Hazel: And this is my Staff of Moses. It enables me to use unspeakably evil magic that makes the victim suffer horribly.

Croc: Moses wasn't evil!

Hazzel: Tenth plague Justin, tenth plague.

  • Yowie: Croc tells me that you believe Moses was evil.

Hex: Of for- The Tenth Plague! You really think that any real Humanitarian would sacrifice a load of innocent children for another group?!

Yowie: Well the pharoh was planning to do the same thing to the Israelites children.

Hex: So? Two wrongs don't make a right. He was merely sinking to their level by slaughtering innocents. He was totally evil.

  • Hex: This is even stupider than...than...

Croc: Erin Burnett?

Hex: Wasn't she that woman who thought that culling camels was murder?

Croc: Yeah, what a moron.

Hex: Yeah, she was totally stupid. culling camels murder. Why, that makes me laugh at her blatant stupidity!

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