Dark Prime Symbiote Aether

Aether is the main antagonist of the Earth-111 reality and the true leader of the symbiote army. Little do the heroes know, Aether is actually Dennis Carradine, the Murderer of Uncle Ben. During his scuffle with Spider-Man, Carradine fell 45 feet out of a window, but an evil symbiote hiding in his jacket intervened and saved him. Carradine surrendered to the symbiote, allowing it to fully corrupt him. Now calling himself Aether, he has set out to exact his revenge. His bodyguard is Yazoo. After Spider-Man defeats Aether, the symbiote explodes and reforms into a vampiric creature that is technically still a symbiote, but no longer requires a host to live.

Aether as he appears in the upcoming Earth-111 based fan video game


Aether's second form

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