned from their mistakes.

Sparky: Yeah? And what would those be?

Muscle: Alcohol leads to misery, misery leads to arguments, arguments lead to violence.

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