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This Hellfire Club is very similar to that of Earth-616 with variations of course. In Earth-515, the Hellfire Club was one of the first super-villain teams that the 2nd generation of X-Men faced, and later recruited their White Princess, Emma Frost.

Hellfire Club

Lord Imperial

  • Unknown

The Lord's Cardinal-New York (American) Branch

  • Sebastian Shaw (Earth-515) (Black King) (Kinetic Energy Absorption) (Caucasian American-Pennsylvanian)
  • Selene Gallio (Earth-515) (Black Queen) (Psionic Vampirism/Vampirism/Sorcery) (Romanian)
  • Donald Pierce (Earth-515) (White King) (Cyberpathy/Cybernetics) (Caucasian American-New Yorker)
  • Adrienne Frost (Earth-515) (White Queen) (Psychometry/Levitation) (Belgian)
  • Harold Leland (Earth-515) (Black Bishop) (Gravitikinesis) (Caucasian American-Bay Stater (Mass.))
  • Jason Wyngarde (Earth-515) (White Bishop) (Illusion Casting) (Caucasian American-Virginian)
  • Madailein Pryor (Earth-515) (Black Rook) (Telekinesis/Telepathy/Sorcery) (Irish)
  • Emma Frost (Earth-515) (White Rook) (Empathy/Organic Diamond Form) (Belgian)
  • Trevor Fitzroy (Earth-515) (White Knight) (Life Absorption/Chronokinesis/Teleportation) (Caucasian American-Pennsylvanian)
  • Shinobi Shaw (Earth-515) (Black Knight) (Molecular Density Manipulation) (Caucasian American-Pennsylvanian)
  • Theresa Saglam (Earth-515) (Sage) (Cyberpathy/Kinetic Memory) (Greek/Turkish) (Sebastian Shaw's personal assistant)

The Lord's Cardinal-London (European) Branch

  • Quentin Templeton (Earth-515) (Black King)
  • Alan Wilson (Earth-515) (Red King)
  • Emma Steed (Earth-515) (Black Queen/Damask) (Psionic Skinning/Telepathic Immunity) (English)
  • Margali Szardos (Earth-515) (Red Queen) (Sorcery) (French)
  • Mountjoy (Earth-515) (Black Rook) (Possession/Basilisk Field) (Spanish)
  • Jane Hampshire (Earth-515) (Red Rook) (Phasing) (Welsh)
  • Brian Braddock (Earth-515) (Black Bishop/Captain Britain) (Interdimensional Energy Conduit) (English/Japanese)
  • Conrad Strathdee (Earth-515) (Red Bishop)

The Lord's Cardinal-Hong Kong (Asian) Branch

  • Keniuchio Harada (Earth-515) (Green King/Silver Samurai) (Tachyon Field) (Japanese)
  • Oditi Sarkissian (Earth-515) (Green Queen/Viper) (Serpentine Physiology/Healing Factor) (Indian)
  • Arkady Rossovich (Earth-515) (White King/Omega Red) (Death Factor/Super Soldier Experimentation) (Russian)
  • Mariko Yashida (Earth-515) (White Queen/Sanfaia) (Solar Flare/Solar Shield) (Japanese)
  • Yuriko Oyama (Earth-515) (Green Bishop/Lady Deathstrike) (Healing Factor/Cybernetics) (Japanese)
  • Matsu'o Tsurayaba (Earth-515) (White Bishop/Revanche) (Empathy) (Japanese)
  • Zhang Khan (Earth-515) (Green Rook/Mandarin) (Mystic Draconian Physiology) (Dragon-Chinese)
  • Paul Hark (Earth-515) (White Rook/Red Lotus) (Personal Autonomic Function Control) (Chinese)

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