Sparky: The Offbeats?

Dragonfly: Well, I wanted us to be called the Misfits, but that name was already taken.

Sparky: But so is the name Dragonf-

Dragonfly: Shut up!

  • Dragonfly: Alright, first order of business for the Christmas meeting is...Where is everybody?

Bonzai Bill: Uh, dada-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di...Well, Sparky's at the skatepark, showing off. Muscle's at the homeless shelter, Vlad is on patrol, Tech and Gauntlet are out looking for spare parts for their latest inventions. Uh Pangolin said he was going to crash a Christmas party, Amoebo is entertaining an orphanage with his gelatinous based tricks, Ace went out to look for magical charms, Arachnion said he'd be spending Christmas with Parker and as usual I have no idea where Aku or Demona are.

Dragonfly: And why are you here?

Bonzi Bill: Because unlike the others, I am completley loyal and honest.

Dragonfly: So in other words, you have no social life, do you? You are a sad, lonley little man.