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This reality takes place of the events of AVX all new mutants are born and the X-Men split into two separated teams: Cyclops X-Men as in the New Xiaver School and the Jean Grey of School -Wolverine, Storm's X-Men also the X-Men from the past (Time Displaced) are there occasionally led by Kitty Pryde.

There's a another mutant, more powerful than others combined. Another Mimic - got Power Absorption, Mimics any powers from any super-powered beings every time he sees and uses. But unlike Rouge, Carl Creel and Original Mimic he's an energy being Mutant that can take any form and uses his powers better to control properly and uses his energy to absorb but sometimes touching. His name is Mimic Kid or Unknown Mutant.


Not only this fan fiction is about the X-Men, it includes other Heroes and Villains - cameos, Guest appearances and team ups.

But I chose the Avengers VS X-Men event because I already read the comic / Graphic Novel and I loved it and enjoyed it. It shows two different X-Men teams - Cyclops and Wolverine's and the name of their schools named after their fallen friends, partners, mentors. Also all new Mutants are born and some chose sides after being chosen. It reminds me of Civil War again. LOL,


Some characters are based of Earth-616 and AVX event.

But when I'm adding the X-men characters I'm thinking I make this fan fiction mixed between Earth-TRN533, Earth-161 and other X-Men stories. This might be different universe because Jean Grey didn't die, but she and cyclops are broken up and go their separate teams but in a different relationship with their different teammates (like in the What if Jean and Scott wedding story). But if putting the past X-men team in this universe - its exactly in Ultimate X-Men comic of the Jean Grey (Earth-1610) meets the Past Jean Grey (Past) / Earth-TRN240 and teamed up against Doctor Doom (earth-1610). She didn't meet her Earth-616 counterpart so i decided to put this idea in this universe.