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Real Name
Donny "James" Howlett
Current Alias

Donny, X-Teen, Mutant X, James



Shield Avengers, X-Teens

Wolverine/James Howlett (father), Daken (half-brother), Psylocke/Elizabeth Braddock (mother), Psycho/Katie Howlett (sister)


Base Of Operations
X-Men Mansion



190 lbs (86 kg) , (without Adamantium skeleton); 295 (134 kg), (with Adamantium skeleton)



Unusual Features
Animal-like canine teeth



Place of Birth


First appearance


Part of Shield Avengers

During the time of his birth he showed a huge amount of his mutant side. James said that Donny was to grow up to be better then him. But Donny would be able to find out if he would be better or worse, because his parents died a few months after he was born. He was raised by Nick Fury along with the other kids. He would be just like his father Fury would tell him. During his stay he learned a a lot about his dad. During those time he knew who killed his father, Sabretooth. Every time he had a chance he would try to kill him, but the team would say that he would be even lower than Sabretooth. During his stay he started to have a love interest, Terra Fisk. With the Kingpin outraged he tried to kill Howl, but killed his daughter instead. Then a year passed and on the day she died her ghost came back and said that she will always be with him. During his next mission he went to find and bring back a mutant with plasma like hands. As he did so he only found out that she was his own sister. She was left to another family because of the pressure. Psylocke want to take her back but it was too late. They had moved, and she was never found until now. The months passed until Captain Avenger brought back his team mate's parents. By that time the Howlett family thought that they should leave and be a family again.

Howl's Origin

After Howl left the Shield Avengers he met up with Professor X, but found his body on the floor dead. He smelled the damage and found the same smell on all of them, Sabretooth. Before he left for revenge he used his claws to write a name for a team, and the word said, X-Teens. Howl went after Sabretooth, and it took a while but he was able to track him down. The battle went on for a few minutes but Howl came out victorious. Before Howl destroys Sabretooth, Victor told him that he was his father. Surprised and shocked by what he heard he dropped Sabretooth, letting him go free. Outraged, he storms his way toward his father ready to fight him, only to lose. Howl finds out that his DNA is a mixture of Victor's and James's. Not knowing which one is his father, he left to find out if Victor might be his true father. During the journey he changed his name to James in case if anyone wanted to know his name. As he went on the journey he found that during the time of his birth he found that Sabretooth had a daughter, Maria. At first he found her as a threat because of her parents, but after a while he found out she has trouble controlling her powers. A strike team flew through the air and found the two, only to bring them back to base. As they are chained to walls they both meet William Stryker who tells them that he could make them strong and invulnerable if they go with the project. He tells them that he needs their names for their dog tags. Maria goes with Predatora, and Donny goes with X-Teen. The two go on with the project, causing Howl to get adamantium claws, while Predatora got adamantium nails. Since they agreed to the project, they were part of a organization called Meta-Mutants. They would go around the world and find mutants to join their team.

Aces later joins the team and makes him see what's really going on. Ace and Howl later sneak into the lab and find that Stryker plans to make the ultimate mutant out of their DNA. Howl and Aces inform Predatora, only to find out that she knew about it all along. Howl and Aces trash the lab and try to run away, but when running Predatora shots him in the back of the head. Before she could kill him, Aces threw his exploding card at her, grabs Donny, and runs out of there. When the bullet finally came out, he remembered nothing. He was all alone, and didn't even know his own name. He finds the dog tag around his neck which read "James/Howl". Months passed until a group of mutants passed him by asking him to join that group. When they told him that they called themselves the X-Teens he was stunned. He knew that if he went with them he would find the answers he was looking for. He then joined the X-Teens as their new team member, X-Teen.

Shield Avengers vs A-Next

During the time he wanted to go find out about his past he had a lead the tracked him back to the Shield Avengers HQ. When a twist in time and space makes a team known as the A-Next appear. When back on the team X-Teen, rechanging his name to Howl while on the team, and Sabreclaw had a rival thing going on between the two. Between the few weeks they were staying the two got on each others nerves, and fought against each other in a clash. To weak to go on any longer the two dropped to the floor, and woke up in their beds. But soon after that they started to get along more. The last few weeks went by before the A-Next departed and Howl was back on the trail of trying to remember his past.

Powers and Abilities


  • Healing Factor

Everytime he has a scar or a bullet or if his skin is damaged really badly, he can regenerate it.

  • Super Strength

He has the power to lift 1,100 lbs.

  • Metal Claw

Like his father he was taken and was injected with adamantium. Making his claws and bones turn to metal. But before the metal his claws would glow from his mother's powers he got from her. Now he only uses it when it is needed.


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Weapons: None known.


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