Contender is a comic book series. It is written by JMOfficial. The series follows Ethan Walters, also known as the Contender.

Plot Synopsis

Ethan Walters, a seventeen year old high school student, begins developing superpowers such as strength and speed. He uses these powers to help protect Capital City after his father Jonathan, who is also a hero, is injured. With the help of other allies, Ethan must become... The Contender.

Main Characters

  • Ethan Walters/Contender: The main lead character, he becomes the new hero in Capital City, taking on the identity of the Contender when his father is injured.
  • Jonathan Walters/All-Star: The father of Ethan, he has been the hero of Capital for years, but Ethan must take over when he is injured in a fight.
  • Robert Stewart: The best friend of Ethan, he will assist Ethan when he becomes Contender, and is the only one to know his secret. He works to make tech and equipment for the team.
  • Jennifer Hawke: A friend of Ethan and Robert, she is also Ethan's crush. She is suspicious of Ethan when he becomes the Contender.
  • Jason Ridgemont: The sheriff of the Capital City Police Department, he is secretly an ally of Jonathan, and will begin working with Ethan when he becomes Contender.
  • Logan Baxter/Maverick: An old friend of Jonathan, and retired hero, he comes out of retirement to mentor and work with Ethan following Jonathan's injury. 
  • Black Death: A recurring enemy of Ethan, he is a major threat, and is the one that forces Ethan to become an even better hero.


Volume One: Rise of the Contender =

Issues 1 - 5

Creative Team



  • "Origins"- As teenager Ethan's powers begin developing, he wonders the truth about himself.
  • "Family Business"- When Ethan discovers the truth about his father, he finds himself shocked and feeling betrayed, leading him to go on his own.
  • "Fallen Hero"- When Jonathan is injured in battle, Ethan, Robert, and Jonathan's allies work to keep him alive.
  • "Apprentice"- With Jonathan being forced to take a break as All-Star, Ethan begins training to take his place as a hero to stop Capital City's newest threat, Voltage.
  • "Contender"- With Voltage attacking once more, Ethan must finally suit up as a hero in order to take him down. Ethan must become... The Contender.

Critical Reception