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Real Name
Current Alias


Rebeccah (Earth 49996) (daughter), Psyche (Earth 49996) (granddaughter), Rage (Earth 49996) (grandson)

Base Of Operations
Palace Medira in the Gandra Universe






Marital Status

Emperess of Gandra


Jeff-todd Jencks

First appearance



Medira is the emperess of the Gandra Universe (Earth 49996) and all it's sub-universes. She had no interest in Earth 49996 until her daughter Revicha and her daughter's friend Koretha decided to visit Earth 49996. Medira used her power to open a portal between the Gandra Universe and the universe of Earth 49996 but something went wrong. Both Revicha and Koretha were transformed by fluctuations in the portal and these transformations were severe enough that Koretha could never return to the Gandra Universe and Revicha would need life support to visit the Gandra Universe. So, Revicha and Koretha settled permanently on Earth 49996 and adopted the human names of Rebeccah (Earth 49996) and Cora (Earth 49996) respectively. Rebeccah even got married and had two children: Psyche (Earth 49996) and Rage (Earth 499996).

Medira continues to care nothing about Earth 49996 except for the fact that she has family living there. Therefore, Medira will usually ignore anything happening on Earth 49996 except when it threatens any member of her family. Then Medira is quite swift to protect her family.

Medira qualifies as a neutral character because her family is neutral. Whether her family is fighting alongside or against the good guys, Medira always fights alongside her family.

Powers and Abilities


Like all people of the Gandra Universe, Medira has exceptional powers to bend reality and to travel from one universe to another. Thus the Gandra Universe is not a single universe but a primary universe plus all the universes that the Gandrans travel to. Therefore, the Gandrans consider the universe of Earth 49996 to be a Gandran sub-universe. Medira, as empress, bears the Gandran Universe Carving Staff, a powerful device that gives Medira additional power over interuniverse travel including the power to create sub-universes which she calls pocket universes. She frequently uses these pocket universes as prisons for housing threats. She also has great control in designing these pocket universes to whatever suits her fancy.

  • Typical Gandran Abilities: Interuniverse Travel, Teleportation, Reality Bending
  • Interuniverse Travel: The typical Gandran can only travel between universes that are already in such a state of similarity that the boundary is thin. Medira's staff allows her to make such boundaries thinner thus creating more stable portals for travel to universes that are otherwise innaccessible.
  • Teleportation: This power is a natural extension of the ability to travel between universes. The Gandrans essentially slip into the boundaries between universes and travel till they emerge. Gandran teleportation is not instant but it is direct because while teleporting, Gandrans don't need to steer around any obstacles.
  • Reality Bending: All Gandrans have a limited ability to bend or change reality around them. The primary limit on this power is range in that they can really only alter the reality of their own bodies and a couple of feet range beyond their bodies. With Medira's staff, she is able to extend her reality bending power throughout an entire sub-universe but only during the first formative days of the sub-universes creation. Therefore, Earth 49996 is too old for Medira to alter.


None known.

Strength level



None known.


Equipment: Medira's Staff (Earth-49996)
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


Medira has been able to travel as far as the universe of the Magistrates and Earth 616 but these universes are so much more difficult that they are not considered Gandran sub-universes. Likewise, the Magistrates have not invited any Gandran to join the ranks of the Magistrates. Medira and The Young Magistrate are not allies and have only a working respect for each other in recognition of each others interest in Earth 49996.


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