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Marvel Renaissance

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Ancient Times



World War II

1960's (our time) and Onward

In 1963, the former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent turned-terrorist Franklin Hall stole S.H.I.E.L.D.'s supply of Gravitonium, and used it to hold New York City for ransom. He was opposed by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, as well as the time-warped Robert Frank, the incredible Hulk, the invincible Iron Man, the mighty Thor, and allies of Hank Pym (the winsome Wasp and the devastating Black Goliath. Managing to defeat the incredibly powerful Hall, now calling himself Graviton, the six banded together as the mighty Avengers.

Modern Times



See characters here and teams here.

Sensational Sixty

In 2015, Earth-166 experienced a comic reboot, in fact a combination of DC's New 52 and Marvel's All-New All-Different reboot for Earth-616. The following titles are published under the Sensational Sixty reboot:


  • In this universe, Marvel never had the financial troubles that forced it to sell the movie rights to its characters. This was because Marvel instead sold the Micronauts to Todd MacFarlane in exchange for Spawn's supporting cast. But due to Marvel's use of Al Simmons, the character specifically known as Spawn, MacFarlane sued for the same amount that he bought the Micronauts for. Despite being costly lawsuits, Marvel was allowed to make their own Spawn-esque character (in the form of Nightwatch) and the right to pick and choose Spawn characters while MacFarlane kept all Micronauts characters and ROM the Spaceknight as well. As such, Marvel has no Microns, Micronauts, or Spaceknights, but they have all Spawn characters that they chose to keep. Ultimately the success of a connected MRCU paid much more in full to make this a financially sound transaction.
  • DC and Marvel also exchanged the Eternals for the Wildstorm Universe. This was a hush-hush arrangement, so Marvel quietly rebranded its most important Eternals "Titanians," while incorporating strong Wildstorm Universe aspects into already-existing characters. The Eternals, while part of DC, would go on to be characters involved with Darkseid.


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