MC3 is yet another comic focusing on the future. Some would call it "the future of the future" because it is an altered version of MC2, featuring the children of MC2 heroes, and with a few minor differences. For example, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man married the Black Cat instead of Mary Jane, making their children mutants, although their powers have not been seen. Spider-Man also kept his powers from The other story arc. Thor, god of thunder, master of storm and lightning, had an affair with Storm, and 9 months later, a cute baby was born! However, Storm was not prepared for the entire "taking care of children" responsibility, and left the baby on the door of Thor's house for him to find. At that time, Thor was Franklin Richards. Thor named the girl (it was a girl) "Thena", and when she reached puberty, her father got surprised because not only she could control lightning, she also could control the four elements (and metal, electricity, and plants)!She also had pure-god half-brothers (who were not as strong as her), Woden and Magni Thorson. She married Thunderstrike, who had returned from the alternate dimension, later having a daughter named "Sarah Masterson". I will continue this later...I'm sleepy..

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