Higurr is a mountainous planet that is home to the Higurrians.


The planet existed in the solar system that neighbors ours. The native people were on a technological level similar to our own. However, the planet came under attack by the savage Nilok, a race of barbarians who devastated the planet to vent anger. The cities were destroyed, and the inhabitants were forced to live in tribal societies, with the exception of those who managed to escape the devastation on offshore oil rigs. In an attempt to gain help to rebuild their civilization, the Higurrians found and repaired and enemy spaceship and had one of their own, Sajaal Nokeemi, use the ship to leave the solar system. Eventually, the Humans sent their allies, the Caerrians to aid the Higurrians in the reconstruction of their cities. In return for this help, the Caerrians were aloud to build colonies on Higurrs two moons.


Higurr was divided into three continents. Two of them were heavily forested while the third was mainly savanna with small jungles. All had large mountains. The planet orbited a yellow sun and had two moons. It was the fourth planet from the sun.

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