Contender is one of the multiple comics apart of Nexus Comics. It is written by JMOfficial. The series follows Ethan Walters, also known as the Contender.

Plot Synopsis

Ethan Walters, a sixteen year old high school student, begins developing superpowers such as strength and speed. He uses these powers to help protect Capital City after his father Jonathan, who is also a hero, is injured. With the help of other allies, Ethan must become... The Contender.

Main Characters

  • Ethan Walters/Contender: The main lead character, he becomes the new hero in Capital City.
  • Jonathan Walters/Paragon: The father of Ethan, he has been the hero of Capital for years, but Ethan must take over.
  • Robert Stewart: The best friend of Ethan, he will assist Ethan when he becomes Contender, and is the only one to know his secret.
  • Jennifer Hawke: A friend of Ethan and Robert, she is also Ethan's crush. She is suspicious of Ethan when he becomes the Contender.
  • Jason Ridgemont: The sheriff of the Capital City Police Department, he is against superheroes, but begins warming up to them, befriending Ethan.
  • Logan Baxter/Maverick: An old friend of Jonathan, and retired hero, he comes out of retirement to mentor Ethan following Jonathan's injury. 
  • Black Death: A recurring enemy of Ethan, he is a major threat, and is the one that forces Ethan to become an even better hero.

Arcs and Issues

Arc One: Rise of the Contender

Issue One

Issue Two

Issue Three

Issue Four

Issue Five

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