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E-Force (Earth-52295)

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"The Elite Elemental Squad"


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Greek Gods

Underworld, Hades, Black Thunder, E-Monster

A group of extraordinary people with the powers of the elements come together to face the darkness.

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The Unlimited Power

700 Years ago, the great Greek gods had the ability to control the elements. Five of these gods (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Priapus, and Hephaestus) thought that their powers were too great, and they decided to give-up part of their powers. So they focused there energy and made their powers into crystals. Hades grabbed the crystals and tried to gain the powers. Zeus tried to stop him, but before he could get them back Hades dropped them onto the Earth. Hades was banished into his own crystal. Zeus said to the other gods that if anyone finds Hades' crystal, Earth would come to an end.

Power of the Gods

That same night, what looked like five stars falling from the sky were the five crystals that fell into the Eternal Forest. A famous scientist named Roger Henry stumbled on the great discovery of the Crystals of the Gods. When he grabbed the black crystal, the powers and aura of Hades flowed thought him. He didn't just have his powers, but his immortality and his personalty. He tried to take the rest of the other crystals' powers, but they didn't work. When he touched Zeus's crystal, it only made a copy of it. He decided to take them to his lab and do more research.

700 Years later, Michael Johnson and Sarah Henry went to visit his father at the Electric Company. He was busy, though, so they played on the power cords and such. At the same time Jesse Lendren, Hannah Willard, and David Hansha were going to see the park for Star Fall Night. Hannah started to talk about how the stars can predict there destinies, and "What do you think it will be like"? And when they got there, the show had already started.

Back at the lab, which was totally consumed by darkness, he became the Underworld. Zeus came to the lab and tried to defeat the Underworld, but he was too strong. But before the Underworld could kill him, Zeus was able to transport the crystals out of the lab, which was slowly becoming a lair. As the last star fell, everyone started to pack up and go home. But then someone yelled out "Look!" and five crystals came flying out of the sky. Michael and Sarah looked up as two of the shooting crystals flew in the direction of the Electric Company, and the other three were flying right for the three teens. The three crystals hit the ground and formed a big crater. The three went to look at it, and what they thought were stars were actually crystals.

The other two hit the company and made a big explosion. Michael went inside to save his dad while Sarah called the fire department. When Michael got in he saw two crystals. He picked up the yellow one and lightning bolts started to run thought his veins. He then heard his dad and tried to save him, but his father told him to leave there and save himself. Michael ran to the front and back doors, but they were locked. Then he remembered the rooftop, so he ran as fast as he could to the roof, but there wasn't enough time. All of a sudden, his legs turned into a lightning bolt and he flew to the top. Then the other three showed up to put out the building. David used his fire powers to call in the flames. Jesse carefully used his grass powers to bring the building down. And Hannah used her water powers to clean up the mess. Michael tried to look for Sarah but he couldn't find her. The gods' powers drew him closer to them. So they started to talk about how the new powers gave them the knowledge of what's going on, and they thought it didn't feel weird. He told them that he was looking for his friend. So Zeus's powers made a link with them telling them about the evil and showed them their future if they didn't join together. Hannah thought that they should have a name and become superheroes. David thought of the name E-Force and everyone agreed. And from that day on their mission was to look for Sarah and fight any evil as the E-Force.


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