Welcome to Earth-X6! The end is coming and the only ones who can stop it are at war with each other. 
Illuminati No Surrender

Illuminati: No Surrender The end is coming!
Created by: Sam Riders

Illuminati: No Surrender is a fan-made Marvel TV series. Set in Earth-X6, the series follows the rise and fall of a secret society called the Illuminati and the wars raged by its members against each other.

The series features a large ensemble cast, with most storylines focusing on Tony Stark / Iron Man, Reed Richards / Mister Fantastic, Max Eisenhardt / Magneto, Stephen Strange / Doctor Strange, T'Challa / Black Panther, Namor McKenzie / Namor, and Blackagar Boltagon / Black Bolt.

The series premiered on October 6, 2017. In April 4, 2018, the series was renewed for a second and third season.

Series overview

The story takes place in a parallel universe called Earth-X6. In this universe, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the Inhumans have all been formed for a few years and have been in quite a few wars.

Weeks after the mysterious death of Professor X, the superhero community is in great tension. The ranks of the X-Men are in total chaos with members constantly leaving. The Avengers are separated and the Fantastic Four are in discord. Wakanda, Atlantis, Attilan and Genosha are all in war against each other. As a world-ending threat arrives, an old secret society known as the Illuminati tries to set aside their differences and former quarrels to save the world.

Season One

Illuminati- No Surrender Opening Sequence

Illuminati- No Surrender Opening Sequence

Season 1 opening sequence

INS Season One Poster

Season 1

Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Namor, and Black Bolt reconvene the Illuminati in the hopes of solving the mystery of Richard Rider's message. With one seat left empty, the members of the Illuminati scour the whole universe for any help they can to prevent the destruction of the universe that Rider warned them about.

Doctor Strange embark on a journey with an old enemy to search for the truth of Rider's warnings. Iron Man, and three Captains - Steve Rogers, Carol Danvers, and Brian Braddock - come upon a despairing answer to a question that has puzzled them for years. Mister Fantastic has lost his family after Susan divorced him. But with Johnny Storm suddenly appearing on his doorstep, Reed tries to fix his marriage in a time where the world needs him the most. The people of Wakanda and Atlantis are in great tension after T'Challa's reluctance to approve Atlantis' membership in the United Nations. With the two nations in the brink of war, the rest of the nations begin to take their sides.

Meanwhile, Magneto and the rest of the House of Magnus are still mourning over Charles Xavier's sudden demise. With the remaining members of the X-Men in hiding and the future of the mutants uncertain, Magneto chooses to the despicable, which puts him at odds with the rest of the superhero community, especially with Black Bolt and the Inhumans. Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, realizes that she has a destiny to fulfill and if she wants to do so, she must make the hardest decision of her life.

In the farthest reaches of space, after years buried in an uncharted planet, an old enemy returns from the dead and he's deadlier than ever.


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The following cast members have been credited as main cast in the opening credits:

Actor Character Appearances
Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark / Iron Man Main
Ralph Fiennes Max Eisenhardt / Magneto Main
John Krasinski Reed Richards / Mister Fantastic Main
Benedict Cumberbatch Stephen Strange / Doctor Strange Main
Chadwich Boseman T'Challa / Black Panther Main
Godfrey Gao Namor McKenzie / Namor Main
Stephen Moyer Blackagar Boltagon / Black Bolt Main
Elizabeth Olsen Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch Main
Chris Evans Steve Rogers / Captain America Main
Brie Larson Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel Main



Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 24 October 6, 2017 March 30, 2018
2 24 2018 TBA

Season 1 (2017)

# Image Title Airdate
Part One: The Fallen
01 INS0101 "The World We Know" October 6, 2017
After receiving a warning from a dying Nova, Doctor Strange gathers the remaining members of the Illuminati. At Genosha, Magneto sees the future of his family. Flashbacks reveal how the Illuminati was formed.
02 INS0102 "Demons in a Bottle" October 13, 2017
As the rest of the Illuminati scour the Earth for answers, Iron Man is called the two Captains to Seoul to investigate a mystery. Flashbacks reveal Tony's history with Pepper and the Mandarin.
03 INS0103 "Doctor, Sorcerer, Supreme" October 20, 2017
As the options of the Illuminati run out, Stephen turns into an unlikely ally. Black Bolt is reminded of his duty, and Tony returns to Seoul. Flashbacks reveal Stephen's dark road to becoming a sorcerer.
04 INS0104 "Fantastic No More" October 27, 2017
Reed is visited by Johnny who brings him grave news about Susan. Meanwhile, T'Challa, Black Bolt and Namor visit Genosha. Flashbacks reveal how Reed and Susan's divorce came to be.
05 INS0105 "King of the Dead" November 3, 2017
T'Challa's worst fears come to fruition upon learning that a crack exists in Wakanda. In Genosha, the House of Magnus discuss their family drama. Flashbacks reveal T'Challa's last moments with his father.
06 INS0106 "Me, Myself and My Friend" November 10, 2017
As the Illuminati comes knocking at his door, Erik sees an opportunity to enact his plans. Tony take Thor, Peter, and Teddy to a secret base. Flashbacks reveal Magneto's mission with the Professor before his death.
07 INS0107 "A Vow of Silence" November 17, 2017
Black Bolt spends some time away from the Illuminati to visit an Inhuman sanctuary in the Oceanic. Tony's secret team encounter the Lensherrs. Flashbacks reveal Black Bolt's troubled life as a king and a destroyer.
08 INS0108 "Imperius Rex" November 24, 2017
Namor has been waiting all this time to declare war on Wakanda. The Illuminati halp their investigations to try and talk Namor out of declaring a war. Flashbacks reveal Namor's rift with the Wakandan king.
09 INS0109 "Dark Wishes of the Darkest Souls" December 1, 2017
Wanda enlists Hope van Dyne and Daisy to free Vision from her father's control. Meanwhile, Namor faces the wrath of the Illuminati for almost inciting a war. Flashbacks reveal Wanda's time away from his family.
10 INS0110 "Star-Spangled Hero" December 8, 2017
Steve starts to suspect that Tony is hiding something and follows him with two other Captains' help. The Illuminati reconvene with a new member. Flashbacks reveal Steve's war with Red Skull after stealing his identity.
Part Two: The Captive
11 INS0111 "To the Stars and Back" December 15, 2017
The Illuminati tries to wipe out the organization from the minds of the Captains. Carol escapes the organization and seeks refuge in Genosha. Flashbacks reveal Carol's first outing as the Kree-powered Ms. Marvel.
12 INS0112 "How to Save the World" December 22, 2017
The Illuminati power is unparalleled. With all unpleasantries behind them, the group work together to stop a premature explosion of a crack. The lengths of the things they will do to save the world is measured.
13 INS0113 "Never Deal with Men Seeking for Answers" January 12, 2018
Wong died saving the world. Steve forcefully joins the Illuminati in the hopes of getting answers from the group. Flashbacks reveal the Illuminati's involvements with the disappearance of Mystique.
14 INS0114 "The Secret Avengers" January 19, 2018
Someone else knows about the Illuminati, and with the help of other heroes, they plan on taking down the organization. Flashbacks reveal more of the Illuminati's encounter with the Ant-family.
15 INS0115 "The Baron Demands" January 26, 2018
The Secret Avengers tries to enlist Wanda into their ranks. Forced with terrible choices, the Illuminati turn to Mordo for help. Flashbacks reveal what happened with Strange and Mordo.
16 INS0116 "A Pinch of Paprika" February 2, 2018
Wanda and the Secret Avengers rescue Vision from Magneto's dungeons. To stop his family from being torn apart, Magneto uses his secret weapon. Flashbacks reveal Wanda and Vision's search for their missing children.
17 INS0117 "More than a Suit" February 9, 2018
Tony's membership in the Illuminati has been compromised. As his friends turn their backs against him, an angry Iron Man takes a wrong turn. Flashbacks reveal more of Tony's addiction and his divorce.
18 Season 1, Episode 18 February 16, 2018
Synopsis to be announced.
Part Three: The Villain
19 Season 1, Episode 19 February 23, 2018
Synopsis to be announced.
20 Season 1, Episode 20 March 2, 2018
Synopsis to be announced.
21 Season 1, Episode 21 March 9, 2018
Synopsis to be announced.
22 Season 1, Episode 22 March 16, 2018
Synopsis to be announced.
23 Season 1, Episode 23 March 23, 2018
Synopsis to be announced.
24 Season 1, Episode 24 March 30, 2018
Synopsis to be announced.