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Web series title

The series title screen

LEGO Spider-Man: The Web Series is a LEGO stop motion web series released in both YouTube and in Marvel Fanon Wiki by Benspider. It takes inspiration mainly from The Spectacular Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, the Earth-616 Spider-Man comic books, the Ultimate Spider-Man comic books, the Spider-Man movie games and the Spidey comic books, but also from Spider-Man 3, Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, Spider-Man: The Animated Series, the Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions game, and pieces as well as from other Spider-Man related media as well as other Marvel Fanon Wiki articles (such as MaxGoji's Spider-Man: The Series  and LEGO Spider-Man: Irresponsible's original's draft, Topher5151992's Marvel Nexus, ThunderboltZemo92's The Spectacular Spider-Man, Bridgetterocks Assemble! and ElectricMayem's Marvel's Spider-Man) as well as other fanfictions (such as thebandragoness's Fighting Crime, Spinning Webs) and YouTube fan series (such as Paradox Pictures's The Spectacular Lego Spider-Man and  darkspidey34's The Amazing Lego Spider-Man ), yet it gives them a new spin. The first episode will be released sometime in 2017. The series has a bigger focus on Spider-Man's civilian life as Peter Parker.


Featured characters

  • Spider-Man (Peter Benjamin Parker): A bookworm that one day was bitten by an electrocuted Oz enhanced spider giving him it's abilities. He used them irresponsibly and which caused his Uncle Ben's death he decided to use them for good. Now he struggles a normal life and his superhero life as Spider-Man!

Supporting characters

Introduced in Season 1

Introduced in Season 2

Introduced in Season 3

Introduced in Season 4

Introduced in Season 5

Introduced in Season 6

Minor characters

Introduced in Season 1

Introduced in Season 2

  • Mayor Waters
  • Ashley Kafka
  • Jason Ionello
  • Sean "Tiny" McKeever
  • Dr. Bromwell


Introduced in Season 1

Introduced in Season 2

Introduced in Season 3

Introduced in Season 4

Introduced in Season 5

Introduced in Season 6

  • Venom (II) (Angelo Fortunato)
  • Hard-shell (Leila Davis)
  • Magneto (Erik Lensherr)
  • Doctor Doom (Victor Von Damme)
  • Morlun
    • Dex

Introduced in Season 7

Introduced in Season 8


Season 1: Learning to Crawl

# Title
1 Adaptation
Peter Parker returns from summer vacation to school just as has to deal with his first super powered villain, Adrian Toomes, who gets his inventions stolen by Norman Osborn, he decides to take his revenge as the Vulture. Can Spidey survive returning to school?
2 Survival of the Fittest
After Spider-Man interferes another one of his operations, Wilson Fisk (the Kingpin) contracts the mercenary group called the Enforcers (strongman Ox, contortionist Snake Marston, expert martial artist Fancy Dan, and gunman Montana) just when Peter finally starts his internship at Horizon Labs and decides to take pictures of Spider-Man for the Daily Bugle. But after Spider-Man is defeated by the Enforcers he manages to escape and once he heals he wants a rematch. Now Spidey must survive the Enofrcers, take pictures of himself for a man that hates him, work with his idols and survive school as usual.
3 Countermeasures
The enigmatic big man sends a criminal that works for him named William Baker to get experimentated on by Dr Otto Octavius and Norman in an attempt to distract Spider-Man by making him impervious to damage.The experiment fails and turns him into living sand , Baker uses this new powers to start a crime spree which brings him into the attention of the web slinger just as Peter gets tired of Flash bullying him and challenges him to a fight in his hubris.Now Peter must deafeat the slippery sandman and somehow fight Flash without showing everyone that he is Spider-Man.
4 Variable
The Big Man continues his attempts to distract Spider-Man by fusing two bit tug Alex O'Hirn (Baker's former partner) with an impenetrable exo skeleton shaped like a rhinoceros.He uses his newfound powers to get back at Spider-Man by trying to get J Jhona Jameson to reaveal how he gets so many pictures of Spider-Man in his paper as he believes that the photographer is in contact with Spider-Man.Now Peter must save the man who hates him the most from the second man who hates him the most.
5 Influx
After the Rhino incident
6 The Invisible Hand
Tired of all the new villains, Peter investigates the mysterious Kingpin but he is instead attacked by former enforcer Montana wearing a shock absorbing suit and vibro gauntlets, calling himself the Shocker. Believing he is related to the mysterious Kingpin, Spidey decides to get the information out of him.
7 Premature Reaction
While working on the maintenance of an experiment to create super criminals, Dr. Otto Octavius is reminded of his abusive father by Norman Osborn. He starts feeling uneased, but everything takes a turn for the worse once a mysterious figure sabotages his experiment. Octavius survives but his mechanical arms are fused with his body. Blaming Norman and Spider-Man (since he helped save him), he names himself Doctor Octopus and tries getting revenge on all the people who have wronged him just as Peter's school is in a field trip to Tri-Corp where one of the people who wronged him works.Now Peter must subdue theeight armed menace and protect his friends and the people he hates from him.
8 Fuse
As the fall formal is finally here, a mysterious figure known as the Green Goblin, who also seems to be related Octavius accident, starts terrorizing the party. But the worst part is that the party has a special visitor who is none other than the Kingpin of crime.Now Peter must save one of his worst enemies , deafeat a new deadly one and find an excuse as to why he is leaving the party to Mary Jane Watson.
9 Accomplices
After the Goblin's debut Spidey searches for him all over the city but instead finds the Vulture , who was freed by the goblin to distract the web head. The Vulture instead kidnaps Harry Osborn to get revenge on the man who ruined him, Norman Osborn.
10 Explosive Result
As Halloween arrives Spider-Man and the Kingpin are both invited by the Green Goblin to a foundry where he has incriminating evidence of Kingpin's operations. At the same time Peter is told by Gwen to talk to Harry who didn't show up to Midtown's Halloween Party. However, Peter discovers that Norman Osborn has ties to the Green Goblin and may even be him. Now Peter must try to defeat his greatest enemy and survive for enough time to talk to Harry without letting him now his father may be the Goblin.
11 Competition
After Halloween Spider-Man is desperate to
12 Illusion
A mysterious, new villain starts stealing technology. He is Mysterio the Mystic and he wants to bring mankind back to basics. Peter believes he has a connection to Kingpin and decides to use his Bugle connections to ask reporter Frederick Foswell to help him, and if that wasn't enough he needs to do his history homework about the Great Depression. Now Spidey must defeat Mysterio the mystic and complete his homework in time.
13 Stock Dive
Spidey finally figures a way to take Kingpin to jail; he needs to find some tapes which incriminate him. There is one problem, however, he has two deadly bodyguards who also serve as his lieutenants: Hammerhead and Tombstone. At the same time, Kingpin frees Rhino ,Sandman and the Enforcers (minus Montana and Snake Marston) to distract the webhead .Now Spider-Man must face against four of his deadliest villains and take down the big man of crime once and for all in this epic season finale.

Season 2: Web of Shadows

# Title
1 Drained
When a freak accident happens at Horizon Labs, Max Dillon gets turned into living energy conduit and he seeks to be cured. Meanwhile, Spider-Man is exhausted due to fighting criminals all week, so how will he defeat Electro if he can keep himself awake for more than ten minutes?
2 Boisterous
As Dr. Connors tries testing an electrified Oz lizard serum, the formula is sabotaged by Miles Warren and he is turned into a giant lizard creature and tries to eat all of the Horizon Labs staff, including Eddie Brock and Gwen Stacy. Spider-Man and the Horizon staff must now stop him and make a cure before the police kill him.
3 Deviation
After defeating the Lizard Spider-Man discovers that a mysterious rat like creature is kidnapping geneticists into the sewers and one of them is Horizon's Miles Warren and Doctor Connors. Peter immediately assumes that he is connected to Connors's research , however he might uncover some of Warren's shady secrets instead and if that wasn't enough Peter must try to tutor the arrogant Liz Allan. Now Spidey must fight against the being behind this act: the ferocious Vermin and try tutoring a selfish cheerleader.
5 Absorbance
After Kingpin was taken down a new crime boss has not yet risen but one villain is winning traction on the underworld a returning Green Goblin who then gets Liz Allan's brother , who owes his right hand (Blackie Gaxton) a big quantity of money, to submit to an experiment that fuses his skin with a gold molten substance (called sub dermal armor) that makes him stronger and gives him the ability to exponentially increase his heat so he can kill Spider-Man for a cure. The problem is that Mark's sister and his girlfriend ,Mary Jane Watson , try investigating and get trapped on the crossroad of the fight between Peter and the"Molten Man" and spidey must try to protect them.
6 Revealed
As Peter is trying to find a way help Harry give up being the Green Goblin , he is told by Harry that there is a new Goblin in town because he was kidnapped by him.
7 Characterization
8 Metamorphosis
9 Rising Action
10 Group Therapy
11 Power Corrupts
12 Thesis
13 Antithesis

Season 3: The Clone Saga

# Title
1 Evaluation
2 The Citation
3 Disarmament
4 Failing
7 X

Season 4: No More

  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5.
  • 6.
  • 7.
  • 8.
  • 9.
  • 10.
  • 11.
  • 12.
  • 13.

Season 5: Gang War

  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5.
  • 6.
  • 7.
  • 8.
  • 9.
  • 10.
  • 11.
  • 12.
  • 13.


  • The series was originally meant to be live action, but due to finding no one wanted to act in it and because of some budget concerns, the series was made into a LEGO stop motion series.
  • In the show the Parkers' dog, Ms. Lion, is a schnauzer dog. This change was made to make the dog look like Benspider's dog.
  • Benspider has said that after ten seasons he may consider doing a reboot series with the same title.
  • After the failed live action idea the series was going to be pivot animated but the idea was also dropped due to Benspider finding it too difficult.
  • The series is animated at 20 fps.
  • The series was originally animated using Dragonframe but benspider instead chose MonkeyJam.
  • The series takes place in Earth-616901616.
  • There have been 8 rewrites so far. The most current one has made the series a remake of the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series.
  • In the first pitch many villains would have been created by the same accident as Spider-Man. (Note: all of the non powered villains would have used the accident to steal tech from OsCorp.)
    Lego kingpin

    The minifigure used in the series

  • Most minifigures used in the show are a combination of decals, sculpting, painting, and printing.
  • Originally the show was going to take place one year after the Green Goblin and Gwen Stacy's deaths in a reality split off from Earth-616.
  • This series is part of Benspider's project to make many LEGO stop motion series', seven of them being Spidey series' (LEGO Web of Spider-Man, The Amazing LEGO Spider-Man: The Web Series, LEGO Webspinner: The Series, LEGO Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, LEGO Spider-Man: The Web Series (Reboot), LEGO Astonishing Spider-Man: The Web Series, Ultimate LEGO Spider-Man: The Web Series, LEGO Spider-Man: The Web Series, The Spectacular LEGO Spider-Man: The Web Series, and LEGO Spider-Man: The New Web Series.).
  • One series managed to spin off from the success of both this one and Webspinner; LEGO Marvel Kaijuverse: The Web Series, created by Max Carroll.
  • The series use clay to help with the animation.
  • The series intro music is from The Spectacular Spider-Man guitar cover from Spectacular Spiderman FULL GUITAR COVER with Guitar as vocals with Solo made by 6StringMaestro
  • In the show Spider-Man has a mix of organic and mechanical webbing. In this version he uses the web-shooters to allow his webbing to support weights and not break as easily as it will do otherwise.
  • There are 4 different Sinister Six lineups
    • The first Sinister Six lineup consists of: Kraven the Hunter, Scorpion (Gargan), Doctor Octopus (leader), Mysterio (Beck), Electro, and Vulture (Toomes).
    • The second Sinister Six lineup consists of: Beetle (Jenkins), Doctor Octopus, Scorpion (clone), Mysterio (Beck), Sandman, and Kraven.
    • The third Sinister Six line up consists of:


  • Spider-Man's design during season 1, 2, and 3 is a mix of the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series (with the web pattern and back logo) and Todd McFarlane designs (with the spider eyes and the black with blue shading instead of the more recognizable blue) with red gloves with black fingers and exterior molded black and red web-shooters. During Season 1 and 2 he has a blue spider logo on his back originally it was based on the Ditko logo but in Season 2 it's based on The Spectacular Spider-Man but in Season 3 and Season 4 the costume is modified and the black with blue shading becomes blue with a lighter blue as shading.The flickr user : pivote1342 did the original decal and it was later changed by benspider.
  • Doctor Octopus' design is a LEGO version of The Spectacular Spider-Man version. The flickr user : pivote1342 did the original decal and it was later changed by benspider.
  • Electro's design is based in his The Spectacular Spider-Man version.
  • Vulture design's based on his The spectacular Spider-Man version with molded wings below his arms and with molded talons.
    Lego spectacular Vulture
    The flickr user : pivote1342 did the original decal and it was later changed by benspider.
  • Venom design's a mix between the McFarlane version (Shape of the eyes, mouth) and the costume worn by Mac Gargan (red pupils, logo). It also has elbow-boney spikes.
    Venom lego spider-man web series

    venom's design

  • Kingpin's design is based on his Spider-Man: The Animated Series counterpart.
Lego spider-man the web series face decal

Spider-Man's face decals.

Lego spider-man the web series body decal

Spider-Man's torso design.

Easter Eggs

  • In the first episode Vulture's suit looks green due to the lighting after kdinapping grabing Norman Osborn. This is a reference to his comic book color scheme.
  • In the first episode, Harry mentions a tour of France. In the comics Norman Osborn hid there after his apparent death in The Amazing Spider-Man #122.
  • Peter has a Gargoyles poster in his room referencing the writer Greg Weinsman, who worked on both Gargoyles and the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series.
  • There is a pizzeria called Romita and Junior's Pizzeria. This is a reference to John Romita Sr. and Jr., both of whom are artists who drew Spider-Man.
  • At Peter's school, there is a poster for an arachno-man movie directed by Ran Saimi. This is a reference to the Ultimate Spider-man "Hollywood" were an arachno-man movie was being directed by san raimi.
  • There are multiple references to the popular web series : Red vs blue.Such as in season 1 episode 9a criminal with a maroon headband asks one with an orange one only for them to be interrupted by Spider-Man. This is a reference to the first line spoken in said show.
  • In many Season 1 , 2 ,3 and 4 episodes a long black haired man is seen drinking coffee with a skinny man and observing Spider-Man. These characters are confirmed to be both Morlun and Dex. (Note: In season 5 Morlun becomes a main villain.)
    Lego doc ock decal o

    Dock ock's design in the series

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