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  • I live in in the universe
  • My occupation is Making lego stop motions and writing articles
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  • I was just curious as to the status of your CMCU Heroes for Hire movie. If you need any help with it, just ask. I totally understand if you're busy with stuff, and that's perfectly fine, but I was just wondering how this was going so far.

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  • Having recently gotten an account for the fan-supported version of FusionFall, I've been coming up with new ideas for that Marvel/CN crossover we discussed a while back, along with the possibility of making it (yet.) another A Puff of Responsibility adaptation, only this time with all the Cartoon Network characters instead of just the Powerpuff Girls and Dexter's Laboratory ones.

    I wanted to see if either you or Primal would still be interested in realizing that project at some point, somehow.

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  • Yet 'nother new talk :/

    My favorite non-Spidey comics have to be the original New Avengers run, possibly followed by the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby run on Avengers.

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