Earth-6741 is an alternate reality.


This universe differs from Earth-616 when the Offbeats (with the exception of Demona) are killed in their first fight with The Gorilla Gang. Dr. Nicodemus then brings back the gang, upgrades them and then sends them out to rob a bank. At the bank they meet Spider-Man and overwhelm him using their combined might. Spider-Man is then upgraded by Dr. Nicodemus when he is brought back to his lab. Days later however Alpha Flight and the Avengers discover what is going on and track Nicodemus to his lab. After killing the Gorilla gang, they incapacitate Spider-Man and corner Nicodemus and his assistants. The Offbeats have statues dedicated to them (alongside the already deceased Offbeats member C.A.B.) and Spider-Man and Demona join up (as a team) and henceforth all of the Offbeats enemies are inherited by Spider-Man.