Hank McCoy of Earth-20080522 was very nearly the same as his Earth-616 counterpart up until he further mutated himself with a serum of his own making. Not only did his newfound fur remain grey, rater than becoming blue-black, he resembled the more leonine form that his Earth-616 form possessed for a time. Now calling himself Hellcat, he left the X-Men and joined the Revengers, led by Captain Anarchy (At the time Captain America), along with Wolverine. After Professor X's "accidental" death, Hellcat and Wolverine distanced themselves somewhat from the other Revengers. Nevertheless, Hellcat fought his Earth-616 counterpart, the Beast, when the Revengers clashed with the Avengers of that reality. However, he fought alongside the Avengers against a truly insane Captain Anarchy and was killed by his reality's Spider-Man.

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