Croc: Yeah, I'm not sure we want Sparky around. I mean, he old, really old, and I've heard he's a bit of a wuss.

Sparky: Who you callin' a wuss?!

Croc: A wuss with really good hearing.

Sparky: I'm no wuss! I beat up celebrities! I bombed supposed medical clinics! I had a fan club dammit!

Croc: Yeah, but in your biography, Demona said that you cried for four hours after Karen Carpenter died (Sparky's lower lip trembles)

  • Yowie: Ok, so here's the plan. While Radiation me and Radiation Woman go in from the right flank, Hazel, Ghost boy and Thorn will take the left flank and-

Croc: Leeeeeroy Jeeeenkins! (charges towards enemy base, Yowie sighs, rubs temples)

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