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E-Force: Next Gen

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E-Force: Next Generation

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Eternal, Crystal, Eclipse

Greek Gods, E-Force, Olympus

Underworld, E-Monster

The childern of the greatest heroes of elements fight off the one that has rised again from the darkness, Underworld.

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One Epilogue is another Prologue

Years ago, five very powerful heroes were chosen by five crystals to protect the earth from the evil Underworld. Buzzshock, the god of lightning. Forest, the assassin of grass. Aqua, the queen of the sea. Inferno, the ruler of fire. And Voltage, the godess of thunder. Along the way the met some friends: Stone, Mirror, and the Greek Gods. During the final battle, they used almost all of their powers to defeat Underworld. When they succeeded, they used their E-volve powers to charge their other powers, so they could not E-volve any more. So they lived their normal lives. Buzzshock and Voltage, Stone and Aqua, and Inferno and Mirror all got married, and had children. Forest did not, as he went to search for his father, and he was never heard from again. Inferno and Mirror went to North Dakota and became Scientists. Stone and Aqua bought a store, and became one of the three top jewelers in the city. Buzzshock and Voltage decided to rebuild the Electric Company.

Passing the Torch

16 years later, Daveon, Hannah, and Lily Stone were seen at the beach. Lily told her parents to make a pose so that she can make a statue of them. When they did, Lily used her powers to make a sand version of her mother and her father.

Then it is seen that David, Martha, and Shawn are seen observing the moon as it's about to come in line with the sun. The two parents looked in amazement, until Shawn started to bounce the moon around with his powers. His dad told him to stop doing that and to just let it align with the sun. Shawn lets them align, and the two are amazed with his solar powers.

Then the scene goes into the rain forest, where Jesse is seen with his son, Will. They are seen looking for the Portal of Darkness to destroy it before it opens. Will uses his Native Spacetime powers to locate the portal. Jesse then pats him on the head and says, "Good job, son."

We then leave them from there and go on to Jacob Johnson, who is seen with his mother and father shooting lightning bolts at the clouds. Jacob tries to focus all his abilities to hit the biggest cloud he can find, and succeeds. The two parents give him praise, and tell him that he did a good job.

Will and Jesse then locate the Portal of Darkness and try to destroy it. But before they could, E-Monster attacked them and opened the portal. The two try to get up while watching Underworld rise. Underworld got ready to strike the two, but before he could, Olympus showed up and protected the two. He told them to run and to go look for the one known as Element. Will transported them out of there. They ended up on the beach across from Daveon, Hannah, and Lily. Suddenly the sky began to fill with darkness and the parents was transported to the E-Tower, along with the children. They were all informed that Underworld had risen again, and that will have to fight off this evil. Jacob told them that he wanted to help, but he was rejected. The screen showed the fight going on. Jacob couldn't stand watching his father and mother getting hurt, so he decided to help them. Suddenly, the other teens joined in. They transported to the battlefield, with their new uniforms. They helped their parents and defeated Underworld. Back at the tower, the teens were announced as the New E-Force. Jacob thought that wasn't original, and decided on the name E-Force: Next Generation. Everyone agreed with the name and became official heroes.


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